Just Had a Full Tuck on April 7, 2010

I was terrified about the whole procedure and...

I was terrified about the whole procedure and still am really. i had three children of my own and then carried 4 for another couple (the last two were twins!:) One of the greatest expeiences of my life. Then lucky me, the dad is a plastic surgen and offered his services to me. i went back and forth for over 3 years, tried to get rid of the diet and exercise route, but of course it is not that easy.

Anyway, i finally got up the courage and here I am BORED and sore! So glad that i found this group that gave me the BEST idea of renting a chair lift! This has been a real help. But my back kills, don't know how the heck I will wash my hair,...and most of all feeling guilty about a surgery I didn't "need" technically. My husband has been great, but I still feel vain for doing it.

I really hope that in the end, later this summer i will be thrilled that I did it. Right now, I just feel like a sore lazy lump. Oh yeah, they removed over 4 1/2 pounds from my belly area.

Any advice how to best get through the next week or so? How often should I get, up what kind of exericses, ect I will try to post photos if I can figure out how! :) Oh yeah, how do you know if your drains are clogged in the tube? And what color is bad, coming from the drains?

Hi,congratulations!!!! I had my tt on 3/25/10 and I also had rented a chair lift. I totally agree, it's the best thing to have after any type of abdominal surgery. I had horrible back pain from sitting and sleeping in the recliner all day. I used a comforter to line the recliner and a pillow behind my back to relieve the pressure. For your constipation try 2 cups of Prune juice with a teaspoon of Benefiber in each cup. Trust me this works. I was very gasy after the procedure which caused me to be very uncomfortable. My girlfriend who helped me after the recovery forced me to drink it and I was soooo very happy that I did!! I was also taking Phillip stool softner, because the other ones cause cramping and bloating. I now suggest this to my husband when he has bowel issues,lol!!! I also suggest when getting your drains removed to take your vicadin one hr before your appt. I read that on somebody elses posting and did it, and hardly felt anything when my drains were removed. BTW, don't feel vain!!!! You gave a precious gift to a couple that wasn't able to do it themselves. You deserve whatever you desire!!!!! Enjoy that new body you'll have in months to come!!! Keep us posted :)
Okay, went in 7 days post op and had my drains removed. I feel like a new woman!! (At least till 5:30 when I crashed from trying no pain meds. :) anyway, I wish I had taken something heavy for when they were removed. The first one really hurt like an electric cord way up my side. I didn't know how far up they went. So after that, I braced myself for it to hurt that much the other three times, and it didn't. it was sore, but not horrible, thank goodness. :) But yeah, now I can take a shower! I guess it really would have helped to be in the best possible physical shape, because I am still so sore, esp. my back. I am at the point where I just am not sure if it was worth it, putting my family through all this. I look at myself and really don't see Angelina Jolie yet!! (Just kidding, I know she was never there, so I don't really expect to see her ever! ) Just don't like what I see at all right now. I also have the same problem with the pills giving my constipation. I am taking duclax daily with mineral oil and I still had to give myself two enemas just to feel relief. It is getting a bit better though, so here's to hoping one more week, and we will feel much more ourselves! I still can't figure out how to post pictures with my comments. Any advice? Anyone else have photos to share so maybe we know we are on the same page?
Hi Chickenlady I had my tubes out today also 6 days after surgury. I have been off pain meds 2 days now, I can't stand the bowel problem. My butt is as sore as my stomach. I also look at myself in the mirror and ask myself is this going to be worth it. The removal of the tubes was a scary thought but I called them first to see if I should take a painkiller and she said no, it's just uncomfortable. My surgeon was not in and when the nurse came in to remove the drains she was still not sure why I was so puffy even in my pubic area. I feel fatter than before except no stretchmarks. The on duty surgeon came in and after looking at me he seemed to think maybe I should stop the antibotics since the T3's gave me such an allergic reaction maybe it was causing problems. They also said I was doing to much, I have walked to the bank , walked to safeway 4 times and done walking around my condo. It felt so good at the time. THey also said I could take off the thick binder and wear a spanks type garment instead. It feels weird not having the strong compression. Maybe the puffyness will get better with the strong binding off, mine always seemed to make breathing difficult. The Nurse also said to take it easy now that the drains are out as you do not want to create fluid as it could build up. THis scares me so I called my husband and he gave me heck for doing too much. Looks like I will need to get used to sitting around more. I did exercise a lot before surgury and glad I did as you need strong arms and legs since your tummy can't help. You don't realize how much you use your stomach muscles every day. Since I am 51 recovery is probably going to me different than a younger person. I also don't know how to post pictures Maybe I will try and figure it out so I can show you my redness.

