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Botox Gave my Eye Area a Much Younger Appearance

I didn't like the appearance of my eye area. AI...

I didn't like the appearance of my eye area. AI always looked tired and had fine lines. I was happy with the reults and had only pros, no cons. Will definitely do it again.


Hope you will read my posts and those of others (tried but failed, Another Bad B, chloerose, uncool, among others) that you will understand the risks of botox anywhere near the eye area ... e.g., festooning orbital fat and dropped cheek fat as well as a worsening of crows feet as a result. It's a hideous effect that I have ... and it is not anywhere near resolved even though I had a small dose and even though it's been four months now. Many doctors seem to be ignorant of these potential complications. See also Trevor Born, M.D.'s comment that in uncommon cases he has seen, the eye muscle "frozen" with improperly administered botox does NOT recover.
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ran rubenstein

Doc is very knowledgeable, personable, makes sure the patient is satisfied with treatment.

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