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I've been a record breaking yo-yo dieter most of...

I've been a record breaking yo-yo dieter most of my adult life. I say record breaking because the numbers that I yo-yo are between 80 and 150 pounds. On average, I've lost 100 pounds 6 times in 20 years. My biggest loss was 150 pounds. Each time I lost that weight, I was basically at my goal weight, with the exception of all the excess skin that hanging in my belly. I would deal with it for a while. I could hide it fairly well in clothes, but I was limited to the kinds of things I could wear if I was going to pull it off. Eventually it would become frustrating and I'd convince myself that it was easier to deal with when it's just loaded with fat, so the scale would start to climb again and I didn't care! I was never in a position to get this operation. My insurance would not cover it and I could not afford it.

A few years would pass, I would be really really big again and then I'd decide how unhappy I was to be so big and how much I missed being small and fit, so I start all over again. I'd lose 100 pounds and once again, be at my fighting weight, working out hard on a regular basis, feeling strong and muscular ready to take on the world! Then there was that belly! :( I would wear undergarments to compress it as much as I could tolerate but I was never comfortable with them. I have never in my life enjoyed going out shopping for clothes, not even at my smallest weight! People would often tell me that I should STOP losing weight, I was getting too thin..... they had no idea what was lurking under my clothes. It was my own personal pain. I just deal with it (or I didn't deal with it and gained it all back)

My last big loss was in the fall of 2010. I lost 86 pounds and once again, reached my personal goal. I made a promise to myself that I would maintain this weight until 2013 and I was going to get this skin removed once and for all! It was time for ME! In late spring of 2013, after much research on docs in my area, I found the one I wanted to meet with and I set up a consultation! I was a smoker at the time, and I knew that would have to change, but I was ready! The doc told me I was an ideal candidate for the procedure but I needed to be smoke free for 8 weeks before he would touch me! My response was simple, If I'm a good candidate for this and smoking is the only hurdle, then lets book it for 8 weeks and I"ll walk out the door a nonsmoker! I never looked back!

I was so excited that I was finally going to do this! I did struggle mentally with the smoking in the first 4 weeks! I took out all of that anxiety on my workouts! I worked out harder than I had ever worked out in my life. Seven days a week, never skipped a day. I did an hour of cardio almost every day, followed by 20 minutes of weight training 4 times a week! I used my dumbbells and kettlebells every day for 10 minutes in the morning. I just had to keep moving and keep feeling strong! I could not smoke! I could not binge (that would defeat the purpose but what else can you do when you have so much anxiety?) hop on the elliptical and pound it out at level 8/ 4mph and sweat your butt off! That's how I rolled!

In a blink, it was the day before surgery! I never had so much anxiety in my life! I was so scared. What if I didn't wake up? What if I'm in over my head, since I live alone now and I'll have to rely on people coming over to help. What if things just go wrong? I was so scared I was literally trembling. I had to leave the house at 4:30 a.m. My son spent the night with me so he could just roll out the door and come with me to the hospital (the hospital is 50 miles away) By the time I got there, I imagine I'd be ready to have the big one! that's just not how it went! I was overcome by a sense of calm. I don't know what was going on. My blood pressure was lower than I'd ever seen it and I have never had a blood pressure problem so it's always been normal.
The doc marked my belly, I met with the anesthesiologists and the rest is history! (I'll be sharing my post op recovery as well)


You look awesome! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you :) I feel so brand new! 21 days post op today! Wooooo Hooooo

First few days post op.....

OK Constipation???? Really??? I think it was the worst thing about the recovery! I thought I would die before I found relief. I knew it would happen. I was prepared. I was taking colace 2x a day for a whole week prior, and every day after, but nothing seemed to help me. I was eating prunes, apples, drinking tons of water etc, then one day a friend shared with me a GENIUS idea. "Sit your butt on a heating pad" WOW I knew this was going to be miraculous! I just knew it! I sat for 20 minutes on the heating pad. Not only did it feel AMAZING to my very uncomfortable body but it did the trick! I felt things stirring about in there and voila! 20 minutes later I found the relief that I had been dreaming of for a few days! Pass this one along! I have to get the word out there! It's truly a miracle and I've since been telling everyone I know, especially those with little kids who suffer from this problem. It's a miracle tip and it must be shared :)

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Flying solo!! Things that helped me.....

Being alone most of the time I found myself getting annoyed at some of the limitations in the first week especially. If I dropped the remote once I was finally settled into the recliner and all comfy, it was a catastrophe! I found an app for my iPhone that replaced the remote (thank god for smartphones) and it became my backup remote! I couldn't always just wait until 12 hours passed and someone came to help me out! Same thing when I forgot to shut off the light! I ordered a remote control for the living room lamp. It worked like a charm! I also had a remote for the oscillating fan, that was a MUST have! I bought myself a fantastic laptop desk for my computer after the first couple of days were just impossible to get computer comfy! I had a table on both sides of my recliner. One had my meds, tissue, lip balm, body lotion and body spray, a couple of bottles of water, container of prunes and some ricola throat drops! The other table was for my computer, my chargers for the laptop and phone, extention cord access and magazines. I bought a raised toilet seat to get me through the first week. It was a great thing for me personally, especially in the middle of the night! It just made it a little easier. I also had my Zero Gravity lawn chair set up for the days when my back was just KILLING me from that damn position! The zero gravity was AMAZING on the lower back!!! A few hours lounging in that would make a world of difference in my lower back pain! I used it daily for a couple of hours for about a week. (would have used it sooner if the lightbulb moment hadn't taken so long)

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The drains just suck!!!!

