Botched Lower Lid and Cheek Surgery

I need help. I am dealing with the worst nightmare...

I need help. I am dealing with the worst nightmare of my life which started 9 years ago.
I had bags removed from my lower lids. The under eye area looked great, but my lower lids were pulled down. My almond eyes became round eyes.

To fix it I went to another surgeon who suggested a cheek lift to give my eyes back the almond look.

God, I wish I had nothing done!! Now, my eyebrows, at the outer corners are pulled down and inward. The outer corner of my upper eye lids are pulled down. The corner of my eyes are pulled down and my lower lids are still droopy and rounded.

The under eye area is now all lumpy. I had no idea he was going to put fat back under my eyes!! Now, I don't have an under eye circle's more like an under eye square, with the outer and inner area lower than the middle. I have vertical fat pouches extending downward from the outer edges of my eyes. I have fat also in the inner circle of my under eye area, and then its hollow in the center. Plus, some of my cheek fat is in the lower parts of my under eye area and when I smile it bags up horribly.

The fat placement under my eyes is so unnatural looking and nothing close to the natural shape of my under eye area. He put the fat back in a way it never was before.

My cheeks, they are all but gone! It looks like he moved my outer cheeks inward. The sides of my cheeks are gone and so is the contour of my face. I now have fat pouches directly under my eyes in the center of my fact and that is all the fullness I have left from my cheeks. My cheeks are hollow underneath now.  My cheeks look so sunken in now.

The upper middle part of my cheeks look like I have "cheek on top of cheek".. I don't know another to explain it. On top of that, with how he put my outer cheeks inward, and pulled them into almost the middle of my face..I have barely no cheek "apple" left.

He has made my face flat, the cheek fat goes straight across the upper part of my cheeks, making my cheeks look horizontal. My eyes are droopy and sad looking, and the unevenness under my eyes is so embarrassing...and the unnatural shape of my cheeks...well... I barely go out in public.

For the past 9 years I have worn tinted non prescription glasses to hide what has been done. But, they can't hide my cheeks. I deal with sadness all the time, some days I am better than other but it never goes away completely. Some days I am absolutely mortified when I look in the mirror.

I am so embarrassed about how I look, especially without my glasses on, that I don't even go for my MRI's for MS. I just can't handle the fact of taking of my glasses for the MRI and letting them see me like this.

I am so incredibly embarrassed by how I look now. My self esteem has plundered, and it is on my mind everyday. I hate looking in the mirror and dread it every day when I have to do my hair and makeup. My heart breaks every time I see myself. I always have to get myself mentally prepared for it before hand.

I don't look like myself anymore. He has made me look older and haggard, and the older I get, the worse it gets. I can't believe this happened. I would never have asked to look like this. I use to be so outgoing and confident...I now feel like my life has stopped and I'm just going through the motions. I just want this horrible nightmare to end.

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Hi, I'm sorry for what you went through. Is anything any better for you now?
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Regretter how old were you when you had your surgery done?
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Hi Regretter: just wondering if you were able to find another doctor in PA and had any revisions done? Best wishes to you!
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My experience with fillers has been negative. Juvaderm around the eyes was perhaps the most harrowing - injecting a foreign substance around the area interfered with the way fluid moved around my eyes causing fluid retention. Also sculptra in my hollow cheeks, now 2 years on, has given me a bloated look (which is now beginning to slowly subside) and small lumps under my skin are still evident. I have learned that, unless for medical reasons, I will never inject fillers, which are foreign substances, into my skin again. I have judged, reading through so many responses to these treatments, and experiencing how my own body has responded to fillers, that they are unstable and patient outcomes are unpredictable. These substances, especially those that encourage collagen production like sculptra (semi-permanent fillers) are, in my opinion, the least predictable. You read about lumps forming under the skin - these lumps I believe, are formed as a result of our body's response reacting to a foreign substance. It tries to 'capture' it and encase it so that it does not spread - our body's protective mechanism; which may be the reason why we are told to massage the area of injection. Do things the safe way; skin rejuventaion treatments cost alot less; may take a while before seeing results but doing it slowly and steadily is, I believe, the best way.
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I know you want to go to someone close to your home, but have you sent pictures to Dr.s like Hoenig, Steinsepir and others in California. I am in Australia, but I have sent photos to them. If you want a really good surgeon go to the ones who do lots of revisions. The more experience they have the better!! Try not to be too depressed, although I know it is very hard....always have hope!!
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and like some of the others said, when your face becomes botched, the anxiety is unimaginable. At times, I suffer panic attacks. I've also been suffereing depression and at times, thoughts of suicide... Thank goodness for my faith, otherwise I don't know how I will get through times I do scare myself with my thoughts....

