New pics!! 3 weeks PO..Spanx? Feeling lumpy and bruised... Still!

I am a mother of 2 children and ever since the...

I am a mother of 2 children and ever since the birth of my daughter (now 6) I have been longing to have this extra skin REMOVED! I have been on this website so many times but never got the courage to move forward. One question I have that I can't seem to find the answer to, is how important is it or is it worth it to have an overnight hospital stay following your tummy tuck? I really feel like this time I am going to do it. I work hard, eat right and it is just not paying off!

I have been to one consultation 2 hours away and I...

I have been to one consultation 2 hours away and I have another consultation in a few weeks. My question is how do I pick? The man I had the consult with seemed nice enough and definitely gave me good hope on how much change I will see. The price was right too. The negative is he is 2 hours away and the surgery is not in the nicest town.
My consult in a few weeks is with a woman who has a lot of the same positive reviews as the man, is an hour closer and from what I understand the the facility is beautiful. The price will probably be an extra 2-3 thousand from what they said over the phone.
I don't know how to decide?! Do I go with the woman who is closer, in a better part of town yet more expensive or to the man who is farther away, not the nicest facility yet 2-3 thousand cheaper...

So, I finally paid for and booked my surgery with...

So, I finally paid for and booked my surgery with a surgeon who I like very much! She had so many pictures pulled of past patients who had similar body types so I could get an idea of what to expect.
I am getting lipo done on my flanks, parts of my stomach and inner and outer thighs. My surgery is 10 days away!! I am not staying overnight but my best friend happens to be a nurse in a post surgery unit in a hospital and will be staying over with me on my first night. I am just so nervous because I have never had surgery of any kind nor have I been under general anesthesia. BUT I am so excited to put this behind me.

Surgery tomorrow!! Here are my before pics. I...

Surgery tomorrow!! Here are my before pics. I cannot believe I am actually posting these but here they are! Yikes!!? Not as nervous as I thought I would be but I have amazing support and I am so grateful for wonderful friends. I am having a TT with no MR. Also lipo to flanks, hips and thighs. Now I just hope everything goes well. Fingers crossed!

I a not even 12 hours PO but home and resting. I...

I a not even 12 hours PO but home and resting. I have a wonderful friend, who is an rn and works Ina post surf unit , staing with me a few days. I a,m in such great hands! As far as pain goes, I won't lie. It hurts. It hurts to start walking but easier as I move, I am laying on an ice pack and that is helpful.
I have no new pics to post. I have no idea what it looks like there still!

P/o Day 2. this has been an interestinf jouney...

P/o Day 2. this has been an interestinf jouney thus far . I am about 12 hours post op and feel lik I was beatn with a baseball bat. The percs are doing their job not 100%. Once I get hlp out of mny seat I can successfully go to the bathoom and walk around by myself so I feel my recovry is coning along nicely. I thank goodness for my friends, the fabulous reclinr, ice pack and pain meds! Last night was a long one and I ended up vomiting bn with the nausa patch on. Oh wll. I was just glad to get that over with. I expect to see the po results Monday but for now I amn afaid to take off the compression garmnt. I feel lik it is holding m together!!

Heading into PO day 2. Really happy with my...

Heading into PO day 2. Really happy with my progress although I have nothing to compare it to. Once I get help up from the chair I can walk on my own. No more nausea so I may take the nausea patch off tomorrow. Also did anyone out there experience headaches? They com between Percocet doses and are very mild but still. Annoying. I am drinking a lot since bathroom trips are frequent. So looking forward to another day of healing. They say I can stand up on my own and feel normal again will be huge.
Ps I stillmhavent seen anything yet. I can tell that my lower back is still really swollen from the lipo.

So I am PO2 days. I have still not take my CG off...

So I am PO2 days. I have still not take my CG off yet as I was told to try and wait until Monday when I can also shower! Did any of you fear the results of your TT? I am scared that she didnt take enough skin or that it won't look much different. More so I have pretty significant swelling so I am afraid if I take the garment off I won't get it on again
That being said, I have such great girlfriends and a wonderful husband who have taken such great care of me so far. Even my kids are being helpful. I am definitely pretty sore but not as bad as yesterday. Each day gets better even though the swelling seems to be getting worse. Pics to come Monday!