But you quickly forget the burden the moment they are gone!!! My whole procedure was off the charts in terms of flawless, no complications, no pain whatsoever, never took a pain med. I was walking and standing up straight on day one. It was weird actually. I was fully prepared for brutal pain, but I never got it! I didn't expect to have so much energy so quickly but there it was. I was a rockstar! Well, then there were the drains I was hoping they'd be long gone by day 8 but that's just not how it went. I had one removed on day 10 and the second one on day 15. It was rough on me emotionally. I had pity parties every day from day 8 to day 15. I just wanted to get rid of them, figure out the next garment for me and get ready to return to work. I had only 14 days off (clearly that didn't quite work out) I went back to work on day 16. I felt very deprived of the break after the drains. I came home from the doc, exhausted from the road trip, took a nap, got clothes ready for the morning and head off to work. it was a rough transition! Nonetheless, I guess I was doing too much perhaps. The drains just kept pumping it out. Could have had one removed on day 9 but I went on day 10. I didn't feel the need to rush since the second one clearly was not ready yet. I was fortunate to have mine placed at the ends of the incision on my hips! I couldn't imagine having them in the pubic zone but that's what I see out here more than anything. I feel very fortunate for my placement. I found after about a week, the site where the drains were place, were becoming really quite sore, from all of the tugging. It was just beginning to feel like a burden but I knew it was temporary! I've only been drain free for 5 days but it feels like it's been so much longer! Just needed to get there!!!!! ;)

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Garments & Clothing!!!!!

Well, being delayed by drains overstaying their welcome, it was a bit of a setback for me in terms of being prepared for the return to work. I was literally in a scramble the day before. I ordered some things online that were to arrive on the day before returning to work. I was really cutting it close and feeling very stressed out. I couldn't imagine figuring things out with the drains in place so I just waited it out. I ordered the MOST AMAZING compression garment from makemeheal.com and I could not be more comfortable!!!! I was worried it wouldn't fit right or provide enough compression. it was perfect!

High Back Below Knee Plastic Surgery Compression Garment- Stage 2

I contemplated the above the version but I was afraid I'd get cut at the thigh and have an obvious bulge so I went for the longer leg. it does NOT make me warm and it's summertime!!!! I love it so much, I've just ordered my second! I'm quite swollen in the hips and I just wanted as much coverage as I could get. I feel very ery secure and together with this. The open crotch is pretty awesome once you get used to it! It's a must have for me!

I also wear a longline bra (unbelievabra) that offers a little compression as well, (I've worn these bras for YEARS to help me hide the belly) So I have double action going on in the belly zone.

In case that garment didn't fit, I also ordered a Waist Cincher which also feels AMAZING!!!! What I've been doing with it the first week, is put that waist cincher on when I get home from work, right on top of the stage 2 and keep it on for a while, while I tidy up and do my after work thing. It's nice to get that extra SQUEEZE in the belly at the end of the workday (I have been sitting for about 45 minutes then walking for 15 to 20 before sitting again... since I returned to work it's a good schedule for me) I also wore the girdle on my day off, for most of the day, on top of the stage 2. It just feels incredible and comfy!

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Garments & Clothing....forgot the pics.....

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Who would have thought?

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What about the clothes????

Geez! This is what happens to the brain when you sit on your butt for 2 weeks! :) I went back to work in a rush! My pre op jeans fit fine so I never thought twice about it. Boy did I drop the ball there! Sitting at my desk was really rough for more than 30 minutes. The waistband on my jeans was just way too uncomfortable. I literally had to get up and walk around every half hour all day. I was so numb each time too! the jeans just put too much pressure on me in a seated position! I could not make it through the 8 hour day. I was EXHAUSTED and I blamed the jeans and how uncomfortable I was. I lasted just barely 7 but would have liked to go home after 5. The jeans just plain SUCKED for day one back to work (16 days post op) When i got home I scrambled for a better solution. I had only one pair of pants that has a little bit of a stretchy waist ... they felt a LITTLE bit better but the same thing was happening. I would have to get up and walk around the building every half hour max. It was rough!! The numb area seems to spread any time I was sitting. I just hated the way I felt and I was getting a little bummed out that I would not be OK to continue to work fully days!

A friend suggested maternity pants!!!!!! Absolutely genius!! Once again, just genius! I left work early and went to the store and found myself a pair of maternity jeans, 2nd & 3rd trimester with the FULL BELLY band..... OMG it was like wearing my jammies!!!!!!! I could not have been more comfy in clothes!! You'd never know that's what I had on but WOW they were amazing to wear. I went to work with them on the next day and I had no discomfort whatsoever, I was able to work my full 9 hour shift and getting up to walk around every 45 minutes or so was ideal, without that excessive numbness that I had felt the two days prior! Took me a couple of days but I guess that was the price I had to pay for missing out on some free time post drain removal to play around with garments and clothing until I found my comfort zone! I'm good to go now! Going to try to find another pair or two of maternity pants! They're just perfect!!!!


You look awesome!!!
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Thank you :) Did you find the garments?

OMG you look totally amazing!  What a big difference..

