Hello! I am a 45 year old mom of two. Both born by...

Hello! I am a 45 year old mom of two. Both born by cesarean. The second baby was 10lbs and my belly couldnt handle it. Pre baby years I had flat abs because I enjoy exercise. And i still exercise alot but it is clear an abdominalplasty is the only thing that is going to help my abs. I have been wrestling with the thought of surgery for years. Saying to myself "stop being so vain" or "its not that bad.". But every day I hate what I see when I am in the shower, gettting dressed, sitting.... I am tired of tucking in my belly before I sit or tucking in my shirt at the gym or anywhere else that if I bent over somebody might see what is actually under there. I have a consultation appointment with a PS that was recommended to me by a friend who has gone to her a couple of times. She is affiliated with MGH which is where I wanted to go. I am going to try to keep this from a lot of people I know because I dont want to hear any negative comments about how skinny I already am, or that I am crazy or something. If they find out after than it will be done already and I wont have been discouraged. My husband didnt even flinch when I told him I was doing this and that is a big deal! Honestly the only thing I am worried about is the recovery and if the boys will be able to handle laundry and keeping up the other things around the house.

I added my "before" photos. Can't wait for my...

I added my "before" photos. Can't wait for my consultation on February 11!

Just some added info. I am at my lowest weight of...

Just some added info. I am at my lowest weight of 118 and am 5`5". I do advanced workouts with a trainer 3 times a week and also run on my own several days a week. A little less now that it is winter. I know there are strong abs under all this junk. I have become a Vegan since August and hope eating this way will help with recovery. I do not have any health issues.

One more week for my consultation! I hope it goes...

One more week for my consultation! I hope it goes well. I dont want to have to seek out another PS since it takes so long to get in an appointment.

So bummed. My appt on Monday just got moved to...

So bummed. My appt on Monday just got moved to Wednesday because of the snow storm. grrrr...

FINALLY had my consultation! I feel very...

FINALLY had my consultation! I feel very comfortable and didn't hesitate to move ahead. I will stay overnight at the hospital which is comforting to me. My TT will be slightly different than most I have seen on here. The center of my belly has the excess skin but not enough to totally pull my current BB low enough below the incision line. The incision will be very low where my cesarean scar is. Which is right where the hair line is. So I will still get a new BB but the old one will be cut and sewed so I will have a small vertical scar just above the incision line. I saw photos of others with this and it is no worse than a small stretch mark. And still can be hidden with undies. My cesarean scar was hard to see so I am hoping this will disappear too. My tattoo might not have to be cut away. But I said if part of it does then please take all of it. No problem. I will have 2 drains for about a week. And the only CG I will need is the wrap around kind. I was told there is no need to buy a second one. When I wash it it is okay to have it off for a while. My only concern is so many on here say make sure you get a pain pump! I won't be getting one because they don't think it is necessary. Although she did say the first 3 days are challenging. I will have to make sure I get some great stuff. I had major surgery way back and didn't have any pain problems so I am hoping for good luck there. Surgery date is Good Friday! May the Good Lord be looking over me!

And I forgot to mention there will be MR. All the...

And I forgot to mention there will be MR. All the way from the very top to the bottom. Ouch. And mild lipo on the sides of my waist. Probably only 200cc vs the average 4000cc that is typically done.

6 weeks to go. Making my to do list. Notified...

6 weeks to go. Making my to do list. Notified work taking 3 weeks off. Doc said 2 most likely will be enough but 3 is a good buffer. Boss had no issues. Whew! I am looking forward to watching a lot of movies and reading. This site alone can keep me busy for hours. Hoping for some warm Spring days to just sit outside and feel the sun!

Had to post one last before photo for someone who...

Had to post one last before photo for someone who commented that I didn't need this.

Got more pre op paperwork in the mail today. ...

Got more pre op paperwork in the mail today. Turns out there is an additional $1k to stay overnite at the hospital which is recommended. I wanted to do that. My husband has a business that he gets called out to work alot -- round the clock. I feel more comfortable knowing I can be looked after by a nurse in those first 24hrs. Plus I think it will take some pressure off him if business gets busy. One less thing for him to worry about at least for a day. So the total cost will be $9,000. $3,000 of that goes to the hospital.

Logged on to the doctor's website today to give a...

Logged on to the doctor's website today to give a thorough health history. Still doesn't feel real. I was going to go out and purchase a power chair but feel like it's too soon. I should probably go tomorrow though. I don't want a used chair. I think I will purchase and maybe keep it if I like it or sell it when done. Anyone recommend a certain brand chair? It seems to be the main must have on almost everyone's list!

Purchased a recliner last nght. Doesnt come for 3...

Purchased a recliner last nght. Doesnt come for 3 weeks. Good thing I didnt wait afterall. That was the earliest delivery date. It matches my current sectional sofa so if it doesnt take up too much room I might just keep it afterall.
I am getting jitters. But will not back out.

Ok... So I have 5 weeks to go. My trainer thought...

