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Botox Caused One of my Eyelids to Droop

Well, it was pretty neat for about 24 hrs. as the...

Well, it was pretty neat for about 24 hrs. as the lines between my eyes were smoothed out. The 2nd day when I got up, my eyelid felt a little funny. I was having breakfast with my daughter and she noticed it looked a little strange. I didn't think much about it then. By that evening when I went out with my husband, my eye lid was drooping even more. Each day getting droopier. But the 4th day, it wouldn't open anymore - I had no control over it.

I was devastated and called the doctor who claimed he didn't know why. I was prescribed a medicine that is used for patients with glaucoma. (One of the side effects is that the eye's open wide) Well, it didn't work for me. I had to go to work every day but couldn't hold my eye open. So I devised a plan to tape my eye open with flesh colored tape like you would get in a doctor's office. I did this every morning for about 3 months. It was awful!

I lied to people about what happened to my eye. I was too embarrased to tell them I had Botox injections. But now I tell my story whenever I hear that someone is thinking about getting it. Can you say NIGHTMARE!!!!!

I have had the eyelid droop x 2 now. I'm embarrassed. I should have known better. My dermatologist convinced me it would not happen again––b/c "I'll just give you 1/2 a dose." I trusted him. Now, my faith is lost. This time it seems worse, but my stress is increased. I'm moving within the next three weeks to a different state. Also, I'm changing jobs. My job requires a good deal of time at the computer. In addition, I must be focused and client oriented. As I write this, both my eyes are tired. The left lid is the one that droops, but the right eye is compensating for the left, so in the end--the results of today are a disaster. It's been a month since the 3 injections. One between my brows, and one each on the top edges of the inner brows. I've read the inner edges of the top brow are "danger zones." The injector should stay away from those areas. The eye drops are not helping like they did the last time. What can I say? I've learned my lesson. Nevermore.
I went to get a botox injection, the between my eye brown... within 48 hours my eye lid started to drop.. I feel so weird .
I have had the same horrible experience. My left eyelid looked a little droopy on the third day. Now I am into week two and I think it has gone from bad to worse. It is particularly bad in the afternoons. I read somewhere that this gets better in 2-3 weeks. But from looking at posts, it looks like this is not going away any time soon. OMG! I have a vacation planned as well as a family reunion soon. Ladies, please give me some tips on what I can do to make this better. I got some Alfagan drops. It cost an arm and a leg but did not do a darn thing for me. I want to get the iopidine drops, but dont want to waste another 200 dollars for nothing! HELP!!!
Deborah P Schwartz

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