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Ok so I keep reading about everyone's swelling! I'm 24 days PO today, mine has been rather consistent I think??? (most of it is at and below the incision line right at the pubic zone. I had quite a lift in that sensitive area) The drains have been out for 9 days. I don't want to be paranoid about it but the moment they came out, I basically dove back into work. I work 9 hour days and have 30 minutes commute each way. My job allows me as much sitting, standing and/or walking around that I want whenever I need so I'm very fortunate for that. Problem is this...... with the drains gone and suddenly back to work, my body is up and down and moving so much more than it was even just the day before with the drains, what if all of this sudden activity is causing a fluid buildup? Trying not to be paranoid, but this swelling ... ugh ... I'm going to keep an eye on it over the weekend and then if I'm still worried, I'll have to reach out and see if someone can look at it. I know my doc is not available on my upcoming 2 days off (which sucks) but someone could look at it and give me peace of mind. My next follow up is in 13 days (way late because of the holiday)


My swelling is up too since I returned to work- not horrible just more. I'm continuing my bromeliad, turmeric, compression, extra water. For me, I'm pretty sure it's because of change in activity level- and it should get better. All my swelling is at the incision and below :( too. Even in the bends of my legs. I'm tring to make myself walk every hour to help. Just some thoughts :) you look mahvelous!!!!
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Oh actually that makes me feel a little better D lol Not that I'm thrilled you have the same issue, but it makes me feel like it's more the norm..... what's bromeliad & turmeric do for you? I have been drinking at least a gallon of water a day for the past 3 years so I can't imagine I would need to kick it up. You look mahvelous too girl :)
Lol. I so now what you mean to be in the 'norm'. As far as water- we are supposed to have at least 1/2 our body weight in oz- so I'm 158 now min should be 12 8oz glasses a day. B&T help reduce swelling. A lot for me! Bromeliad is a pineapple extract (I also blend smoothies recipes on my blog) turmeric is a spice in the curry family- aides as an anti inflammatory agent as well. I take 3-500mg bromeliad and day and 2 turmeric. - in divided doses. Thank you for the mahvelous compliment ;) after surgery because such a huge skin flap was lifted- lymphatic system and circulation system was disrupted and just takes awhile to heal. I'm expecting swelling for up to 6 months- of course with it getting better each week as I heal. Oh B&T can be gotten at GNC, health food stores and online. Not expensive. If you have bruising- arnica cream really helps. I posted some pics on my RS blog using the cream you may be interested in. ((((Hugs)))) d.

Smoking .... or not smoking ....

My doc insisted on 8 weeks of non smoking or he would not do the surgery. I know I've read many pre Op plans that say 3 weeks, but not my doc. So 8 weeks was his magic number. He explained the types of complications that can come from having nicotine in the system. UGH, that's all I needed to hear! I imagined that after the operation, I would find my way back to the terrible and expensive habit. Well, I'm in the 12th weeks since I smoked my last cigarette and I'm really really happy to say that I am a non smoker all the way! I have NOT had an urge of any kind, since I had the surgery. It never crosses my mind, I don't feel the need, and I'm just thrilled beyond words!! I have such a sense of calm inside of me since the big day. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my back (or my belly) and I no longer feel the need! I will call this a BONUS of the whole procedure! I really would not have expected to just be done but here I am. YAY!!!!!!!!


You look like a different person.
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I know it's crazy! I keep looking in disbelief! I'm really blown away by the results. I had nothing even remotely close to this in my mind.
You do look amazing! Haven't seen mine yet keep trying to peek but can't see much. Wednesday is the big unveiling! You are my inspiration!

Energy & the return to work.....

So I thought I had it made with a job that allows me to pretty much do my own thing, whether I'm at my desk working or walking around the building tending to other things. I can go at my own pace however I feel the need. My days are 9 hours long, not counting the commute (add 30 minutes each way) When I'm "up and down" all day, that includes a massive set of stairs. I'm probably up and down every 45 minutes to an hour now. It was much more frequent the first few days because I was so not comfy. I have to say, the walking around is the most comfy. Sitting in a chair at a desk? not so much, I have to slouch and lean back to feel OK but I do mix it up. By the time my 9 hour day is over, and I drive home.... i'm just DONE. I'm lucky to have any energy to tidy up the house from my morning mess. I would say I'll skip 2 days and just go straight to relax mode, then I might put a 30 minute tidy up into the loop. I keep wishing for hard core workouts again, then I say WHO am I kidding? I don't have the energy at the end of my work day yet. I'm hoping another 2 weeks maybe? Might that be the magic number for me to at very least get a 30 minute cardio workout after work? eventually getting back up to 60 minutes? OH I hope so! Feeling soft and squishy in my legs and butt and I know how much better I feel AFTER those awesome workouts... I'm just eager for my energy to come back....


I think you made a great trade off : Loss cigarettes, gain flat stomach.
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It doesn't get any better!!!! :)
Bromelain comes today! Anxious to see if it helps a bit, I'll take anything at this point!!! Now I gotta find something to start putting on the scar. I noticed the skin above and below the incision is a lil dry and flaky. Might be time to start some scar therapy I'm guessing...

27 days PO, new pics

Thought I'd take a few new pics today since I braved up and took of the rest of the steri strips! I realize now that I have a pic to look at, my boobs look HUGE with such a flat belly!!!! I was pulling the shirt snug in the back so you can see my flat belly, I would never wear a shirt so fitted! lol Here's a close up of the scar, while the swelling wasn't so bad, then I have another shot of the scar when the swelling was horrible. I feel better that it's going up and down and not just stuck at huge! that would worry me I think.