Ok... So I have 5 weeks to go. My trainer thought I was"down" and I think maybe I have been thinking during workouts "what's the point? I am going to lose all this when I stop working out for weeks. Especially the abs." I haven't told him about my upcoming surgery yet. But i decided today instead of thinking my hard work will go to waste I will instead turn it up a few notches and get the most out of every workout and add a few more in for good measure. Today i am going to run 3 miles to the gym. I used to do this in warmer weather anyway and then run home! However it will be dark out and there is still alot of snow on the ground so I will get a ride home. I have a cross country 5k to do on St. Patty"s day that is supposed to be hilly and challenging. So today I set a new goal! GO CRAZY!!

So about 26 more days. I happened to stumble upon...

So about 26 more days. I happened to stumble upon someone who wrote about her horrible experience. Although after reading her story through I got the sense she was expecting too much too soon and maybe she was kooky. But it still made me nervous!! My biggest fear is getting a dog ear or needing a revision of some kind. I wonder if those things are covered if they arise? Will my belly look natural in weeks, months or a year? I know I need to think of a list of questions before my preop appt but I don't know what else to ask other than what supplies I need and the concern about dog ears! What else should I ask about? scar location... she said she would do mild lipo to smooth things out, I know MR is necessary.... I am electing to stay overnight. Any suggestions anyone?

Had to update the cost of my tummy tuck because I...

Had to update the cost of my tummy tuck because I found out today the overnight stay is INCLUDED in the initial cost! Woo-hoo! That's an extra $1000 in my pocket!

Down to 116lbs. Not trying to lose weight. Just...

Down to 116lbs. Not trying to lose weight. Just busy. Being vegan you really need to eat often. I recommend eating this way to anyone especially those who want to lose weight. So I posted one more before photo. This one I will keep on my cell phone for the people who ask why. Or maybe even for me because I am sure I maybe saying those words the first days or weeks in recovery!

My preop is Monday. Seriously thinking of adding...

my preop is Monday. Seriously thinking of adding Implants. I jokingly asked my husband and he said no. (But i know he would like it.) I just want natural looking breasts big enough to fill a cup! A or B even! I dont want to walk in a room and shock people. Just fit in my clothes better. I would compare my shape now to Kate Hudson or Kelley Ripa. Will see what they say on monday. I am feeling spontaneous. If i dont do it now it will never happen. I figure take care of them both at once! But the fear is there about complications.....

So I am so ready for this TT. I have read so much...

So I am so ready for this TT. I have read so much on here and will expect the worst and hope for the best! Seriously considering adding breast implants to my surgery. Yesterday I wore a Victoria secret super bra to work. It was like strapping on giant boobs to my chest because it was really just giant pads meant to push up. I wanted to see if I got any looks or if anyone would notice. This bra made me look bigger than what I would expect implants to do. No comments. Although I didn't wear a fitted top. It was kinda fun pretending. I will bring a photo to my appointment Monday. Maybe Jennifer Aniston type look. I don't want high profile. Just enough to fill a bra! I am currently only 34aa. I always have to wear padded bras for shape. I feel like a crazy person thinking of this and still haven't mentioned it again to hubby! =(

Recliner came today! Bought some compression...

Recliner came today! Bought some compression undies and yoga pants. Time seems to be going quicker.

Okay so now that i spent the entire last 3 days...

okay so now that i spent the entire last 3 days trying to decide to add breast implants to my TT surgery I decided NOT to do it. Hubby said I didnt need it but was supportive if I wanted to. It just comes down to knowing I will need more surgery in the future for them. and even if they looked amazing i would still be self conscious because i know i would be judged. oh well. SO! I am back to organizing and and stocking the house for 3/29!

Pre-op testing was today. I just met with my PS ,...

Pre-op testing was today. I just met with my PS , signed the consent form, PAID for the procedure, had some blood drawn and peed in a cup. No ekg? Probably don't need it anyway. I ran two miles to the gym and worked out for an hour. Was lightheaded then remembered I had blood drawn. DA! Phone interview tomorrow. This is where I can ask more questions. Told a good friend today. Not feeling bad about anyone knowing anymore. Making progress in all areas.

Holy cow the time is flying now! Occassionally I...

Holy cow the time is flying now! Occassionally I get a wave of panic and think to myself that I must be crazy. At those times I will privately examine my belly -- stretching and pulling the flab for reassurance that yes, this NEEDS to go! hahahahaha! Was supposed to have my nurse phone interview the other day but they didn't call. I called them after the "window" that they said they were going to call and they said they called and I didn't answer. Yeah, ok. my phone, along with the paperwork and list of questions did not leave my site! That just burns me. They had the right number and must have miss dialed OR didn't call. So, now tomorrow is the interview instead. Maybe I will find a couple more questions to add to the list. My doc doesn't prescribe pain meds to be filled before surgery because they want to see how I will tolerate what they are giving me during that one night stay. Makes sense. PS also said she is going to make my tummy really tight. That makes me so happy and so nervous at the same time!