I did have lipo on my tummy, flanks, inner and...

I did have lipo on my tummy, flanks, inner and outer thighs. Hence why I feel like I have been attached by a baseball bat. Lol! But I am already moving around so much better. Super swollen still but I have been keeping up with ice and pain meds. I have been taking only 1 oxy every 4 hours but will take 2 at night. I have a lot of funny tingling around my belly and thighs but all feels good. I am happy with the progression and everyone around me making my healing process that much easier to go through. And I love this website too! It's so amazing to talk to people who relate to what I am going through.

Need thoughts! I had lipo done on abdomen, flank...

Need thoughts! I had lipo done on abdomen, flank inner and outer thigh. I am super swollen especially my rear end. It is such a bazaar feeling! I am vigilant about taking arnica and pain meds. Is all this swelling normal?

The past four days have been such a blur that I...

The past four days have been such a blur that I didn't realize how stinky I must be. Lol. My friend came of this am to help me in the shower and with my garment. Good thing too because I came close to passing out. Not sure if it is because I haven't eaten much, of the odd sensation when the CG came off, but my shower was more of a rinse. When I got everything back on she helped me degrease my hair in the kitchen sink. Hairy armpits will just have to wait.
I also got my first glimpse of my tummy. I love it! I was expecting a vertical suture, but I was thinking it would be much bigger. She did an amazing job! My tattoo is gone, my belly button that had piercing holes is gone and has been replaced by a cute little one. I am so impressed. Still too early to have any idea what the lipo will look like with all the swelling, but I am a very happy girl!

I definitely did far too much yesterday! On top...

I definitely did far too much yesterday! On top of it I tried ditching the percocets and going to only Tylenol. I eventually caved and took a perc. This morning I stood up and felt so much better. I was able to help my kids get breakfast and make their school lunches and I also made myself a coffee and oatmeal. Now that I am sitting I can feel that I maybe did too much. But still. I am so so much better.
I had a friend come over last night and I took my garment off for her to see my new tummy. Upon its removal, I got immediately lightheaded. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I ever going to be able to survive without it? Jk..
Tomorrow I see my PS and I am hoping the drain will come out. There has been minimal draining so fingers crossed!

I just got back from my PS. She said everything...

I just got back from my PS. She said everything looks amazing. I am more swollen than I was when I took my last pics, but I am not surprised or worried as I am more active every day. She took my one drain out which felt WEIRD and told me I could start driving in a few days and stand up straighter which is really the most uncomfortable part of this whole thing. My back needs my core to kick in! I hope all of you TT ladies out there are healing well and quickly!

Physically it has been a very good day. My...

Physically it has been a very good day. My incision and healing is going better than expected. I am so happy with the results... I guess I am really feeling depressed about having so many people going out of their way for me. Helping with my kids, driving me to my doctor, tidying up my house, I am never good asking for help and people are just giving it to me. I feel so useless and my kids are so off schedule. My daughter, who has some emotional problems began a new new compulsive behavior and I feel so helpless. Even if I were well I often feel helpless with her challenges, but now where I am so immobile and useless I feel even worse. Ahh! I feel odd dumping this onto this forum but I am in need of venting to someone who I haven't burnt out this week. My husband is wonderful but he has his own business and went for not having much work to now working 12 hour days 6-7 days a week and this process has been lonely without him. But let's face it. We need the income especially now to pay for what I have done. Plea dont feel the need to respond, it just feels good to out it out there and pray that I can find solace.

Had a great day today.. Every day walking and...

Had a great day today.. Every day walking and standing seems easier. I have kept up with taking arnica 3x a day and today I put some arnica lotion on my body. I am still very sore from my lipo and found a hard lump at the very top of my abdomen under my rib cage. I have read that hard lumps are normal but I worry by nature so my ps will be getting a call. I wear my CG 24-7 and have a foam piece that goes between the CG and my abdomen. All in all, I am doing really well but man, this is a long healing process. Having never had surgery of any kind I underestimated how much I could do at this point, but I am doing it and continue to have great support. Take care all my TT friends!

Post op day 10! Every day gets easier and easier....