Thanks for the sharing the post on the clothing!
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You're welcome! I wish I had more time to experiment with clothes before work but I had to learn the hard way! Happy recovery....
I'm so glad your happy after such an amazing journey of weight loss and dealing with excess skin! You look very good..... the surgeon did a great job. Will you explain to me how it feels to not wear the cg and how much longer you might wear it? I was hoping to not have to wear something like that for long. Btw...I feel you on the drains my ps says 3wks minimum he insists on.
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What about my jacked up girl parts?

I'm thrilled that this is part of the procedure, though the healing process and the swelling is WILD. One person out here calls is "dude bulge" (lol still kills me) another called it "Ken doll syndrome" (that's about right lol) but no matter what you want to call it, it's like another brand new body part and we have to be patient for this to takes it new shape, just as we do with our bellies! (I keep saying this to myself every day so I don't ever find myself frustrated while I wait it out) lol In the meantime, there it is! Monster crotch!! UGH lol from the front? not so much..... from the side? OY!!..... What about the hairline? It's molded itself nicely into the incision line! Now how the hell am I gonna shave THAT to look cute? and WHEN can I shave that to look cute? CAN I shave that to look cute? I read a post out here about people getting laser hair removal. Is that a permanent solution? or another regular expense to try to keep up with our ever changing new bodies?

I feel rambly today, quite possibly because I just woke up, my swelling seems to have gone down overnight for the first time in 31 days, but not my monster crotch! It's just POW! there it is!! So it spawned a ramble... but the rest of my swelling is noticeably smaller today so it got me fired up! ;)

OMG just had a lightbulb moment!! I can SEE the girl parts and access this zone without having to push the beast around and hold it up and out of my way so I can get to it.... I might just be able to work some magic once I'm healed, and that landscaping moment will be yet another FIRST.... to add to my long list of brand new FIRSTS that come with this life changing unfrickenbelievable experience!!!!!

.... end ramble!


AWESOME!!!! I'm stun right now!!!! I lost alot of weight to, my skin hangs like that to, I just don't want to look anymore. I LOVE the way your stomach look now! WOW WOW
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Thank you ;)
Monster Crotch!!!!! Hahahahahaha that is hysterical! I absolutely love reading your posts! Because I don't want to bend over and still can't see much with the binder on, I asked my hubby if my crotch is still "angry." LOL I know I'm swollen. I can feel it. It's a little uncomfortable. I even thought to ice it but brrrrrrrr no. LOL.
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I have no idea what happened to me overnight, but I feel the need to smash things this morning!!!!!!!!! I think I'm extremely frustrated by my limitations at this point, and being home alone without someone to help, I just have to suck it up! I'm tired of sucking it up! I hate that I can't do everything I NEED to do, I have to wait. Wait til I'm further along or wait til I can have some help, but I HATE relying on other people when that is just not how I roll. UGH!!!!! Maybe I just need to bitch about it for a minute and it'll pass! OY I hope so, otherwise today will be an impossibly long day at work
... end pity party


My crotch was bigger than my dog's head!!
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OMG that's so funny!
oh LORDY I hope you have one of those little yippy dogs? not a great dane or anything? lol

....And the swelling goes down

Woke up this morning feeling soooo deflated! Major drop in swelling overnight! Everywhere except the girl parts (sorry to report) that's gonna take a while! Nonetheless WOW I'm feeling like a peanut! Now if only I could find my damn measuring tape! I just used it a week ago, it's my only real monitoring system lol I think it's gonna be a great day :)


We're you swollen this whole time since your TT or was it on and off? Today I feel like a balloon that's about to burst :(
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Oh I guess it really kicked in after a week or so and never really changed much. I'm still swollen but it's really gone down significantly. Last week I had a HORRIBLE day with swelling and I felt like I'd gained 10 pounds overnight, even my CG was uncomfy, my pants were suddenly uncomfortably tight, I was miserable and could not WAIT to get home from work to strip down and find some comfort. I started my period a couple days later so maybe that factored into it but I've never bloated from girl time... Swelling sucks...but we'll get through it Bev!!! Hang in there....
I have no other choice but to hang in there ....no turning back now..lol So I guess I have a long time. Oh and that garment that you ordered from make me heal ..how do their sizes run, pretty good? I really like that one that you have. Do they ship quick?

PO day 34....Increase in energy, decrease in appetite?

Not sure what's going on here. lol I felt great when I woke up. Decided to hop on my elliptical. Did a nice 30 minute jaunt at level 5, 3.0 mph and worked up a nice sweat. Did some upper body work on my total gym and then cleaned my kitchen. Still felt great, took a nice hot shower, still felt great. Then it dawned on me that it's midafternoon and I've not eaten a thing today, and I'm not the least bit hungry and honestly, nothing appeals to me at all! I just ate a Chobani yogurt because I know it's not a good thing to be empty! Gotta figure out what else to put in there since I really don't want anything... My doc told me that a "side effect" of muscle repair is often loss of appetite, but I've not had such a problem post op. I think my appetite has been consistent. I have lost some weight, surprisingly enough since I"ve spent so much time sitting on my ass, but I am really just NOT hungry at ALL today. I wonder if that's anywhere near the norm this far along post op? hmmmmmmm


Loved reading your review! You look awesome!
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Thank you so much. On my way to yours :)
U look great!!!!
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OK so increase in energy leads to ........ overdoing it?