My self esteem has never been as low as it is now.

I really do pray I find a good and compassionate surgeon.
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well, I'm stll looking for a surgeon. Some surgeons are hesitant to touch work that has already been revised.

But I know there has to be someone out there.

I so far have 5,000 saved and my husband is really trying to help save too.

But my goodness, In person, my eyes look like I'm a stoner. Before any of this, I had really nice almond shaped eyes.

I didn't know a mid facelift could drop like that years later. Unless I'm one of the lucky ones.

I just keep praying that the Lord sends me to the right surgeon. I really can't imagine looking like this for the rest of my life,
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i had lower bleph and cheek lift 8 weeks ago and feel so sad about it all. i don't know what possesed me to change what God gave me- i was beautiful but i wanted the bags removed, thats it. i did not want to change my face or eye shape... i feel like i was misled... ANYWAY, i have been on the internet searching for surgeons... i live in VA but called Dr. Massry in CA and he called me back personally. check out his site. i have to wait for any revision surgery, but he is likely the one i will use. i hope this helps. i will pray for you...
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Unfortunately, I think that Dr Meronk does not do revisions...he only does primary (first time) blephs, but his site is very informative. It is good to read what he says about cheek lifts too.
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'wow, it's been a while since I've been here....

My heart goes out to all of you..I know how devestating it can be.

The past 11 years have been hard. It recently gotten worse.

My cheek fell just recently along with my eyes and eyebrows...My eyes are really round now...

Though I was nervous about getting surgery to fix it all these years, it's at the point that I don't have much of a choice, though I will say I'm scared as hell, but I'm more terrified about staying this way... Since my cheeks and everything else fell before this Christmas, I've been on anxiety meds...I cannot believe the nightmare is over..I don't want to go anywhere or see anyone. I'm so embarrassed about how I look....yet I'm also afraid to trust any surgeon. How do you really know you're picking the right one? I guess with alot of prayer
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dear saved me from making a decision to get a cheek lift and your post was a serendipitous discovery. thank you from the bottom of my heart. although i do not have the severe deformaties that you mentioned i, like you had beautiful almond eyes which ended up being really roun, droopy and changed my appearance. one change for the worse is enough.
for eyes, i have done a ton of research and found dr. meronk. he has an extensive site about eye procedures and first when you go on his site it is a little overwhelming with all the info but he knows eyes and how to fix them.
for face reconstruction, there is dr. tom roberts in greenville, sc and in north carolina..i have seen his work and it is quite impressive. and, in the dc area there is a cheek lift expert named mark e. richards who worked on linda tripp a few years back..he also has a few cheek lift procedures on youtube so i believe he would be able to fix the mistakes from a previously botched operation. please let me know how this info works out. i would be very comfortable in going to either one to try to restore my eyes back to where they were. i am waiting for the income tax amount i am oing to get back for my refund and decide from there but it will be very soon. let me know if i can do anything for you.
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Thank you for your information. I just found it now. I didn't know it was there. It was kind of hidden.

I live in pa and am for now searching surgeons closer to home, but I will check out those you listed.

