Nerve Pain After Coolsculpting - Boston, MA

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen...

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen 5/7/2014. I'm a size 4, 135 lbs and I always seem to have a little extra weight in my lower stomach, especially after I had my son 2 years ago. The procedure itself was pretty painless except for when they initially suck the skin into the machine. It hurt more than I expected, but it was only for a few seconds. Your stomach gets numb and as you are sitting through the procedure, it isn't uncomfortable at all.

My stomach was numb for the first few days or so. Then it seemed like the nerves started to "wake up" from being frozen and I started getting shooting/stabbing nerve pain. It was so bad at times that it woke me up in the middle of the night! I was also on vacation so it wasn't ideal. I notified the doctors office and they gave me a prescription for Neurontin which almost immediately stopped the nerve pain. They said that only 5% of people experience this problem with nerve pain. I'm still waiting to see if there are results. I feel a little bit slimmer two weeks out, but I've been trying to improve my diet as well. If I don't see great results in the future, I couldn't recommend this procedure. The nerve pain was AWFUL and it is not relieved by any over the counter medications. I think I have a pretty decent pain tolerance and it was pretty unbearable at times (thought it is not consistent, it comes in waves). I'm still waiting to see if there are results and will post pics.


Hi there I am also from the boston area and was wandering what your final review is on this? Did you get any results at all? If so would you be able to recommend your Dr. Thanks
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I had my abdomen treated last Friday. I was in pain almost from the first day, but it was bearable until yesterday when it got so much worse. Last night I couldn't sleep because of the pain. My clinic told me to use Tylenol (not Advil or any anti-inflammatory meds because the inflammation is what kills the fat cells) and ice (not heat because that would irritate it). They also said nerve medication isn't any good because it takes days to get into your system. It's annoying how different clinics recommend completely opposite pain remedies ... for what they call 'discomfort'! I call this excruciating pain ... not discomfort. I found laying on an ice pack was the only way I could get some relief and sleep.
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Oh I am so glad someone has posted something about the nerve pain! I had my lower abs done on 5/17 - I am now on my 6th day - last night I experienced the nerve pain for the first time. It was so painful it woke me up during the middle of the night. The only advice the office I got the proceedure done in has given me is to take Advil and use a heating pad... so frustrating. How long did the nerve pain last?
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3 months post treatment

It's been 3 months since my treatment. I do notice a difference, but it's kind of subtle as you can see from the pics. I would like to do another treatment, but I'm not willing to pay another $750. I'm going to try to lose 10-15 lbs instead.


I can see more definition in your abs. I was told today that it only takes 20% of the fat cells and it takes 6 months to see results as the body dissolves the fat&get rids of it. Hang in there. Have a Happy Labor Day!
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I agree it was a subtle difference. Good luck.
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Hi there, I just posted updated pics so you can see the results. Subtle, but I can feel a difference. I had it done at Skin Health Centers on Newbury St. It wasn't done by a doctor, but maybe an aesthetician trained/certified on the machine. Can't recall her exact title. I was happy with Skin Health Center. No issue there at all. I would just consider whether it's worth the cost for pretty minimal results. I would definitely get another treatment, but I'm not paying an additional 750.
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