Not sure!!! Worked out for almost an hour today (cardio and weights) Did some yard work, including some weeding! Felt really good, spent about 6 hours on my feet before I paused. Once I did HOLY CRAP did I swell up!!!! UGH!!! Hoping to wake up in the morning and see it back down! Felt good though, so I'm not complaining TOO much lol Just stunned at the swelling after what I thought was a great day!


You have had me in tears lol your so funny . You look awesome !
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Glad you enjoyed :) Thank you so much! Are you considering a tummy tuck?
Yes I seen my dr today . She said I would only need a mini TT .

Heading off to see the doc for my 1 month followup

Yes, it's late lol it's 38 days today! He has office hours only twice a week. He had emergency surgery somewhere in there and then there was a Monday holiday which squeezed his schedule so YAY I get to go today! I've never been so excited to see a doctor in my life! I just want him to say everything is great, there's no fluid i there, bla bla bla .. tell me what physical limitation I need to continue with if any? OH that would be awesome, getting back to everything? just taking it easy? we'll see :) More to come ... :)


Wow you look amazing!!!! Love your posts an the positive energy in them. Congrats on not picking up the smoking after your surgery. I plan on doing the same thing .. Continue not to smoke as my kids beg me not too so I think with them in mind I can do this even after!!
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You are inspiring, we have similar stories so I truly am enjoying your updates and the "girls" improvement LMAO!!! I hope to heal and recover as well as you! Keep up the good spirits
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Good luck today! Can't wait for the update. My doc only has hrs 2x's a week too.
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And the doctor says......

No fluid in there! YAY!!! That was what I needed to hear most! He said my incision is healing BEAUTIFULLY (with a huge lovely smile on his face) He's very pleased with everything. I can resume all activity at this point, but no crunches for about 3 more weeks. Just use caution but go ahead and RAMP up the workouts and my energy will start to turn around (only really concerned about it at the end of the work days) So YAY for this visit! I will go back in 3 months. He was looking for dog ears, and one side is just perfectly flat and smooth, but the other side, the one that was the thickiest and most swollen, has a TINY lil bump at the end, smaller than a pencil eraser head but he said in three months, when I go back, if it's not gone on it's own, they'll just snip it right there on that appointment and be done with it! So I made it to work after that visit and it was a CRAZY day for me. All I did was run around the building, up and down the stairs, one end of the property to another. Never really stopped. I felt great! I was hoping that an uplifting visit would spawn a burst of energy lol Well, it worked! I was a madwoman and felt great all day! When I got home I jumped right on the elliptical and did 30 minutes, 4.0 mph mostly at level 7 (minus the 5 minute warmup) It felt good, I felt confident. I guess I've been really cautious up til now because I just haven't seen the doc enough to feel secure about all that I do! This changed today and I'm comin' back baby lol Just got done cleaning my kitchen and filling up the veggie steamer with nice fresh native zucchini! YUMMO! :)


Great story and advice. Congrats. You look amazing!
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Thank you and congrats on scheduling yours! :)
LOL! sounds like your doing great!
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5.5 weeks PO

Hanky Pankys that cover the entire swollen zone! The bright bright coral color almost masks the monster crotch but it's still there lol


You look great!! And what?? 5.5 weeks and still have the mangina mound?? Agggghhh so no hope that mine will magically disappear any time soon. Darn!
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Thank you :) Hey you never know, it could magically disappear soon, everyone's different .... meanwhile, I'll probably break the record on this one lol
hi Brandnewbelly! Wow. You're looking great; thanks for the great updates. It's fun to read along with you. My TT/MR was July 23, so I think we're pretty close in dates. I still have a Ken Doll too, much to my chagrin. Here's hoping they disappear pretty soon! And the hanypankies look great!
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6 weeks today ~ Yep! Still very swollen!

I feel great! Slept in my bed all night last night. The few times I've tried to transition back there, I ended up in the recliner in the middle of the night. I think because I live alone, that damn chair is my security blanket. I slept good last night though! It was the first time I let myself stretch out and lay flat! OMG It felt so good to do that! I was able to sleep on my left side for a while and spoon my body pillow LOL The right side was not so comfy (not sure why) but MAN it felt good to sprawl out! So YAY for being back in the bed.

I worked out HARD yesterday (on my day off) as my PS told me to not be afraid to "ramp it up". I did a powerful 35 minute elliptical workout (level 9 every so often mixed up with level 7) I love love love reverse with a strong resistance! I also had a super workout on the total gym for another 30 minutes. This morning I'm sore and it hurts to sit on the toilet LOL (my thighs are sore not my belly) As the day went by I hopped on my new recumbent bike and pedaled away for another 25 minutes and actually got sweaty again (that was shocking to me) Nonetheless, I really pushed myself and it was good to know I COULD.

Got a package with 10 new pairs of panties! lol I was playing dress up this morning. Took some new pics ... monster crotch is scary still... got a great angle there too! I think I might take home the prize on this one!! OY My scar looks awesome! The swelling ... well... it'll go away eventually... it's way better than it was!!! Happy healing TT friends.... :)


What an amazing transformation! So happy for you! I have the same swelling on the incision line..that's where it all went down girl! Looking good!
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Thank you :) The swelling is crazy but it WILL go down :) :)
thank you pharms!!! right back atcha!!

