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Botox - Wonderful Results, Zero Downside!

Wow, this works ! I am 57 and have been pretty...

Wow, this works ! I am 57 and have been pretty lucky with respect to wrinkles, but finally the forehead and eyebrow lines were getting to me. I am so happy with the natural look, lines and creases not 100% gone, but nicely diminished. Injections were painfree, couldn't even find them. No swelling or bruising at all. I don't find the slight stiff feeling in forehead and around eyes bothersome at all. You get used to it after a few days. Another surprising benefit is I had an eyelid lift 6 yrs ago. My eyes still didn't look as good as I would like, still a little too droopy at eyebrows. Was thinking of browlift but I know that is pretty involved, more surgey than I want! Somehow the botox around my eyes really picked up my eyes too. I would recommend to anyone. I paid $100 for initial consult and $100 for treatment. For the results, money VERY well spent. I am in month 3 and it still looks great, no touch-up needed.


I know this was written in January 2008, but I'm hoping I can still get an answer. As most people who commented, I'd like to find out where you got this treatment for $200. Above this review there is also written Botox Cost ≈ $500. Is that a revised cost, and if so, same question, where?



Has anybody gotten an answer?
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I'd love to know where you went. Please reply. My eyes have been very effected by illness but I can't pay $500 a treatment.
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If someone could forward me where Sally went that would be great. I have an awful migraine and TMJ problem that requires Botox injections and I have been quoted more like $800 or $900! Thanks :)
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