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Zerona Did Not Work! I Did Not Lose Any Inches

I followed the entire protocol & did not lose...

I followed the entire protocol & did not lose ANY inches or even fractions of an inch.

Halfway through, when I did not think anything was changing, I was told that it helps to "visualize the fat melting". Yeah, right! I was also given some subliminal CD to listen to that was supposed to enhance the results. This is a money-making scheme that plays on peoples' wish for a quick fix. I admit this was me. I am wiser but poorer now!

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I was given a real sales pitch & told it would work as well as liposuction(I had been to a lipo consult & the MD said Zerona would not work as well). Zeroa did nothing and I regret the time and money lost.

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I got great results - what matters is how they place the lasers clearly where ever you got the ZERONA they didn’t know how to place the laser. I had great results at a med spa in norwell MA Rx med day spa 134 washington street in norwell they do 12 treatments for 2300 the physician is great, the spa is beautiful and the ZERONA works.
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