Irritated Eyes from Latisse - Boston, MA

I started this product one week ago and so far it...

I started this product one week ago and so far it has made my eyes red and irritated. I tried using saline drops in my eyes after to reduce the redness but it doesn't seem to help. Also, my doc never told me there is a chance it could turn my light green eyes brown.

Wondering if all the hassle is worth it. I have heard after a month you can use it once a week to maintain the result...has anyone heard this? What about lash extensions at the the salon, I hear they last about a month and are about the same cost...I have never had them so I don't know if they ruin your lashes.

I have been using extensions for about three years and have enjoyed them. Some of the comments I read here do apply: they take a fair amount of maintenance, i.e. fills every 14 - 21 days, they are expensive ($50 a pop after a $300 initial set), they sometimes go askew, and they can be irritating to deal with when washing and drying one's face or sleeping on one's side. However, you get used to most of it, learn how to re-direct the haywire ones, and can instruct your technician to scale back the ones that poke into your eyelid from the pillow. I've never had eyelash loss from using them, however. If you keep it to a reasonable length, just slightly longer than your natural lashes, there is no harm to your natural lashes. (Some women just can't resist going overboard and getting much longer lashes than necessary and their own lashes break under the weight. A responsible technician will not do this.) I am now moving on to Latisse because my schedule simply doesn't work well with constant refill appointments. It's only been five days but I have discoloration on my upper lids halfway up to my brows, dryness-type irritation and some itching. Have been trying Protopic (a Vaseline-type ointment) on my lids and it has helped but am thinking of going to every second or day for some relief. It's too soon to know if Latisse will make my lashes grow. My provider has been using it successfully for a long time and her lashes, both top and bottom, are ridiculously long, but not thick and not dark. She uses mascara and does not apply Latisse to the lower lashes - it's just a "spillover" effect, she says. As someone else mentioned in this forum, my provider recommends a much narrower brush than those which come with Latisse. I haven't decided yet if Latisse is worth the trouble.

Hi Alaska,

Welcome to the Latisse community. I always wondered how eyelash extensions worked. Your information is great and should be useful to the community. Please keep us updated to whether you decide to use Latisse, and maybe post a review. Thanks for your comment.


I'm using Latisse, been using it for the past month now, maybe month and a half. I have eye redness, and underneith my eye lids, when i lift them up, is even MORE red. My fiance says I always look really dead tired. We're getting married in May, which is my reason for using this... I got it for free, so it was a no brainer for me.... but ... does anyone know, will the redness go AWAY??? FOR SURE???
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