Had my last appointment today before surgery. It...

Had my last appointment today before surgery. It was the phone interview with the nurse in pre-admissions. Actually had a hard time getting connected to them. It was very annoying. They wasted two whole mornings this week waiting for their call and finally I had to call like crazy and demand to speak to somebody. Hope that is the worst thing that will happen! And all they did was go over my history info that I had pre-filled out on their computer system. Like a clarification.

Finally told my trainer about the surgery. I got...

Finally told my trainer about the surgery. I got that bug eyed look of disbelief. I said I know you think I am crazy and I am really skinny but you dont see the extra skin that hangs. It wasnt a long discussion because there were other people around. He said he understood and thought he could work with me 5wks post-op to get back in shape. I told him 8 to be safe but I would see how I feel. I dont want to push it too soon.

Reading thru some great reviews. Trying to...

Reading thru some great reviews. Trying to prepare for all of the emotions!

One more week. Holy crap! I keep getting the...

One more week. Holy crap! I keep getting the thought that i am crazy and its not that bad again. Cant wait to get it over with so i can stop thinking that. Because it really does need to be done. My pot belly when i sit looks like my mom's because she could have been a candidate for sure. Anyway! I have been putting in 200% at the gym and am so sore every day just from that. Now that I told my trainer I think he is trying to get a glimpse of what I see. Obviously he never saw it hanging out before (thank God!). I think he told a person or two and you know what? I dont even care anymore if anyone knows! Funny how i was so concerned in the beginning about nobody knowing and now i dont care. What's up with that?

Okay i have less than one week before surgery and...

okay i have less than one week before surgery and everyone around me has a cold. i am at the hairdresser right now and she is hacking ! i am so pissed!!! please God let me not get sick!

Bizarre tonite. I went out with some old friends...

Bizarre tonite. I went out with some old friends who i get together with once a year. Tummy tucks got brought up and i sat back and watched them discuss how they thought that having a TT doesnt make somebody feel better about themself if they didnt feel good about themself in the first place. I didnt say anything. I feel plenty good about myself so i didnt fit their profile. I just thought they would have crapped their pants if I told them i am having one in 6 days! And especially since the outfit I was wearing made me look pretty darn good. Hee-hee

4 more sleeps and it is time. Holding strong with...

4 more sleeps and it is time. Holding strong with my immune system. Crossing all fingers and toes to stay healthy. Second child is sick now. Augh.... Very emotional today.

Praying praying praying praying!!!!!! Dear God,...

Praying praying praying praying!!!!!! Dear God, please keep me healthy so i don't have to reschedule this surgery! One kid with a bad cold and other just got back from the doctor who said he has the flu! Just got my period so that is adding to my emotional rollercoaster. Two more sleeps ..... please let Good Friday ne a REALLY Good Friday!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I cant believe it! This...

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I cant believe it! This whole week i have been nothing but worried about getting sick that it just felt like the surgery date wasnt going to happen. Well, i just confirmed the time and have to leave my house at 4:30am! I probably wouldnt have slept anyway, right? One of my kids is still sick with the flu. He is coughing all over the place. I feel so bad that he will be home tomorrow without us (his big bro will be here). I told my husband I could get a ride from somebody else but he said no that he was going too. Not to mention he has to work tomorrow night! Alot of stress going on over here. Well, i got my shopping done and finishing some laundry. I went to the gym and kept saying in my head "Last Chance Workout!". Gotta go put gas in the car and am going to try to chill out. Still have to pack....

Up at 3:45am, took a quick shower. Got into a...

Up at 3:45am, took a quick shower. Got into a quick plank pose so i could validate just how much my belly sags and hangs. Yeah it was pretty gross. Still can't believe i am actually doing it! see you all on the flat, hangless, flabbyless side!

Post op day #1: feeling pretty good. Hunched...

Post op day #1: feeling pretty good. Hunched over big time! Lots of swelling! (Will post pics soon.). The only problem i had was after taking out the catheter. My bladder was so full that it was very uncomfortable. I could only get a little out on my own. They had to straight cath me to get it out. Couldnt believe how much came out! So before the straight cath i got up several times to go to the bathroom. It got easier each time (but stil not really easy) But i also slept alot! I would turn on the tv then fall asleep! I was holding a drink and spilled it on me because i fell asleep! My surgeon sewed up the muscles and was surprised that i actually had enough skin to pull down so i dont have a verticle scar. One of the nurses said you could bounce a quarter off my abs! =^)

Posted a couple pics but they aren't get good. ...

Posted a couple pics but they aren't get good. Will try and get hubby next time. Too hard doing it myself. Looking at it I am thinking my BB is too low? I am hunched so maybe not?

Added 2 more photos. I won't post anymore until I...

Added 2 more photos. I won't post anymore until I can get my drains out and stand up all the way.

3 day PO: So I slept pretty good all nite. Took...

