Botox - LOVE IT

I was looking tired and too many people were...

I was looking tired and too many people were always saying to me "smile". I have Botox between my eyes and a brow lift with Botox. Filler in my smile lines, under my eyes and at the corner of my mouth.

Love the result. It was a bit uncomfortable but no where near the pain of having dental injects. It has been 2 months now and the effects are still fantastic.

Do your homework and find a Dr that knows what he/she is doing - there is a lot of thought that goes into the placement of the injections.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon with years of experience, compassion and an artist.

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Agingboomer, I noticed you are from Chicago. I am from Western suburb of Chicago and am looking for a good Dr. to do Botox. I've heard of horror stories so can you share the contact info of your Dr? Thanks!
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Hi Maggie, I went to Dr. {edited - see note below} who has an office on Michigan Avenue and also in Oak Brook, not far from the mall. I went to the Oak Brook location, you first go in for a consultation visit, then schedule your appointment. Because I was having more than Botox, for two weeks prior to my appt I did not take any aspirin, certain vitamins, etc. that may have some blood thiner results which cause bruising. I also took an herb before and after the procedure which was for non-bruising (I had absolutely no bruising). Everyone was very nice and I am extremely happy with the results. Dr. G is an artist. He is a Plastic Surgeon Good Luck! -- Editor's Note: Provider information has been added to the review (below the title). You must be signed in to view, which requires free registration for an account.
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