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Botox Not for Crow's Feet

I had botox injected into my crow's feet. They are...

I had botox injected into my crow's feet. They are gone, however, the skin under my eyes is baggy, saggy, and puffy. I am embarrassed to smile because I look like a freak. I am learning that the human face is a beautiful and delicate system of interrelated muscles. If you knock out one part, the rest overcompensates to bring back the balance.

I would never ever ever do this again, or any other invasive procedures. I am so unhappy with what I've done because I do not look like me. I hope this wears off sooner than later because I long to see myself again when I look in the mirror. I have learned the hard way to love my wrinkles, as they are a testament to the happiness and joy I have in my life.


Penelope - I see you had the bad botox experience in Feb 09. It is now Dec 09. Has it all completely gone back to normal? Did the puffiness under your eyes ever go away? I too have cheek ptosis and the eye bags from botox in the crows feet and under the lashes. It has been 24 weeks and I still look terrible. I am looking for some reassurance that things will improve. Would be grateful for some news about how things turned out for you. Thanks, K
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The wrinkles around the corner of my eyes have been bothering me over the last year, so two days ago I had botox injected into the crows feet.
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I'm not completely back to normal yet. There is definitely more movement around the eyes so I don't look frozen at all now. However, I still have protruding bags under the eyes and a bit of wrinkling where the cheek meets the under eye area when I smile. Apparently this should resolve itself in the next few months. From what I understand this takes place between month 3 and 6 after Botox treatment. It's a frustrating slow process, but it's moving along. I also still feel a bit of tugging in that area when I squint (which I hate!) If I knew about any of this before, I never would have done this. Why do you ask? Have you had a similar experience?
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A dermatologist is not an expert on your face. Your heart and soul is the expert. Look inside yourself, not at the media.

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