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Please Help Decide if I Should Get a Lift or Implants. Or Both?! Mommy Makeover - Boston, MA

I am very interested In getting a mommy makeover....

I am very interested In getting a mommy makeover. At first I was only looking into a tummy tuck. Now I'm doing more research and figure why not fix 2 things at once.
I'm 28 yrs old have 2 kids (2 and 6)
I weigh 110 and have extra skin and my muscles are separated. Before kids I had a very nice body and naturally. I never stepped foot in a gym prior to having the kids. Now it doesn't matter how much I work out it won't come back as you all know.
I am def getting the tummy tuck. Not sure if I should get a lift only, implants only or a combination of both. I have enclosed pictures. I covered my tattoo with stickers from a photo editor.
I am hoping someone can give me some good advice :/
Thank you and I hope everyone recovers well. I'm scared to death!!!!!!!!!!
I got quoted 16,000 for full TT and breast lift in Massachusetts.

I forgot to add...

I forgot to mention I'm a 32 DD (according to Victoria's Secret, but my PS said I'm def not a DD)
My main concern about implants is the fact that I will probably need another surgery either bc it leaks or my body rejects it.
But my concern with a lift is I will lose 1 or more cup sizes and might not be as full as I like on top :/
So any advice is helpful!!!! :)
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Hi! I think I'd do the lift and the implants. I got half round Mentor 350cc's silicone myself, and I probably should have done a lift, because these boobs have some sag and I'm just a year out. But the upper pole fullness is my best friend, lol! I think you're going to be so happy!! Did you know you can ask your question to the docs on this site, too, and post pics for them? This site is such a great resource and support system. They've answered two of my questions and it made me feel better! Good luck!
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Thanks!! How do I ask the drs a question?! I would love to do that. Thanks again!!!!
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Hi! Ok, how you ask the docs is you scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link that says "Q & A". When that opens, there will be a link that says "Ask your question" and once you click on that there will be space for you to type exactly what you want to ask and you can upload pics too, before you submit your question. They like pics cuz it helps them understand you better. They get grouchy without pics, lol. Good luck!
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Woohoo. Thanks!!! I just did it!!!! Thank you again! I just looked at your profile. You look amazing. SO jealous! How are you feeling and how long has it been?!
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Ha great! Yeah it's fun hearing from the doctors! And thank you for the compliments. I think it's been 12 weeks, and I am so glad I did it. He sees me again in September, and he may take off a dog ear and use laser on my scar to lighten it. They take the dog ears (the extra skin that sticks out at the corners of he incision) off right in the office. Good luck as you begin your journey!
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My suggestion would be to do a complete breast augmentation. Implants are only a tool for breast aug, and having the full procedure will ensure that you end up with the slope and curve that are hallmarks of the perfect breast shape. I was only a B-cup going into my surgery, but after nursing my breasts were left dropping down. Implants alone would have enlarged the breasts but not enhanced the shape. The other things to keep in mind are time and gravity, 2 concepts unavoidable, even with the best PS. Heavy implants can stretch and loosen elasticity, causing them to further drop. If you can do it together, you should go for it :)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! It looks like your own little support group is off and running. :)

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I was in the same position as you-- I knew I wanted the tummy tuck and worried that after doing it my breasts would appear even worse! I discussed breast options with my surgeon and ultimately decided to do an implant without a lift. That said, I was a 32A (in reality more like a AA) prior to surgery, so the implant took care of the lift without having the scars of the lift! Where you're starting off at a DD you may be pleased with the results of a lift! You'll decide what's right for you, and whatever decision you make alongside your surgeon will be perfect!
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I initially was looking into a tummy tuck and then also decided to fix both problems at the same time and save money because of anesthesia and operating room costs. I opted for a breast lift because my surgeon felt that it was all that I needed. I did not want my breasts to be very huge so I agreed. I came out with a 34 D and I am pleased with the results. As for the pain, I was very apprehensive and even requested Xanax to calm my nerves prior to having the surgery. I think it is like child birth. You forget what the pain was like because you are so happy. You will be fine. The first few days are rough but you mostly sleep through them. If I had to do this all over again, I would in a heartbeat without absolutely any hesitation. I look in my mirror every day in awe and I can't believe the difference the surgery made. I worried about the cost but to be honest with you, in hindsight, it is so worth it. Good luck with whatever you decide! :)
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Thank you!!! That was very helpful!
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I just saw your pics and read a little of your posts. You look AMAZING!! You are one tough chick! Thank you again for your reply and I hope you heal fast! You look great I'm so Jealous. I am the same way with taking care of everyone before myself. All the time. Even as a teenager my dad was an alcoholic so I took care of him. Now it's my husband and kids. It never ends. But I will reward myself with this procedure :)
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I chose to do implants and not lift at this time and I am 5 weeks out and I really like them, They still have dropping and fluffing to do. My thought was if I like the implants without a lift, I avoid scars, if I don't like them, I can always go back for a lift. I chose saline because they aren't as heavy as silicone and they say they give more upper pole fullness. Since I have enough breast tissue and so do you to not have to worry about the feel of saline. I went under the muscle. good luck with your decision, I am sure you will get lots of advice.
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Thank you SO much for your advice. Your results are amazing!!!! I know pain is different for everyone. But how would you describe the pain? I see you have kids how comparable to birth and with or with out mess for your birth? I'm scared to death of the pain as I'm kind of a wimp but did great both births. Vback w epidural before pushing. Thanks again!!!! I'm new to this website so I hope I replied correctly
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