Okay, day 15 and no way I could be going back to...

Okay, day 15 and no way I could be going back to work.  Feeling more myself, but very sore esp. in my back (It is still very swollen) and I am still walking hunched over.   I am sore all over but not in horrible pain. This is taking much longer than I thought, but I am accepting it now.  Not sure if i am healing right, some of my sutues look puckery and pink. Some look perfect, so I guess my scarring will not be perfect.  I think the overall appearence will still be better this time next year, at least I hope so!!!  I will try again to post photos.   Anyway, Someday next month I hope to find someway to sit or stand or walk that will be comfortsable. As of right now, nothing is comfortable!!   I did sleep in my own bed last night, though I had to call my daughter in this morning to help me up! :) All night though, I couldn't really move for fear of pulling soemthing and I was paraniod that I husband would bump me because he was used to having the bed all to himself!! :) LOL.   This too shall pass and this summer I can't wait to hike and kayak!!!!

OMG u r an angel to do that for someone who is unable to bake their own babies...NEVER feel guilty for doing something for urself and taking a little time to relax and rest. U deserve it. it will be so worth it xxxx
Hey Chickenlady, I am at day 13 today and I am so much better than last week. I was truly in regret last week of the way I was feeling. I am still tired as I wake up 3-4 times a night but I have been in my bed 6 nights now and it's so much better. Your back should be better once you sleep in a bed. I am also swollen about 2 inches below and above my scar and it's very hard. My pubic is also holding fluid but the doc said this will leave on it's own. One surgeon I spoke to said it takes a month for your hemoglobin to return to normal after major surgury and tummy tuck is major surgury, that's why we feel tired. Try a heating pad on your back, I also had a wheat bag I would heat in the microwave and I used it on my stiff neck and it felt much better. This may also help your thigh area. I think the 6 week mark is when most feel totally better so we have a month to go. At least we will feel great this summer. I do hope to see my scar area go down as right now I don't feel that flat there but I went to the drug store today and she recommended a Vitamin E Ointment (not the oil) to massage scar area twice a day. This is to help swelling and heal the scar better and hopefully help with the awful itch I have around my scar. I don't plan on showing anyone my scar at this point, it's pretty ugly. Good luck trying you bed it took me a couple nights to get used to it.
Hi! How are things for you now? I slept in my bed for two nights, but it was so hard to move I went back to the chair for a few nights. But I miss my husband so I think I will try again tonight. :) I am still very sore, and it comes bad in waves. Some days/hours I feel 60% better, then other days I fall back to 25%. Go figure. All I can figure is that I must do too much for a couple days and then I pay for it later. Though, really I don't do much. Sunday I went food shopping for a couple hours (I walk slow right now and had to restock!) and by the end I thought I would cry putting it all away. So today the kids went back to school so I layed around mostly till the afterschool taxi time! I shall see tomorrow if it helped. I still have a huge swollen band across my back and my lower ad and pubic bone is still swollen. My stiches are healing well, they won't be perfect I can tell from some that ARE perfect, there are some that have healed kinda puckered. Oh well, still worlds better and I am looking forward to getting strong abs. I also still have tons of strech marks. He told me he could only remove the ones below the bellybutton because the skin above it would now be below it. And unfortunately for me, I had a TON stretch marks above AND below. Still, it will be much better and again the biggest thing, I think will be being able to finally strengthen my stomach muscles. I think having a strong core will be nice. Now if I can only work on my big thighs and butt! :) So,..still waiting to feel more normal, walk straight, not cringe when a sneeze is coming,.....ect. It is so obvious that there is something wrong with me, and I really don't like explaining it to everyone I meet. Will love walking and running again! Funny how something like this really makes you grateful for all the "normal" stuff we do in life! Wow, I really shouldn't post after midnight, i tend to ramble! Well goodnight, I shall try my bed again. Let me know how you are doing!!
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