Can't Wait to Get Rid of These Thunder Thighs! - Boston, MA

Hi, this is my first time posting on this site,...

Hi, this is my first time posting on this site, and after reading reviews of people who have had laser lipo I decided to post my own story to get some feedback and advice.

I am 27 years old, work out 3 days a week, and around 128 lbs. after working out for a year I have seen results everywhere but the one place I really needed it thunder thighs! Finally, after hearing about smart lipo I decided to go make an appointment for a consultation.

My Dr. ( he is not a plastic surgeon, but a emergency room doctor,and does smart lipo procedures a few times a month at a cosmetic office)told me that he could either be aggressive or conservative with my inner and outer thighs, he said if he is aggressive with taking out the fat there is a chance of my legs looking worse then what I came in with,( skin puckering) however I am torn because I do not want him to take too little out,since this is costing me $3500 I want to make sure I see some results! Just wondering if I can have some feedback of people who have had their thighs done and how many cc's you had taken out. My appointment is next week and I still haven't made up my mind as to what I am going to tell him! I really want skinny thighs but don't know if I should take the risk of them looking worse, also I have cellulite on the back and sides of my thighs so I hope the smart lipo smooths it out! I am also afraid of getting hard bumps - since I have read so many reviews of people who develop them after surgery! Any input would be great!

Hi Guys, I have a question- my DR said two days before my surgery the day of and two days after I have to take my antibiotic and also my Anica pills at the same time but "under my tongue" does anyone know what this means? lol Thanks!
under the tongue? idea what that is lol
here's a photo of my thighs AFTER surgery. please note that they were smooth before...

Tomorrow is the big day! wish me luck everyone...

tomorrow is the big day! wish me luck everyone.
So far I bought some neosporin cream for my cuts
maxi pads for leakage
I have my sweats packed for surgery day
and a garbage bag cut up for my bed/ride home
Any other suggestions?????
Thanks again!
If u have yoga pants wear them !! U can't put the pads in ur garment so the pads will hold in place with thight pants !! Good luck tomorrow !!

Hi everyone! So I had my surgery today! It went...

Hi everyone! So I had my surgery today! It went well no pain at all! I swear at one point I fell asleep! Everything went great. My doctor took his time it took about 3 hours. Now I am home and in a little pain. I am constantly leaking which is annoying but I knew beforehand this was going to happen. I took a pain pill and I am just sitting on a garbage bag watching tv. When I went to the bathroom I almost passed out, I was so lightheaded I had to rest my head on the towel holder! I plan on going back to work tomorrow( desk job) so I hope I am feeling better. So right now I'm just in a little pain and leaking blood and fluid and taking my pain medication. Hoping tomorrow I feel better! Thanks guys!
Looks great ! How are you feeling about your results so far ? How's ur leakage and pain ? Your still wearing ur garment right ? Did u find out how much they look out ?
I can definately tell there is a difference even though I am so swollen! I am done leaking, and wearing my garment. The worst part is going to the bathroom and pulling the garmet on and off! I am not sure how many CC's he took out but he took out exactly one full container of all fat! I hope the swelling goes down soon. How are you doing? Can you take some updated photos!!
O yes, and sitting on the toilet is so painful!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. So moor row marks one week since...

Hi everyone. So moor row marks one week since surgery and I'm sad to say I don't really see much difference. I am still swollen but I'm very discouraged I'm hoping I'm one of those people that see a difference within the next month! I was kind of hoping I would see results sooner. Patiently waitinggg
I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and feeling the same way !!
I have seen so many stories where people say it took three months so I'm trying not to get discouraged!
Me too !!

One month post op! Love my results!!

Wishineeverdone it, I'm so sorry that this happened to you, and I'm glad that you're trying to warn others, but bear in mind that results are not guaranteed by 'normal' lipo either, and over resection is something that many clients talk about on this site and many other arenas. My body and health were both ruined by 'normal' lipo.

two months since my laser lipo

Hi everyone, its been two months since my laser lipo on my inner and outer thighs, so far I am loving my results and have lost a few inches in each leg. They say it could take up to 6 months to see full results so I cant wait to see if they get smaller! I updated some pictures of my before and one month after. So far So good!
I think you turned out great. Really you look very nice.

5 months post op so happy!

Loving my results! It just about 3-4 months to see results I liked but they are finally here and I couldn't be happier!!!
You look amazing!! How many inches did u lose? Also how long did it take for your bruising to go away? I just had my inner and outer done last Wednesday and am praying for results like yours!!
hi! actually i oly lost about 1 inch on each thigh. I just saw your site! we kind of have the same shape! It took a good 3 months before i finally saw results! dont get discouraged! I did, the first 3 weeks I was so upset then BAM results! hahah good luck !
So funny I thought we had the same type of shape too and even showed my doctor your pics and said I want results like her!!! I am trying to be patient. Thanks for the advice!!

7 months post op!

So happy with my results!

So happy I did it

It's been about 7 months and I am so happy with my results!
You look awesome!
The results look great. How's your skin though? I am worried my skin would just sag. I do go to the gym too and i am losing weight except my massive thighs.
Congratulations! You look great!

8 months post op

Great results! I live in the Boston area, can you share your Doctors name? Thxs
I went to new England laser lipo in Shrewsbury. Dr Willis, he was amazing! I would totally recommend him!
Beautiful results.
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