3 day PO: So I slept pretty good all nite. Took pain meds the night before at 7:30pm and didn't need more all night. I don't have any pain other than a dull headache so I took Tylenol. I also had my antibiotic and 2 colace. My goal today is to poop. Checked out my dressings. The BB looks like it may have bled a little and there is a small spot on the big incision that looks new. I'm not going to touch it. Hopefully it won't change by Wednesday when I have my post op appointment . I put my garment on super tight after the shower. Maybe it's too tight? My flanks are swollen huge. Wonder how long they will be like that.

Mission accomplished: pooped. All those...

Mission accomplished: pooped. All those breathing exercises I learned in birthing class finally came in handy since both kids were born by cesarean. Ha! I needed to adjust my CG. When doing that I noticed my BB dressing was saturated. I peeled back the plastic covering and put new gauze on it. I had tegaderm strips and covered it. That makes me nervous. I hope no germs flew in there.It should be good for a day and a half when my post op appointment is.

At my first post op appointment. It's less than a...

At my first post op appointment. It's less than a week since surgery so i am hoping to get at least one drain removed. output has been really low. i took the time (over an hour). to shower and make myself look as normal as possible. what a feat!

Ok! So one drain removed and the other will be...

Ok! So one drain removed and the other will be next week. I had the dressings changed, too. Everything is still so numb and tingly. She said it could feel like that up to 6 mos! EW! Well, at least its not pain. Told not to drive for another week even though i havent taken pain meds for a few days. I have to agree. I still feel kinda off. I am pretty proud of myself getting around as much as i have today. Somebody at the docs office said i looked like i was in pain-- because i am hunched over. No pain, though. Doc said its ok to try to stand straighter. Whatever is comforable, it will take time. Still planning on using the "pulled a muscle" story if anyone asks. Relaxing now. Happy to be in the recliner even though this morning I was thinking how tired i am being on my back with knees bent! Both were so sore. Getting up helped the knees.

Oh yeah, doc said belly button is right were the...

Oh yeah, doc said belly button is right were the other one was. I guess the umbillicus is visible under the skin and thats where it was attached/ made. The Bb looks a little goopy. It has a plug and gauze stuffed in it. It is round. Weird to see it.

Just about one week post op. 6 days... swelling...

Just about one week post op. 6 days... swelling yesterday really made me nervous after getting showered to get ready for my 1st appointment and walking around so much. I thought my incision would open up! Better now. Thank God! I think my binder might have been too tight? I don't know.... The toughest thing right now is sleeping in same position all night every night. Augh! Plus sitting in the recliner is the same position. The back of my knees are sore. My knees are sore. My back is sore. And it's only been one week!!!

My CG is just a wrap around the torso kind and it...

My CG is just a wrap around the torso kind and it keeps riding up on me. Doesn't cover the incision. So I am trying on a pair of shapewear underwear that I have had forever! They squeeze just as tight. Hope this is not a bad idea. Just took a shower. Hope not too swollen later. Output from the one drain is about 5-10cc a day. Am wondering if the tegaderm tape is what is keeping me from standing up straight. Definitely am straighter than a few days ago but still looking like granny. Bruises from lipo are almost gone.

Whoa! Just weighed myself fully clothed at 115.5...

Whoa! Just weighed myself fully clothed at 115.5 lbs! I thought no movement and eating the same i would have gained weight. That is a shocker!

One drain remains with less than 10cc output in 24...

One drain remains with less than 10cc output in 24 hrs for the last 3 days. Noticed definition on the side still with drain. SUPER flat. Loving it. Nice to sit and not have that roll on my lap! =^)

Busy day! I drove for the first time today! Doc...

Busy day! I drove for the first time today! Doc said to wait but I couldnt see relying on anyone for little errands. I havent taken pain meds for a week anyway. It was kind of uncomfortable though. Dont really know why? Posture? I went to the pharmacy -- after re-reading my discharge paperwork, it said if you still have drains after 7 days to call for an antibiotic refill! Good thing i read that! I finished that bottle a day and a half ago! The nurse on the phone said, "oh dear!". I am most likely getting this drain out in 2 days anyway, but they said i HAD to keep taking that med. OK! I had to change the dressing over the drain site today, too. The tegaderms started coming up and water from the shower got in there. The incision is so thin. Got a good look at part of it when doing the dressing. Its not red or anything. Hope it stays that way! I also got a manicure and pedicure today! Much needed but i couldnt wait to leave and go home. My belly feels sore now. Too many errands for the first time out. Happy to be back in the recliner!

Drain free today at 12 days post op. Feels good. ...

Drain free today at 12 days post op. Feels good. Still VERY tight and can't stand up straight. Belly button is full of glue so looks yucky. Will take some time getting used to looking at it. It looks small and still looks lower than the original. Don't know if that's because I am not standing up all the way yet?

Tried to do some light housekeeping and it knocked...

