Botox for Brows

I wasn't too sure if I was going to go through...

I wasn't too sure if I was going to go through with this botox thing. I had been noticing my make-up was creasing by the end of the day on my eyelids.

I had heard people talking about trying botox. Then I looked more into getting it done. most people I talked to said I was too young. At 27 I thought well, I am not getting any younger. Why want to look any older? I talked to a couple more people, they mentioned if I didn't like the effects, it you know it is temporary.

I got botox to my brows and I am very happy!


I have been having botox for the last three years and I am now 28 years old. I notice that my friends have creases in their brows and I dont. It works as a preventative I think and thats why I have it. It is however highly addictive because it is soooo effective and so I would put off having it as long as you can as its not cheap and it is actually posion and research has suggested it can travel to your brain. It is excellent and it makes me feel better about aging and I would recommend it for anyone with creases in their brow. Just be aware that once you have had it once you will never look back. The advantage is that everytime you have it it does last longer. Mine now lasts for about eight months so in that respect it becomes slightly cheaper but its a dear do alright!
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This was a big decision for me. Even though the effects are temporary, it is my face. I had no pressure from anybody, and that made me feel really good.

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