Can Botox Injected in Forehead Cause Eye Floaters?

I had botox injected into my crows feet and under...

I had botox injected into my crows feet and under my eyes for under eye wrinkles. I look horrible. The crows feet are gone but the effect under my eyes are worse. Under my eyes there are waves of wrinkles all in a row that come together and meet at the bridge of my nose. Can't wait for it to wear off. I was better off without it.


Updated September 10, 2009

I had botox 3 times in my forhead now (3 different doctors) and all 3 times got lots of eye floaters the NEXT DAY (each time worse). I developed ptsosis (droopy eyelids) all 3 times as well.

Not happy at all with botox in the forhead. There are too many things about botox that we just don't know about. Botox's website in the fine print claims that Botox caused glaucoma in a patient.

Can botox cause eye floaters? Could this trauma to the eye from the ptsosis or the botox itself have caused floaters? I have floaters in my whole field of vision now and has dramatically affected my daily life and eye sight. Eye doc says to live with them. What is your opinion on botox and floaters or retinal detachment (which floaters can lead to)?
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I had botox before and it worked much better. Don't inject it under the eye.

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Hey KEJ, I have the same problem after my Botox. What are you doing about it? Best, Amy
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I had botox injected in the crows feet area due to some wrinkles near the sides of my eyes. I had no wrinkles underneath my eyes, just slight bags. Thanks to the botox in the crows feet area, which has not really improved all the wrinkles that much, I now have the same problem - tons of wrinkles underneath my eyes which make the bags I had under my eyes look even worse. I'm wondering now if I'm going to need to correct this problem further or if things would go back to normal after the botox wears off. I'm worried that the facial expressions I make now with the botox will just make these new wrinkles permanent.
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Hi folks, Well I have had botox twice. The first time I got bruses where the shots went in, and then I got a droopy eye. Had to go back and get meds to relax the eye a bit. It looked like a had a stroke. Now last week had it again after two years. Again a droopy eye only this time on the other eye. I also felt like I had the flu. The doc that did it is highly regarded and very well known in the Bay Area and San Francisco. I guess it depends on the person. But it is a bummer I look like I am super tired and for pete's sake I wanted to look refreshed. I am 48 and this is a bummer. Will I do it again? Well...maybe.
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