Tried to do some light housekeeping and it knocked me on my butt! All I did was wipe the counter and toilet down in one small bathroom and wipe part of my kitchen counter off and had to stop. Crazy that little is so exhausting!

Ok. I was looking forward to doing a whole lot of...

Ok. I was looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing when I planned this surgery (because my life has been too crazy for a while). But all this laying and sitting around that I feel like I am going to need physical therapy just to get back to normal. Two days ago I wiped some counters down and it wiped me out. Later that evening I had a severe muscle spasm in my back. The worst experience so far. (Ice and prescription pain meds helped that). Yesterday I went to get just a few things at the grocery store and walking around the store was tough. Just that tightness, walking gingerly. I need to plan some kind of movement therapy or else I am still going to look like Quazimodo when returning to work next week! I wonder how others went back to work after 1 or 2weeks!

Not much going on. Bruises from lipo are long...

Not much going on. Bruises from lipo are long gone. I still have steri strips covering the incision. I still haven't seen the incision!! One side where a drain was is exposed. It's a little puckered and has ends of stitched poking out. I had stitches sticking out of the BB but those fell out. I have been putting Mederma scar cream on the BB because the outside is red like a fresh stretch mark. And have been putting the cream on the exposed part of the incision. I can take the steri strips off by the end of next week. That will be a good pic! I can tell there is some puckering. Doc said that will go down. ALMOST standing up straight! Mostly rounded at the shoulders.

Also should mention that even though my bruises...

Also should mention that even though my bruises are gone I am still sore. Feels like bruises. Sore on sides and mid section. Still have spots where I can't feel anything! Mostly that is the from the BB down to the incision. In the very middle. It doesn't bother me. Guess I am getting used to it.

After yesterday's walk without any problems I...

After yesterday's walk without any problems I decided to take it a little further today and walked 2 miles! I was glad to be done but think it was good to have done it! Going to do it everyday until I get cleared for real exercise. Funny my hamstrings and butt are feeling it!

Wow, 4 weeks gone by! I am finally standing up...

Wow, 4 weeks gone by! I am finally standing up straight (like as of yesterday)! If I do a lot of walking around and light housekeeping I swell up and my back gets sore. Also my muscles are sore where the MR was above the BB when moving around alot. I am being careful. Once I sit all the aches go away. Even though I felt super swollen, I measured my waist and it was only about an inch or so bigger. Felt like a lot more! Went back to work at the office this week. After the first hour my back started hurting and I thought I would be miserable! It got better later on probably because it got less busy. Finally have all the steri strips off the scar! The ends were puckered but I have been putting Mederma on and its already flattened out and getting smoother. I had to do a side by side of my muscle pose! (Haha) Wanted to see the difference and if I lost much in my biceps!

Added sitting and bending photos,too!

Added sitting and bending photos,too!

Ok so I only had 2 full days of office work in a...

Ok so I only had 2 full days of office work in a row. I was able to move around like normal except that I had on my CG and my waist cincher over that to help smooth out the top of the CG and nobody could tell I had it on. I have tons of energy(thank God!) . But my belly is now sore and swollen. It feels hard. I don't like it! It's like my pot belly is back to haunt me! On the bright side, the ends of the stitches that were sticking out ( where the drains were) fell off! The scar is getting flat and smooth after only a week using Mederma!

So yesterday was the worst I had for swelling. ...

So yesterday was the worst I had for swelling. Amazing to wake up in the morning and it's gone and not sore anymore!

Oh My God! I think i need to go back to the gym. ...

Oh My God! I think i need to go back to the gym. I think the lack of movement and no stretching has screwed up my back! I wouldnt wish muscle spasms on my worst enemy! Right in the middle left side of my back the muscle keeps contracting really tight! I cant take more than a shallow breath because my rib cage contracting makes the back muscle spasm even more! Talk about taking your breath away!! It happened 2 1/2 weeks ago too and ice and pain meds made it stop. Not this time! I was in tears! I was unable to change position all night. Now the muscle is sore and i can tell it could start spasing at any moment. Took 800mg Advil this morning and have a call into the doc.

5 weeks! Wow time flies. I feel pretty normal. ...

5 weeks! Wow time flies. I feel pretty normal. I am standing up straight and don't have to try so that people won't think something is up. My back spasms are better thanks to Ibuprofen therapy. Lesson there: do not try to clean no matter how little you think you are doing. At 2 1/2 weeks i was still hunched over and totally hurt my back muscle. And I am still paying for it! Still wearing the CG faithfully. I put the waist cincher over it to smooth out the top so in the right clothes nobody can tell I am wearing it. I had to gain weight! I could see my ribs after getting down to 114lbs. Usually 118-120 is perfect for me. I know it's only a few pounds difference but it's a big difference! All I had to do was add a pb&j and a couple of Oreos to what I normally eat and gained 5lbs in a week! No wonder so many people are over weight. It doesn't take much to gain. Geesh! Can't wait to get back to the gym. One more week! I am getting used to seeing my new belly. It feels normal although it really doesn't feel normal. It is still numb in spots and hard underneath in the middle lower section. But normal I guess because I am getting used to it. Less than a week before my next doc appt. I wonder if she will say I can stop wearing the garment. When I have it off I don't feel like I need it but definately feel more secure about keeping it on. I don't want to mess up anything. The weather is getting warmer so it's going to stink to have to wear it. Plus it would be hard to hide under thinner clothes. At least at work I can wear a blazer or light sweater. It's always cool inside. Okay enough rambling! Happy healing everyone!

