Working well after two treatments

I've had one R20 treatment on my lower back tattoo...

I've had one R20 treatment on my lower back tattoo and one Picosure treatment. After the R20 treatment, I was sore and itchy for a few weeks, though I did not blister. I noticed significant fading of my all-black tattoo within a week. After one Picosure treatment, I've noticed absolutely no fading whatsoever. It's as if I never had the treatment. It hurt much less than R20, took less time, and was completely healed with no blistering within 3 days. The technician told me to be patient, but it's been nearly three weeks -- almost time for my next treatment. I can't help but feel that less pain and less time to heal means it didn't do anything to the ink. So far, it does not seem to be working at all. I'll consult with the technician next time about what to do, but am inclined to return to the R20, which seems much more reliable for me.


I wonder why some respond differently? I'm going to give Picosure one more try and if I don't notice fading then I'll switch back to R20. Picosure seems a little too good to be true at this point - less pain during the treatment, almost zero healing time. I'm not sure how it can be working if I feel almost no soreness afterwards!
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Maybe it's the tech that is doing ur treatments? Part of a successful removal is 50% the technician operating the laser and 50% how u care for it post treatment.
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She's not just a tech, she owns the treatment center and has extensive knowledge of lasers. Unless the setting of the machine was too low, I think the problem is Picosure itself.

The jury is out after second treatment

My first Picosure treatment did absolutely nothing -- I had no fading, soreness, or color change whatsoever. I had my second treatment yesterday and the technician finally turned up the setting on the machine. I knew the setting was too low after the first treatment, and am glad she agreed. As a result, the tattoo and my skin look much different than after my first treatment. The tattoo is completely red where all of the black ink was. It's also sore and a little itchy, but very bearable. I have no bandage on it and it didn't bother me while sleeping. I'm hoping that this much more obvious reaction will translate to ink fading! I know that for the first treatment, the technician was trying to prevent scarring and wasn't sure how my body/ink would react, but I really feel that the setting was much too low. The second treatment didn't hurt more, but did take a little longer. I'll update in a few weeks, and hopefully I'll have some fading to report!


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That's interesting - your most recent experience mimics my first experience. I was surprised that they did not recommend bandages and that it wasn;t too uncomfortable afterward. But I'm glad to know since I'll ask about the power when I go for my second treatment in August/Sept. Good luck!
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Thank you! I can't imagine the first (too low) setting would work on anyone. Hopefully this time it will work. Let me know how your treatment goes!

After eleven days, still no fading

My skin has been healed (no blistering, just soreness) for nearly a week and I'm seeing no fading of my tattoo at all. I understand that fading is usually noticeable by a week to two weeks after Picosure treatment. I'll give it some more time, but I did expect to see a better result at this stage of the process.


Alright :)
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Ok thanks a lot for the reassurance. Now I have hope that may be the problem, and I'll talk to my doctor about it next appointment.
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Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

Finally, some fading

It took nearly three weeks, but I finally started to notice fading after my second Picosure treatment. It's been pretty significant, but I think the setting on the machine could still be a little higher. The first treatment was a complete wash -- I can't imagine a setting that low would work for anybody. I'll try to find out the setting that was used for my second treatment and update when I find out.


Hey how have you been?? Have you had another treatment?
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I'm overdue for another treatment but haven't had one yet -- hopefully in the next few weeks. The longer I wait, the more fading I notice. My tattoo really has faded a lot since the second treatment. The key seems to be the setting! I'll update as soon as I start seeing results from treatment #3. How about you? Have you had another session? How's it going?
Hii yes I had my second treatment today and I'm so excited because I think this time I will see results. I believe he did turn up the setting because I blistered a lot this time, which is indicating that it has responded well. I tried to update my review but am having difficulties...I'm going to try again tomorrow so you can see some pictures. Do you have any pictures? I agree with you tho..the longer you wait is key to have your body fully respond to get rid of the ink. They told me 50 percent is the laser and the other 50 is up to your immune system. When you get your next treatment let me know how it goes, ttyl!

Third treatment

I had my third treatment yesterday and got the same red reaction that, to me, says the setting was high enough. According to the technician, the first setting was at 3.0, the second at 2.8 (the lower the number the greater the strength of the laser). She also said that 3.0, while low, works well on a lot of people, so it may just be hit or miss for the first treatment. Yesterday's treatment was even stronger, so I'm hoping I'll need only one more in a month or so. Looking forward to tattoo-free skin!


Hi, have you had anymore treatments, would love an update :)
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It's been awhile, any update for us?
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Hello! Did you really notice the fading only after several weeks. I am on day 3 and of course freaking out that I am not seeing fading.
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