Thank you
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Yours is an all too familiar story unfortunately. I too have had a bad experience with this has many complications. I had mine in 06 and have had 8 procedures since then in an attempt to correct it. I have hard palate grafts and canthopexys on both eyes. I developed entropion(lid turning in) thank goodness I found a good occuloplastic surgeon who has done the work for me. I still dont look the same but I am now finally seeing almond shaped eyes instead of round and very very very careful who you get to review your surgery. Cheek lifts are terrible procedures and should be banned I think. I have suffered depression and suicidal feelings because of it all. But it can be fixed....just be very patient
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Dear ernurse -- Thanks for your post. I am now in your shoes, as well. I hate looking in the mirror now and feel like hiding all the time after a botched lower bleph. Once-almond eyes are now round and tiny. Why does this continue to happen to so many? I don't understand. In any case, may I please ask, which doctor was finally able to finally restore a semblance of normalcy to your eyes? Thank you once again.
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I am 50 and just got a cheek lift 4 weeks ago and I am very depressed with the result. My left lower eyelid is drooping down making that eye look very round and unnatural with a lot of white below the iris. The eye feels like it is pulled down so it gets very dry. My right eye does not have that but it has excessive upper eyelid that droops downward at the corner. So that eye appears to tilt down but is not round. So my eyes look very different from each other. I'm still a little bruised so I don't know if this will improve with time. However with each day the round eye feels like it droops more. I'm hiding behind sunglasses all the time and today I started thinking that'd I'd like to move where no one knows me and become a hermit. I can't see how this could be fixed. I feel so depressed. All I wanted was to look normal and healthy. I wasn't expecting to look younger but now I feel deformed.
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i am 30 years old... have no surgery... i have very terrible hollownes under my eyes... you are angry to your drs... am i angry to god? my feelings are confusing sometimes. i hope all of you be good. best wishes
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I am so sorry to hear your stories, Vickie and Regretter. I also had lower lid surgery 9 years ago and although I do have that hollowness under my eyes, and a fat deposit that was not removed, I am weary of going to get a correction done. I had juviderm injected under my eyes for the hollowness by my original PS and he really botched it up. Severely bruised for weeks with lumps and bumps under my eyes! I decide to go to another PS to have it dissolved. He did a good job of that but then I let him talk me into getting restalyn under my eyes. Well...I think my eyes look worse and the fat deposit looks much worse and bigger. I had this done over a year ago and it doesn't look like it has dissolved at all. They say these filler usually last 6-9 months but under the eye area it can last MUCH longer. I am really hestitate to get any injections in my face now, botox, fillers etc. The only thing I do at the moment is get chemical peels once every two months to at least make my skin look clearer, since I do still break out! I am 51 years old and hate this "aging process" but I am afraid to do anything. I don't feel as bad as you girls do, but I understand how you must feel. I wish you both all the best and hope you can do something to improve your mishaps. By the way, I live in Philadelphia and would like to know who the PS was that did your face. I am curious to see if it was the same doctor I used. Best of luck to both of you!
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Hello, I read your story and I'm very sorry. Your not alone when it comes to plastic surgery botch jobs. I too had upper and lower eye lid surgery 8 years ago and like you, I hide and wear dark glasses. I have the hollowed eye sockets, sunken look, wide eyed and they won't stay closed during sleep,dark circles under my eyes where too much fat was taken, and hollowness now appears. I've asked what reversion is available, posted pic's and told fat injections to upper lids,micro fat injections, Strip fat grafting and mid face lift for helping restore lower lids, along with fat injections. Also with age my face has fallen to gravity. I've gone for (5) consultations in my area to supposedly excellent P.S. Was also told surgery and manipulation of tissue in one area can affect another area. Invasive surgery is inevitable for permanent results. I have read and read and read, on all the procedures suggested. This will not be an easy decision. I have done "Nothing" to date, regarding revision. Fear is mostly the reason and knowing what devastation the first surgery brought. I honestly don't think I could live through another mistake. Fixing another surgeons inabilities, and aggressiveness is nothing short of a miracle. Plastic Surgery is no joke,and even with the best surgeon things can and do go wrong at times. We are all different, heal, react to surgery differently. Some are lucky in skilled hands and others as you and I, are not. I too once had almond eyes, very attractive and my eyes were my best asset. They can change your entire appearance to a negative affect. No more,and looking in the mirror has only become a painful part of life and as time marches on and the aging process continues,even more so. With the cost,and not knowing if a surgery will work,or end up worse,with no guarantees and little one can do if it doesn't, is more than my pocketbook or soul can with stand at present. Here is your Reality.You may never be fixed correctly, although surgeons will profess to know and do that job. Reality,even the best surgeon can't promise you'll look as you once did or want too look. Expectations can be crushed and you need to set them low. Reality. There are no suggestions on this sight or any other that will give you the correct answer,or peace of mind with any guarantee's that you seek. Only there opinions and suggestions on what they feel may work. "MAY Work" being the answer to remember. Reality.The word "reversion" can be a costly word as well, so do your homework. In the end It's your decision to pursue this with the knowledge you'll gained,good and bad. This is an excellent sight for support,pats on the back, reviews of procedures and P.S. that are good and those that are not. But,it will never give you the answers on what to do next, whom with, and will it work out. I went through depression, low self esteem, and yes even thoughts of suicide.It changed my life forever. In the end I live with my choices,then and any I choose today. That is the answer you need to hear. Counseling can also be helpful. Ask the doctors, post some pictures,investigate suggested reversion procedures and there viability. Are they long or short term. Read!!! Then ask yourself is this worth it, and can i accept the outcome. It's your choice. Good Luck.
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PS - you should have this post moved from cheek lift to eyelid surgery as a lot more people will see it and respond with suggestions and support.
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Oh my god that is terrible! Have you seen anyone about trying to fix it or are you just too scared to do anything now?
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