Well, almost 6wks post op. Just had another...

Well, almost 6wks post op. Just had another follow up appointment. Was given the okay to not wear the CG. Of course I have been warned about the swelling that is sure to happen. Today will be my test of that. I am going to work at the office a full day without it on. Let's see how that goes. I plan to start exercise again as of next week with the trainer. The plan is to start out slow and don't do anything that doesn't feel right. 4-5 months post op I can start trying to do ab exercises. I feel liberated without that garment on. Of course I still feel like my fly is down because of the numbness. And when they took "after" photos I still "felt" like I had that ole pot belly. I told the nurse that and she said "oh no you don't!" lol! So, my next update will be how much swelling I will encounter without the garment. Wish me luck!!!

Just got home from work after 12hrs NOT wearing...

Just got home from work after 12hrs NOT wearing the CG! Yes I am swollen. I am kinda rounded and hard. I added a before and after pic to show swelling. I have gained 5lbs since my super flat pics but this is more swelling than extra fat. It's about as big as my original pot belly.

Added a split photo of two bikinis. The coral one...

Added a split photo of two bikinis. The coral one was 2wks ago and I didnt buy it. The top had molded cups I didn't like. I was 5lbs lighter and felt too skinny. My ribs were showing! The navy floral bikini just came in the mail from Lands End today! It just barely fits! I feel like I look healthier weight wise even though my belly is a little swollen. HAPPY!

Today was my official start back to exercising! ...

Today was my official start back to exercising! Although I was OVERLY cautious. Saw my trainer and was lucky to get a one on one session so I could tell him everything he needed to know witnout anyone around. He even had me doing PLANKS! I was scared but had absolutely no pain! In that hour I ran/walked a mile, did some stretching and planks with pushups. It wasnt much. I kinda felt like a loser (haha) but now I know I can try a little harder next time.

Day two exercising: trainer told me to do same as...

Day two exercising: trainer told me to do same as yesterday. So i did the stretching, pushups, foam rolling AND i ran 2 miles without stopping! As i was running i thought about how he mentioned my muscles had atrophied from not being used. This is why running yesterday was so hard. My lungs hadnt expanded in 6 1/2 weeks! Well I feel awesome. I even had some hills in that 2 miles. Dont notice any swelling as of now but will pumailto:salem7880@yahoo.comt the binder on just in case.

8 weeks po

At 8 weeks I am back to my crazy schedule without any problems. It's been two weeks back at the gym and that is going to take a while to get my stamina back. Running is especially difficult. I get so winded so fast and I am not even trying to go fast. I hate that feeling. I have done exercises that involve the core without any pain or difficulty. Although I am easing I to that area to be safe. I can hold a plank position and do"real" pushups -- just not as many as I used to. The swelling is minimal. When i feel like I am swollen I will look at my belly and it doesn't look too bad. I don't think anyone else would notice. The pic I uploaded is 1st thing this morning. Got some definition back! I didn't take a scar photo. It hasn't changed much and the lighting was hard to show its true color. It's totally flat and smooth.

still swelling (8weeks po)

In all fairness I have to say the compression garment is still needed. I didn't wear it to bed last night and woke up flat (pic above). But I also didn't wear it all day and am super swollen. I didn't exercise today either. It is bedtime now. I put my garment on. =)

Seroma? Now at 9 weeks po?

this week i noticed a little fluid build up. Its a small pocket from the bb to the scar. Just in the midldle of the belly. But definately that waterbed flow. Wtf! Of course its Friday and i have to wait til Monday to call the doc. Not sure if this is a drainable amount. But definately bothers me. Wearing the cg does not make it go away and waking in the morning it is still there. I have been super busy this last week. Mostly spring cleaning and packing a family member to move. Lots of bending and reaching. I didnt exercise much this week so i cant blame that. Just worried. =(

Small amount fluid asperated

So I.called the doc about my pocket of fluid and they had me come in right away. The skin in that area hasn't fused yet where it's supposed to be so I have been told to wear my cg for 3more weeks and no exercise for at least two. (sigh). I asked about massaging the area and she said not to because that would move the skin and keep it from fusing or sticking to where it needs to go. oh there was barely any fluid that came out. maybe a half teaspoon. so i guess it's not so bad. so i gotta chill out. there is still a chance i might have to drain it again. i am still totally numb in that area so i didn't feel the needle at all. (whew )

Love my belly but it still is healing

Made it to the extra two week deadline of no exercise. I went for an easy run today. Easy for you runners for me was about 11min/no. None runners - slightly faster than a fast walk. I was in new shoes too so being extra careful. Anyway, afterward I noticed my belly had looked bruised in the area where the skin had be cut away and pulled down. (See photos) I didn't get a photo of I. It was faint but it faded after a bit. I wonder if it was just added blood flow. I still have that small squishy spot where it feels like fluid. It doesn't look any different than when I left the doc office when she drained some out. It's only noticable to me. Nothing like swell he'll at all. Am still wearing my CG. Feels tingly and weird when i don't. Belly looks so good though. Still happy.