Post op day 10! Every day gets easier and easier. I have been more swollen since having my drain out last Wednesday but I know it's all temporary. I had a long day and was very sore, took a shower and I feel like a new person. I don't know if it is because I took a break from the GC, or just feeling normal or what, but it was good stuff.
Question - My incision is high. Does it lower a lot after everything is healed? I know that my pubic area has been raised more than anything because of the public hair line, but I am hoping it will lower a bit more. Thoughts?

Today I am 16 days post op. I am so tired of not...

Today I am 16 days post op. I am so tired of not having the energy I used to and I am still having trouble with everyday simple tasks (Like tying my shoe). I am very swollen (I hope this is swelling!) in some places and then not much at all in others. I am so tired by noon and I get winded walking upstairs. My body from my ribs to my knees feels numb and I after trying on my bikini, my scar is higher that I imagined it would be.....
OK! Sorry, friends, I had to vent. There is a rational part of my brain that knows everything is still new and raw and I need to be patient, but that part of my brain is TIRED! I think the hardest part of this process is to allow the healing and recovery to happen without judgement as things look different not only day to day, but hour to hour. I am so excited yet nervous to see what my outcome will be. Will my scar fade to a faint line, will it drop at all? Is the fullness in my flanks swelling or fat? Am I gaining weight while I am sitting around doing only a fraction of what I used to prior to surgery? And when will my pre-op jeans fit me?!
Most moments of my day I am positive and happy with my choice. I am sure that 6 months from now, I will be very happy with everything. The emotional roller coaster I have been riding will be a faded memory along with my scars... I hope... ;-) Happy recovering ladies!

Here are my 2 week pics. I am happy with the...

Here are my 2 week pics. I am happy with the looks of my scar. The swelling is a neusence. I just hope it is swelling and not some crazy weight gain. I am trying to keep a positive outlook. Life gets easier everyday. Tonight is my CG cleaning time so I am trying to massage some of the areas while not compressed. Hs anyone else had any good success with swelling?

I can't believe how much better I have felt this...

I can't believe how much better I have felt this week. I have been able to resume my normal day to day activities (which unfortunately includes dishes and laundry). I am sore and wiped by the end of the day but every day I feel better. I am still really sore on my lipo areas. I feel it in my thighs more often as that's where pressure is when I sit. I am very happy with the flatness of my tummy and my scar is healing beautifully! I am most frustrated with the swelling in my flanks. There is a ridge on the top of my scar, especially on my left side. I am staying positive though as it has only been 22 days. I am thinking (praying) that it will all settle done and look normal.
Does anyone recommend one make of spanx over another? I need one from my knees all the way up. The reviews are so mixed and there are so many choices!
Dr Howrigan