Up before the birds this morning.....

Not sure what's up with me this time lol I woke up just after 3:30 a.m. and I tossed around for about 20 minutes and decided to just get UP. I usually wake up at 5 a.m. but here I am having a cup of coffee. I decided not to waste the extra time I seem to have given myself so I'm going to go get my cardio out of the way! Good way to start the day! I'm gonna shoot for 45 minutes this morning!

I was SO tired yesterday all day ... Not sure what that's about either! I felt like a fricken zombie! I wonder if my body is just SO happy to be back in my bed, it wants me to get more sleep! (contradicts this mornings predawn wakeup though) Anyway, about the bed... OMG I went to bed around 9 I guess and started off with a couple of pillows under my head, and the foam wedge under my legs. I guess that lasted about 10 minutes because I said "screw this" and tossed the foam to the floor and just stretched out flat! lol I really didn't feel any tugs or pulls or anything. I rolled over to my right side with my body pillow and found a comfy spot (that's my favorite side but so far it's been uncomfy) I guess I was supercomfy because next thing I know, it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm just awake!

And there's my super early a.m. pre-cardio ramble! Hoping for a better (more alert and energetic) day today!!!

.... off I go to get sweaty!


Wow! You look FANTASTIC!!! Your PS did a spectacular job! I hope you enjoy your awesome new body, I know how hard the journey is!
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Thank you so much! I keep saying it ... I won't stop saying it ... he's a genius! lol to take me from where I was to here.... wowzy! He has magical powers! I'm stunned every time I look in the mirror!
You look amazing...you don't mention anything about your belly button (or I might have missed it!), did he make you a new one? If so, did you have stitches on the outside around it, because I don't see any stitch marks! It's an excellent belly button if he made you a new one...
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The evolution of a cute belly button LOL

OK so I was just asked today if I got a new belly button or not since I didn't dedicate an update to this, it wasn't obvious so I guess it's time to make a big deal about it. Since this whole thing happened to me, i have really just been bowled over by the fact that all that STUFF is just gone! I love love love my new belly button, it IS a big deal! I'm still in LA LA land about this whole thing. I feel like I'm having an out of body experience these days. Someone needs to pull me back in! The belly button is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! My OLD belly button was a fricken CAVE and you could lose an arm in there if you weren't careful! No lie!!!! Q-tip? that was dangerous, it would swallow the whole thing if GOD forbid, I sneezed or coughed while cleaning out that ABYSS I used to call my navel! lol So here's my new beautiful tiny cute lil belly button, over time, from the day before until the 6th week! lol 1 Day pre OP, 10 days Post op, 27 days post op and 6 weeks post op! wowzy is all I can say!!!! ;)


Wow, looking great!!!!
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Thank you Mama :)
I agree with everyone--your BB (and your new tummy) is amazing! I'm so glad you love it! It looks fabulous!
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Pre dawn workouts... Feeling JACKED!!!

So I did it again today! I felt SO GREAT yesterday having done my workout so early in the morning. Felt awesome all day at work! Cardio was amazing at 4am lol then I did my total gym lower body workout. Today I decided to do it again, though I HAD set an alarm for 3:45, I woke up on my own again, just about the same time 3:15 ish and stayed put until 3:30 before getting up. What the hell right? I'm awake, might as well take advantage of the time. Did my cardio, got drenched in sweat, then went back to the total gym for my upper body workout! WOW this is awesome! Feeling quite JACKED in the shoulders right now :) When I get home from work tonight I know it would be a challenge for me to find the energy and stamina to give everything to my workout like I just did these past two mornings! (oh I'd workout, but it would not be the same) I'm really feeling good about this!!! Now it's 5am, drinking some coffee and by now I'd just be hitting the snooze button!


Your bellybutton is something of beauty :D I've yet to see mine and I've been having terrible dreams about what it looks like and the incision awwwwww I can't wit til 2 tomarrow to get to see it all because I'm torturing myself :(
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Thank you laura :) Awe no bad dreams allowed!! Yay for you to get to see it tomorrow! Hang in there and don't let the anxiety take over!
I will x so worried hel take off the dressing and it'll all look the same or the stretch marks will be deeper or the bellybutton didn't take :( I actually can't help myself at this point lol

Forgot the pic.....

Jacked? Yep, feeling jacked...it's true!!! lol a month off, didn't hurt me, still feeling strong!!


AWESOME results!! I'm happy for you:)
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Thank you and right back atcha!!!!!! :)
Wow! Wow! You're the first "blow by blow" I've read on this site and you shared exactly what I needed to hear. I'm scheduled for my granny takeover (my phrase for taking my body back at age 64 after 5 pregnancies, a c-section and breast feeding) on the 27th. What I learned from you: anxiety is normal; it's possible I could have no pain in my belly; I might have a Ken doll crotch; that mood swings are normal. Also the tip about sitting on a heating pad to relieve constipation was great - I thought I would have had that beat with prunes and water. Oh, my granny takeover is TT and BR, both with lipo. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all that you did right up to yesterday. Really awesome!
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Just ordered the AbCrunch attachment....

....for my total gym! can't WAIT! I've been eyeballing it for a couple of years but didn't want to spend the money! Funny how things change with a cute new belly :) I'm actually excited to do something different than just boring crunches. It won't get here until a week from tomorrow, which will put me exactly at the date the doc said I can get back to crunches :) YAY!!!

