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Botox - Wonderful Results, Zero Downside!

Wow, this works ! I am 57 and have been pretty...

Wow, this works ! I am 57 and have been pretty lucky with respect to wrinkles, but finally the forehead and eyebrow lines were getting to me. I am so happy with the natural look, lines and creases not 100% gone, but nicely diminished. Injections were painfree, couldn't even find them. No swelling or bruising at all. I don't find the slight stiff feeling in forehead and around eyes bothersome at all. You get used to it after a few days. Another surprising benefit is I had an eyelid lift 6 yrs ago. My eyes still didn't look as good as I would like, still a little too droopy at eyebrows. Was thinking of browlift but I know that is pretty involved, more surgey than I want! Somehow the botox around my eyes really picked up my eyes too. I would recommend to anyone. I paid $100 for initial consult and $100 for treatment. For the results, money VERY well spent. I am in month 3 and it still looks great, no touch-up needed.
I know this was written in January 2008, but I'm hoping I can still get an answer. As most people who commented, I'd like to find out where you got this treatment for $200. Above this review there is also written Botox Cost ≈ $500. Is that a revised cost, and if so, same question, where?



Has anybody gotten an answer?
I'd love to know where you went. Please reply. My eyes have been very effected by illness but I can't pay $500 a treatment.
If someone could forward me where Sally went that would be great. I have an awful migraine and TMJ problem that requires Botox injections and I have been quoted more like $800 or $900! Thanks :)
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