Scarless Breast Reduction with Body Lipo 10/18/211 - Massachusetts

I had Lipo breast reduction done 2 weeks ago alng...

I had Lipo breast reduction done 2 weeks ago alng with back and upper abs. Otherwise known as "Scarless" the insition siites will heal leaving little evidence of any surgery. this will surgery reduces the size of the breast while still maintaining its "original" shape.

I choose this as an alterniative to traditioal breast reduction. IF in teh future I want to have a traditional breast reduction I can still do it. I had 600 cc removed from each breast and a total of 2700 cc's removed all together.

Pros: are that I maintain my natural shape, no traditional scars, and all the pros of a traditional reduction

Con: you have to have fatty breast so it is not for everyone. peri and post memapausal women are usually the best canidates. one can not get a perky lift from this surgery although by removing weight there is some lift.

I am still recouping so I don't have pictures to post.


Thanks for thinking of me, Dixie! I'm doing pretty well. Pretty tender today, but I've been doing a lot of running around so think I just need to rest. Not sure how much he took out but can see the difference on the side of my breasts so I'm hopeful that this will do it. Though the doc said if I'm still bigger than I want to be he will do more after I've had a chance to heal and settle.
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Iowa71, I know you must still be out of it, but how did it go yesterday?
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I will try and compare apples to apples. My favorite bra was a 34 DD, a Chantelle Minimizer. I wore this bra after surgery when I could finally get a bra on, (think an hour at a time) I bought a 32 C in that same bra after surgery and it is now too big in the back. IF I could get my ideal in this bra it most likely would be a 30D.
IF I go to a TJ maxx and want to buy a bra the 34 band is the right band in most less expensive brands. and I would have to say the D is too big and the C is too small. I currently have 3 bras. one fits and the other 2 are not good fits.

So I don't know what size I am. I had 600CC's removed from each breast and they are smaller, I just have not found my right fit yet.

Good luck tomorrow, all will work out fine, just know that the reduction this time won't come for weeks, but I hope you get everything you want.
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