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... where'd the video go? lol

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OK wasn't meant to be.... LOL

I tried..... Just wanted to show this thing in action... embed code didn't work...


BB is great you look so tiny and flat too :)
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:) :) I kinda DO don't I? LOL
oops, didn't mean to post yet...... I still can't wrap my brain around this. Might take me a whole year process ... I love my bellybutton :)

Side by Side

1 day Pre OP and 6 weeks Post Op! OK I've been so obsessed with the fact that the beast is GONE.... I haven't taken a lot of time to appreciate the fact that this new belly of mine is CRAZY flat and beautiful. For me, my goal here was to just get rid of that crap that hung so badly I broke a sweat trying to finagle it into my clothes Mission accomplished. Still trying to comprehend the bonus I got out of it... this gorgeous belly! I saw someone (sorry I forgot who) with a 6 week progression shot and I wish I had done the same. Nonetheless, it got me to thinking that to have these side by side might just help my brain realize what's happened to me LOL So here I am :)


All I can say is WOW! You look terrific and your PS did an awesome job!!
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Thank you :) And yes, he's a genius, I can't stop saying it!
Beautiful!!! Defiantly keeps me on the positive side :-)
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Cost of my procedure... bottom line...

Someone asked me about the LOW cost for a TT in Boston with an overnight stay? OK I guess I should be more clear about it. The cost I listed on my review did not include the overnight stay. That part was optional to begin with, although my PS recommended it! I pondered it for a while. The cost for the overnight stay at this hospital in Boston was just about $2500 more .... I left that out of the cost I listed so as to not scare people away lol Most people I see on here go home the day of surgery ... (this IS in fact, a day surgery) I opted to spend the night because I live alone! it was worth every penny! And if you can get this done in boston and go home afterwards and have the appropriate help? Then it's much less :)


Amazing results!!!!!!
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Ok, seriously, just scrolled through the pics and I had missed the jacked photo...WOW!! I hope I can start working out soon, I want that!!
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You look amazing! Glad (yet sad) to hear you still have monster crotch and I'm not alone. Seriously, I will be celebrating with you when it goes away LOL.
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7 weeks PO and it still sucks to sneeze! lol

OMG I usually feel it coming on and I hold my belly (it's a reflex these days) and even then, it kinda sucks (probably more scary psychologically than anything) but OY I just had a MASSIVE sneeze creep up outta nowhere and I didn't even have a chance to hold my belly!! OUCH!!!! OMG talk about freak me out!! I thought I just disconnected my whole new belly!!!!! When does that stop? lol When can I sneeze like a normal person?


OMG! Girl I just look at this and say,no way, no way that's the same person, it's photo shop or something.... then as I keep looking and reading I'm just in AWE, You look so fabulous, I'm completely inspired, totally, You review is the BEST one I have read. You worked sooo hard to get here, the cecastion of smoking, the hard workouts, and watching your diet, just wow! I keep thinking jeez if I have 7k should'nt I do something more positive with it then some selfish ego booster? Your story has made me realize that it's more than ego, my stomach can be hid, forever if needed, but why? I want what you got, yourself back, it's gotta be cheaper then therapy and medication in the end right?! Thank you for sharing, I love all the tips, will pass along the heating pad for sure! You rock,and you look good too!
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OK so your comment just really made me feel emotional. Don't know if it's hormonal or a full moon or what, but I'm very touched by your words. Thank you so much. I'm thrilled to hear that you are inspired by my experiences. And you're right, it's not always all about the ego, sometimes we just need to find ourselves. I was lost under that mess..... Thank you again for your words. ;)
You look awesome!! I never have been good at sneezing, even before the TT I would have to squeeze when I sneeze so not to pee on myself.
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Woooo HOoooooo the Ab Crunch arrived.....

OMG I'm gonna LOVE this damn thing! I've been hunting all over the place trying to find a video with embed code that works! GEEZ. So this video (if it works) is a slightly different model Total gym than mine but they all do the same thing. The attachment is awesome! I've been considering it for a long time, didn't want to spend the money! I've seen it for $200 and $159 but then the other day I found it for $99, but I'm READY for this so I would have paid $200 LOL Nice to save 50% ;) I can start with this on Tuesday. I will not be able to do quite of few of these right out of the gate but I'm gonna keep plugging away! I'm STOKED!


Enjoy the ab workout...
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Can't wait to get started. Tuesday the 24th! Wooo Hoooo
You look awesome!! I really want that zappos cg it looks comfy and like it gives great support and easy to get on but I can't find it on zappos. Can you post a link? The one in the picture says it can't be found. Please and thanks you because I really want one! Lol
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Slept without a binder last night.........

My very first time!! Doc told me I could start to wean off but I just don't want to LOL Last night I spent most of the evening without one on, stripped down after work and just lounged in my jammies, trying to spend more time out of these things when I'm not doing anything physical. I will continue with the stage 2 CG for work, for a few months I'm thinking....

