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Laser Tattoo...black and Grey... Lower Back - Boston, MA

The tattoo is on my lower back. Its a cover up of...

The tattoo is on my lower back. Its a cover up of an small old back tattoo that I got about 10-12 years ago. My new tattoo was done march 27. Its all black thinly outlined stars with grey shading. I am worried because the tattoo place I went to uses mostly polymer based inks and I heard those were harder to remove. Is it possible to remove these types of inks with laser or am I just wasting my time and money. Also the dermatologist I am going to see has a picosure laser. Anyone have experience with it? Does it really lessen the amount of treatments?
Which dr is doing the procedure?
Dr. Robinson
Where in boston are you going too.

skin still pink... picosure

I go for my 3rd treatment july 11th. Where the shading WAS (removed from the first treatment) is still pink. I'm getting kind of worried because I read that it may scar. I called the dr. Office n they said it was normal and will go away in time. Its been 8 weeks and still pink. Not raised , just pink. I would go just to have them look at it but its 1.5 hr drive. My skin is very sensitive and turns pink by me just touching it so I'm hoping I just have prolong healing. I finally added a photo. The stars were all filled in with black shading they covered a name which u can see now. Its hard to see but a lot of the outlines are gone in some spots.
Hi, have you had anymore treatments. I thought you might find this video informative, hope your scarring has improved. 
Hey there, just checking in to see how you are making out with your removal. 
Yes the skin is still slightly pink and gets lighter when pressure is applied. I guess this is some sort of vascular reaction that the Dr. Says will go away in time. The pinkness is wherewhereby shading was which amazingly all went away after my first treatment.
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