11 weeks po

crazy tingling!!

Ok. So 1st day back at the gym(again) and I am being careful. Definitely NOT exerting myself. But I get this crazy tingling all over my belly that is making me nervous! I think it's blood flow but am not sure. I wore my binder (good girl!) And don't have any swelling or pain. Once the exercise stops the tingling goes away. Anyone else experience this?????? Is this normal?

12 wks PO

Doing well. Still feel sore where the MR was especially in the upper abs but generally when I have had a busy day. And some minor swelling. Feels huge but isn't. Went swimming for the first time and could REALLY feel the tension on the muscles! I wear my CG alot. My flanks get sore/tender (where the lipo was) from wearing the CG. LOVE the way I look but am reminded throughout the day that I am still healing.

new bikini

This bikini i really like! Took this photo at the end of the day. I worked and cleaned, cleaned some more,spent an hour at the gym. I can feel the swelling but as you can see I don't think anyone would notice but me.

3 mos po scar

Ok it is hard to get a pic on your phone that shows the true color. This is pretty close. The scar is totally flat and incision is thin. I think it is less red in person than this photo shows. The border is thick in color because of my old stretch marks. My new bb was made on top of a thick stretch mark and I noticed the reness is mostly faded. Still using Mederma Advanced.

more fluid asperated...3mos po

I had my little seroma checked out today and asperated 3.5ccs (whichwas the same amount as the 1st time) It's not a big deal I am told. Usually a seroma is 60-100ccs! That was a relief to hear. I will not worry about it anymore. In another 3-4 weeks if I feel the skin is not sticking in that spot still I will revisit.

wearing garment alot less

It's just over 3 mos. The skin is sticking where I had that small amount of fluid. We are having a heat wave so I haven't had the garment on much. I noticed when I have had it on my scar is redder. My sides where the lipo was done is sore when I take the garment off. When I don't wear the garment my belly feels a little sore and sligjtly swollen. More like mildly sore and lumpy. I am working out regularly and feeling stronger. My lower back still bothers me. I had back spasms a while back from when I was almost able to stand up straight. I must have damaged a muscle. Just taking it slow and being careful. Love my belly! I peek at it alot. And I realized today when driving that my belly wasnt jiggling over the top of my pants! I used to hate that feeling. Nothing like being fit and trim and still feel fat because that blob would be jiggling! don't miss that!

4mos and one week

So I haven't worn my CG for about a month now. And I don't notice any swelling.I have been SUPER active. Going to the gym with a trainer 3x/week plus training for a half marathon. So I have been running 3-4x a week, too. Then there is work and super cleaning my house that we are trying to sell! I was having alot of soreness in my lower back that I contributed to the surgery and not being able to stand up straight all that time. I think I injured it forcing myself to stand straight. I finally did some ibuprofen therapy and that did the trick.now I feel like Wonder Woman! I still am numb in the middle from the BB to the incision. I isnt bothersome. I have no more fluid in that small pocket anymore. Glad that was a quick and easy fix.The muscle in that area is hard. Kind of feels like a bulge but it isn't sticking out. I think even with exercising that the muscles probably won't look like a 6pack like they would on somebody who hasn't had this surgery. I can live with that. Not missing the belly I had before and am happy to be flat!!! Although I am feeling like I am back to normal and can lift heavy things and move in any which way, I am still aware that my body has been worked on. Like sneezing,; I will still hold my belly. Stetching at the gym I notice the muscles are tight in front of my hips. And the abs feel tight too. So I definitely feel like FitChick45 again -- except now I am 46!!!!

still can't believe it!

4months have gone by and i still look and the mirror and can't believe i actually went thru with this surgery! if it wasn't for the scar I might even forget!

6 months post op

Wow.. Time flies. This surgery was the best thing . It seems like the surgery was years ago. The scar looks darker in pics. It is slowly fading and doesn't bother me cuz nobody sees it. I just did my first half marathon since surgery and had a PR. I doing another in a couple weeks. Working out like crazy and feel great! If you are still trying to decide to do this surgery don't wait as long as I did!

Oh yeah...

I should have mentioned that I am still numb in the middle from bb down. Not bothersome at all.

