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I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young...

I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young decision, it looks stupid. I hate wearing tank tops or bathing suits that show it off, I hate being in pictures, I was in a wedding and felt like I ruined all the pictures by being in them. I just want this thing gone. I live in NH and have had a really hard time finding any place near here, most of the local "medi-spas" that offer tattoo removal have bad reviews on the facility, and basically none of the reviews have anything to do its tattoo removal so I feel like they must not do the service very often. Recently reading a review I found on here from someone who went to a place in Boston MA, I think I may have found a place... just have to inquire about price first...

Hey there, just checking in to see if you started the removal process. You can also use the Find a Doctor feature on our site to help locate a doctor to doctor. Best of luck to you!!

Hope this site will help. People here totally understand that feeling of hating the way you feel, not just look when ink you hate is exposed. I have three and just one of them is visible in clothes. I've started the removal process on the one that shows and even though I have a year or so to go, just getting started is a big relief. I agree with the comment below that it's not that bad, you could try a redo, but that won't solve the problem if you just want an ink free arm. There are some reviews I've read on here about stories of multiple cover ups on unwanted tattoos, then they STILL end up having it removed. I think multiple layers of ink with cover ups are even harder to get off so just think about what will really make you happy. Good luck!
it's definitely not actually as bad as you feel like it is. it might need some touch ups though. you should look into tattoo parlour/tattoo removal places. i actually think they have the most experience doing it for the best prices and they're very good about preserving skin texture because they're accustomed to having to do cover ups on recently lasered skin.
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