Botched Eyelid Surgeries Have Made Me Give Up on Looking Young

I had a botched lower blepharoplasty in 2002 where...

I had a botched lower blepharoplasty in 2002 where too much fat was taken out from under my eyes and I was left with deep hollows. This left me feeling depressed and mistrusting of any medical procedure and I have been getting up the courage to address this ever since then.

In 2003 I took a baby step and had laser resurfacing under my eyes to remove some of the wrinkles that developed in the hollows. I also had fat injected to plump the hollows out somewhat. However, I was still very traumatised by the first ordeal and to make matters worse I came out of this procedure with baggy eyes again!

Just this past year a girlfriend of mine pep talked me into going for another lower bleph consultation. She convinced me by saying things are different now and the right doctor can do anything. In fact, I did go and was confident in what my doctor could do with me.

My surgery was a month and a half ago but I am having serious doubts yet again. When I shine light directly on my eyes (not natural light) I can see the area is still puffy in some spots but hollow in others. I expected some puffiness due to swelling but this doesn’t seem possible! So I consulted with my doctor and he has told me to sit tight and wait it out.

I am so afraid of what is going to become of this and I feel as if I will never look right.

Even if everything turns out fine I know I will never, ever mess with my body again. This is the body I was born with and I have been punished one too many times by trusting what other people say I should do instead of following my heart. I am not willing to risk that any more.
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I am now at 11 1/2 weeks out from my lower bleph. I am still not thrilled with results so far. I could swear I see the re-positioned fat draped across the middle inside length of my lower lids. The surrounding lids are collapsed, dark and hollow above and below it. I have thought it was residual swelling but I am starting to have my doubts. It is obvious under both eyelids. I had small bulges removed and wonder why my surgeon opted to do the under lid incision surgery as opposed to the inner lid incision. He didn't tighten or lift any skin. Just took a tiny slice of fat and draped the rest across my lid. I know that is the old standard but wonder why he went with that when many doctors go with the inner incision these days. I have noticeable circles and have to wear a ton of concealer to try and disguise. All of this hollowing and small area swelling looks obvious to me inside but when I walk out in daylight, they actually look ok. I know I have some more healing to do but worried about final outcome. I told my doctor from the get go that I was very concerned about hollowing. I even brought up Dr. Meronk and newer methods. He said that there is alot out there and that no one is smarter than him(his words) with these surgeries. He is an Ocular Plastic Surgeon who has many customers. I trusted him and am praying it will eventually heal and look better INDOORS as well as outdoors.
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oops....didn't mean to say "customers" in my previous post...I meant "patients". Freudian slip, sorry :)
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I don't think you have anything to worry about. To begin with you chose an Ocular surgeon who you know has many patients that I assume you already knew were pleased with his work...I'm sure you will be too.
It's been almost two years since my, not intended, eye-lid surgery and every morning as I wake up and see the damage done to my eyes, I curse the doctor that did it. I went to see this doctor for lipo to my neck, only!
A co-worker recommended this particular general plastic surgeon whom later I concluded was a breast job specialist and no experience in eye-lid surgery.

I assumed being a Beverly Hills doctor and so very charming nothing could go wrong plus I trusted him to do whatever he suggested since he "knew better" (being a professional artist and photographer plus a surgeon). No I'm not rich but my credit status is excellent so I was able to finance all.
Aside from living depressed and in seclusion because my doctor messed up by doing something I did not ask him to do, I have to make monthly payments to my credit card for the rest of my life!! Something is wrong with this whole system. I'm really, really angry!
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Thanks so much, Vickisue!

I know I need to wait for things to mend in their own time. That's all we can do and hope for the very best outcome. Just worried that one of the eyelids looks taunt and hollow already. I can't imagine skin gradually mending into a more volumous state after that but I pray I'm wrong. The other eyelid has a wave or something in it...not taunt yet and somewhat puffy.It's my understanding that the surgeon did not remove fat per se, but rather repositioned what I have. I have my post op appt. tomorrow and hopefully will feel more assured after he examines.

You look wonderful after your revision! Thanks for your input and encouragement to me and others. I will update as time goes on.
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Give this more time. Any manipulation of tissue creates many changes before final result.

Don't freak out just yet. However after 8-12 weeks if it continues to look hollow, it just maybe too much fat was removed.
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I just had a lower bleph one week ago today. As the swelling has decreased, I started noticing a hollowed look last night and this morning. That prompted me to read more about the problems with eyelid surgery today. I know it's early in my recovery but I wouldn't think hollowing should be so apparent this quick after surgery. So, obviously, I am very nervous about what I have done. I would have never gotten the surgery if I had a remote idea that I would have to spend additional money in the future revising what should be done correctly the first time. I don't have that kind of money! But thank you to Vickisue and others who post here and provide experience and insight into these complications and how to address them if we need to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my results improve as I expected.
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Don't give up. Revision for upper/lower lids is an on going process. i just had revision this summer. I am pleased with outcome this far. He used Pearl Fat grafting for upper lids, and recreated the crease that Dr. Victoria Vitale Lewis, cut completely away.I had extremely hollowed eye sockets. Looked scary and aweful. I also had a mid face lift, with a vertical pull to eye area, this also helped recreate my once almond shaped eyes. It took the aged, skeleton look away that I too have had since first botched surgery. I will need more fat in upper lids over time, but this is to be expected. It is never a one time fix with eye lids. My costs were very reasonable as well. For the past 8/9 years I have had many consultations,and educated myself on what is available, realistic,long term and affordable. Many of my posts contain this information. Revision is a battle and you need to arm yourself for this fight. Educate yourself,because P.S. will not tell you the negative sides of things. And yes, I too have battled many years of depression and grieving the loss of my genetic identify that was raped from me with first surgery. Dr. Vitale Lewis life went on, with little remorse,responsibility,or consequence for what she did to me.Yet mine came to a complete turn around.Changed me forever. There are photos of me on my profile,of how i looked after first upper/lower surgery, and today. You can see a positive difference. Good luck, and don't give up hope, There are some fine P.S. out here. Unfortunately, there are more that are not. HOMEWORK!!!
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Pleaase name this surgeon so others are aware.
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I also have had botched eyelid surgery. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery. The upper eye lid lift was OK not great, uneven slightly but I can live with that, the lower eye lid surgery however has been a complete disaster. I am needing reconstruction surgery or live with the results. It has probably added 10-15 years onto my appearance. I never had very bad very bad under eyelids before they were only just starting to show signs of aging. My own vanity had me having this surgery alone with other cosmetic surgery in attempt at looking much more perfect for my age. What a big mistake. Now my eye lids are scarred, pulled down away from my eyes and I have deep dark circles that were never there before. Not a good look trust me. I wish I had never had them done. I am only hoping someone will be able to put this mess right for me somehow.
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I'm thinking about eyelid surgery. Who are the 2 doctors I should avoid?
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