7 months po

Have been exercising a lot with just a little ab work here and there. Yesterday I missed an exercise class so I decided to do a Jillian Michaels DVD called No More Trouble Zones. This DVD targets the whole body. Well my abs are so sore today that even sneezing hurts! The good kind of hurt that you get from exercise. Not that anything is wrong. I am going to keep using this DVD!!!

9 mos post op!

Ok the holidays are just about over and yes I have gained a few extra pounds. Clothes are tight. Going to get back on track ASAP. Next update I will have been doing some serious ab work. As of now I have been exercising just slowed down a little. I need to concentrate on keeping my abs tight because I notice my back will spasm because it's taking to load if I don't keep the mid section tight. Funny how I got used to not having to suck in my gut/abs but now I need to focus on using them! Even though I gained a little there is still nothing hanging out! The scar is fading nicely. The incision is totally white but my scar has stretch marks bordering it so it looks like the scar is wider. But the stretch marks are finally getting lighter. I will do another update probably at the one year anniversary. I should be thinner and more defined. Resolutions resolutions!!

Oh yeah ....

I always forget to mention that the mid section is still numb. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it stays that way forever....

One year! Woo-hoo!

Hello fellow tummy tuckers!!!! And anyone who hasn't had your surgery yet..... don't wait any longer! That was the fastest year! I don't regret this surgery one bit. I have been working out like crazy! My abs haven't got any crazy definition like i think pre pregnancy abs look with exercise. They are tight and hard but not like a six pack. I still have numbness and thats ok. My scar is white but I have stretch marks around the scar that need to fade. I haven't done anything for scar treatment. Only the first 3 months I did so that the scar would flatten out. I also still have old stretch marks that are faded that wrinkle when I bend way over. These are the old stretch marks that were above my bb that are now above the scar. I am happy with my new BB. It's so nice to sit and not have anything popping over the top of my pants! I don't feel self conscious if my shirt slides up at the gym. I am happy! Going on a tropical vacation next month. Maybe I will have bathing suit photos!
Dr. Dr. Colwell

A friend who had a tummy tuck, lower body lift and lipo. She said this doc has great bed side manner and of course did an excellent job. I saw a video on YouTube of somebody else who saw this doc and she had lots of graphic detail and had posted her appointments with the doc on video. I liked what I saw.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Time flies when you're having fun, huh? Glad you are doing so good. You look awesome!
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You look great! So glad to see your update. I turn 44 in a few days and I love the inspiration of your results, I'm not giving up!
  • Reply
Thanks Elijanh! I just skimmed thru your profile and you look great!
  • Reply
Time flies when you're having fun, huh? Glad you are doing so good. You look awesome!
  • Reply
The end of Jan will be a year for me. And still Very numb from bb to incision. I really don't think the feeling will ever come back in mine.
  • Reply
i am few weeks shy of a year and still numb. I think, like you, that feeling won't ever come back. as long as it's not pain, i am ok with it. =)
  • Reply
Well. Guess that's part of the process , I'm numb as well and almost a year from my surgery, I massage that area and pray some feeling will come back, but if I work on my core area believe I can feel something in that area lol
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Have you tried the Sally Hansen spray tan, use that and about 2 coatings and I don't even see my scar, I'm looking for some waterproof stuff now, I'm amazed what that does
  • Reply
I have been working my abs this past month or so. They cramped up one today! I am trying my hardest to get the fittest shape possible for that one year photo!
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I haven't tried the spray tan stuff mostly because I live in a freezing climate.
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Looking pretty amazing!
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Thank you!
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You look soooooo good I missed you hot all happy when I woke up and you posted something, feels like we have been on this journey together since day one, I noticed last night I was laying down watching a movies stabbing myself with my nails in my abdominal area, noticed as well I have no feeling at all in that area, going to kinda of massage it out and see what happens if not oh well, I don't regret the surgery at all, it was totally worth it, but now as time does go by I can feel certain things and notice areas I can't feel anything, but you look soooooo good
  • Reply
Hey girl! Yeah liking the looks of things and not bothered by numbness. At least it's not pain! I have seen your updates. You look amazing!
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You look awesome!
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Thank you! (Not bad for an "older" gal).....
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No such thing! I'm right behind you! Turning 40 next week.
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Your abs look great! Just this week I was just wondering if it was possible to have a 4-6 pack after a tt. Looks like you well on hour way to having one!
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Thanks... I have a two back in the upper area that wasn't "worked" on. Am going to concentrate on more ab work in the next 3 months to post aty 1yr ...just how much i can get out of them.
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Hey FitChick! I've been following but not commented recently! Just wanted to check in and tell you how amazing you look! You're abs are really showing through but you've worked hard in addition to the surgery! Glad you look as fit as you are! Your facelift bud!
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Wow thanks Carver! Hope you are doing well, too!
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Looking amazing! I love Jillian , I just got the ok to workout & I'm still dragging my feet! It's awful.
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Thanks! My motto is "just so it". And you will be so happy you did. Good luck!
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Lol... Just DO it!!
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You look fabulous! Happy for you :)
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