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Hey girl! Long time since your last update! Hope you are doing well.
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Looking great! My PS recommened Spanx Slim Cognito mid thigh to bra shaper. I love it. Just bought another one..a size smaller then what I started at 2 weeks ago! Yay! I'm 4 weeks PO. Happy healing.
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You look great....I am in week 3 and still feel like I got beat up in my lipo I know what youamesn by that!lol
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I have been lucky with swelling so far. Although i havent done much as far as movement. I hardly have any salt in my diet being vegan. Maybe that helps? You look great!
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My vegan diet has helped where I don't feel like I should be worried about weight gain... But I am! I have been very good about my salt intake until I broke down and had chips and salsa for lunch. Since I am feeling a little better I am focusing this week on cooking more veggies. My hubby, as wonderful as he has been, does not cook veggies so I have been living on cereal, oatmeal and fruit and salads. Not my normal diet but I do think alerting clean is important. Veggie loading this week!!
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I have the same problem. Hubby has been over busy at work and the kids have been eating out mostly. It's aggravating. I have been eating too much cereals and need more fruits and veggies.
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You look great. You will be so happy with your results when all this is over. Just be patient. Easier said than done, right? And yes, it's still hard for me to have them too. I want my final result now too. Take care and take it easy on yourself. It is still early in the process.
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So much easier said than done. I am trying hard to allow my positive self to take over and be patient but I have a large impatient side. Lol! I want flatness and no more swelling....... NOW.. Lol
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Hang in there girl! I just posted similar frustrations at 2 weeks! At least you know its not just you!
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Just replied on your page. Somehow we will manage to survive! I just hope that I am happy with the results when all is said and done. Thank goodness for all these wonderful ladies!!
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Even as weird as my BB looks now, I would definitely take that over that hanging, wrinkly blob! Your scar will drop. I can see it is along your hairline which is low. I saw someone on here that would take pics weekly in the same pair of undies and you could see how things changed alot! Hang in there!
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Thanks! That is very comforting to know. I have already come to terms with it though as I am happy trading in my old saggy tummy for a scar. 99% of my life is about being comfortable in my own clothes not in a bathing suit.. ;-)
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OMG, you already had your surgery. I'm glad to see I was right. When you found the right doc you went for it. I like your belly button much better than mine. Congrats on getting it done!
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I did! It's all such a blur. It's been 2 weeks but I feel like this has been going on forever. Dr howrigan was wonderful, thank you for your search! I would definitely recommend her. I love how thin my scar is. I know it will thin and heal eventually. Just wish it were tomorrow! I will say it has been hard to eat how I would like. My husband is not much for vegan chef so I have pretty much lived on oatmeal and cereal.... I am just praying I have not gained weight or won't gain weight. I feel like a slug!
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Ps, I just looked through your pics. I think your bb is cute!m odd how many different ones there are out there. I never really thought about it before this process. Did you find yourself doubting the process and results during your recovery? I can't tell if I have gained a lot of weight or are swollen because my pre op jeans don't fit, also when did you feel comfortable working out again? I think you look amazing by the way!!
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Looking good! You are doing so good! I have hardly done a thing. Getting showered and dressed and just walking around the house gets me so swollen. Are you still hunched? I am hoping to stand up all the way by three weeks. Gotta get back to work!
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I have been so busy. I actually did target today for groceries, put them away and made cookies with my daughter. Literally on my feet all day and I am hurting! But I am walking more upright.. Not perfect, but better and taller every day. I found the more I did the straighter I could stand and the bettered I moved... I am thanking the heavens for this compression garment. I dare not take it off at the end of the day as I feel like I will blow up like a balloon. But I really think the fact that I did not have a MR makes a big difference in how I get around. I hope that you are standing up straight soon!
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Wow, thats alot to do! I am not going to try to do much until i get to 2 weeks. I thought you had MR, too. I just feel lots of tension at the incision when standing. Definately a little straighter but still look like granny. I hate when the swelling is bad. Feels like i will split open!
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RS is the place to vent! Where you are not judged for how you are feeling, the ups and downs!! That's what we are all here for! Take the help that is given to you and just feel thankful for those who love you and want to help! I think all mom's feel guilt because for so many years we have taken care of everything, the kiddos, the house chores, the errands.. You'll get past that guilt once you start to feel better! It gets easier, promise! Hang in there and look at the big picture.. The new beautiful you! :)
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Thanks! I am trying hard to take it easy on myself and still find the normalcy. I have never been laid up this way and its overwhelming to have to rely on so many others. My son, who is 8, is loving the every day play dates with friends. My daughter, 6, is having a tougher time with mom being so useless. Today though, I was able to make her breakfast, play school (from the recliner), and we are going to have a girl day. I hope her behavior will start improving. As far as me, every day gets better. I am excited for the outcome wnd still glad I did this, I will just be glad when I am able to be 100% mom again.
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Ellie my husband is self employed too and business has him super busy this week, too! Feel lucky you have so many other people to help. I am sitting here alone most of the day.
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It does stink to be alone. I am mostly alone too. My friends are helping by taking my kids to their houses. I guess in the first week being alone was ok because I was so medicated. Now, just having Tylenol I am bored out of my mind and have too much to think about! I am going to try and sleep in my bed tonight with my husband. It is good to have people like you and everyone here to talk to and listen. How are you getting around? Do you have friends checking in on you?
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My husband has been taking me to appointments. My sons are teens and help out. Nobody checking in but said for me to call if I needed anything. I kept it secret so that is why. Hoping I can walk better in another week. Would not want to be seen in public like this!
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You look great. Did you get muscle tightening. I had muscle tightening I wasn't able to make my kids school lunches because I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed that early. Either way, you are doing a lot better than I did.
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I did not get a muscle repair. I know that with one recovery is a lot harder. I hope that you get better soon! In the end this is only a short time in our lives and will be all worth it in the end. That's what I keep trying to reiterate to myself anyway...
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