Anyway, I went to bed after starting to doze in the chair. It dawned on me when I rolled over to get my comfy spot, that I forgot to put it ON. I decided to give it a shot without it (I really didn't want to go back downstairs) lol

I woke up SWOLLEN!!!! More swollen than I've seen just outta bed in a while. Usually I'm just swollen front center, monster crotch zone, this swelling was all above the incision from one side to the other I'm going to keep that damn binder on for sleeping for a while longer ... this freaked me out a bit! It's not been like this in a while... Here's a pic... it's CLEAR as a bell in this photo LOL I had my robe on and just opened it up, hence the dark background (kinda cool though) not quite so swollen tonight after working all day. That's how I woke up!! UGH


Amazing!! You have given me such hope and excitement. One of the things I worry about the most is taking time off from the gym- it's such a huge part of my life and I don't want to lose what I have worked so hard to gain. I just want my belly to match ;) yours is gorgeous!!! Thanks for posting!
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Thank you :) I was nervous about losing workout time myself. For years I've been really pounding it out on my workouts and a big chunk of time off in the past meant, loss of motivation/momentum, hard to get back into that groove but not the case here. lol This new belly brought on a whole new level of motivation. Not to worry girl. A month off will not hurt you! You can do very light exerciser even earlier. :)
Wow I love ur thin scar and love love ur new bb I hope mine heals just as good as urs :)
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Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I am 46 years old. I stand here this morning in front of the mirror just in AWE of my belly. I can't believe that's the bely of a 46 year old lol

I got myself super thin when I was 18 years old, first time in my life I had been thin, lost about 40 pounds that time, and my belly didn't look this nice. I had my son when I was 20 and that's when the flap first appeared after I'd gained 88 pounds in my pregnancy I lost 90 in the first 18 months after I had him, but there was that hanging flap of yuck!!! I was a heavy kid all throughout my childhood and always had quite the chunkalunka belly. I've never seen my belly even look half-way decent.... it's just never happened.

This is by FAR the best birthday present EVER, the best birthday EVER and I've never in my life felt so good about my number going up on this day lol I've never in my life felt so GOOD!!! ;)

Yep, it's true.... I'm 46! (I know, I know, my belly looks 25 but it's true, I'm 46) LOL ;) Only here with my TT friends, can I share such a moment! Thank you :)


Looking good and glad u are not smoking any more too
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Thank you... me too! I feel great... Never even get an urge, and I certainly do not miss it. You should hear how much my voice has improved singing in the car on the way to work LOL Used to just smoke my way through the commute!
Hope you had a wonderful bday!!
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8 weeks today! Did a few crunches yesterday......

EASY crunches at that. I did not put a lot of effort into it but I did do 35 of them. I had no pain whatsoever, in fact it felt so good to work them .... I was a bit nervous though! I had a really over the top workout yesterday then to throw in this little set of easy crunches ... might have been too much or maybe this is normal.... my belly swelled up like crazy! Above the belly button, there was a definite ridge, haven't seen anything like that yet. It was a little concerning last night but I kept telling myself that this is what WILL Happen when I work the abs. I'm cleared to resume ab work as of today, I just wanted to dive in yesterday lol This morning it's not so swollen, so it did go down, but I can FEEL that I've worked them, something is a little different (might just be all in my head, who knows?) I have no pain or discomfort so I'm going to roll with it. Not quite as anxious to DIVE into abs now though LOL Maybe I'll just continue to do little easy sets like that for a while until I feel more secure about it. Anyone working abs yet??? I see so many people told to wait up to 6 months, but then I see docs on here that say they recommend working the core at 6 to 8 weeks, slowly getting back into it. Anyone have thoughts on this??? What does YOUR doc say?


I still at 16 weeks wear a compression garment when I work out. It really helps. I still swell some after workouts.
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Oh I imagine I'll do the same thing! I might still be wearing a stage 2 all day at work when i'm 16 weeks lol Are you swollen otherwise? Or just after working out?
I am not anymore only after I work out and if I eat too much or too much salt.

9 weeks PO today!

Not much has changed in the past week. Swelling is the same. I feel like my stamina is where it was pre OP. My workouts have been awesome. Effortlessly blowing through an hour of cardio again. I think I would do 2 hours of cardio if life allowed so much time to be devoted to these things. Most days I do 35 to 45 minutes because I want to get that Total Gym time ... Days off allow for me to go to town, hence the 60 minutes lol I thought getting up before the birds was going to be a great solution, get the cardio out of the way before work, hit the Total gym after work and not tie up too much time on either end of the day but that was short lived I found myself just exhausted when that alarm rang and I couldn't move my butt for the life of me. I hit the snooze button until it was too late to workout LOL OK so the full week I did it ... was awesome! I haven't given up on it, and I hope that in time, I can change my internal clock to make this happen. It's the most logical thing for me timewise!

It's been pretty chilly here in New England, which I love by the way. I had to dig out some sweatshirts and put away summer tops. I find myself now wearing really way-too-big sweatshirts from last year and I think it's time for me to get my butt out there to find something new! Nervous about the first shopping experience, even for something as boring as sweatshirts LOL Shopping has always stressed me out and honestly I have no idea how to dress now! I'm stuck in a rut and I have to break out. I've always worn TALLS in womens tops/sweatshirts so that they would be long enough to cover all that crap that got tucked down into my jeans, but once it was there, it was a horrible thing for someone to have to see so I hid it with long tops. NOW those long tops, are SUPER LONG because there just fall without that belly to take up some space! UGH! NO more talls for this girl. it'll be weird to SHOW myself LOL not having tops that go to the hip. I can't remember the last time I wore anything that didn't land at or beyond the hip!!!

Ramble ramble ramble.... I hope to get out there soon to find a few things, but honestly, I'm nervous about it! I do NOT want to come home empty handed as I have always done, and feel frustrated and hate the whole concept of clothes! LOL I feel fragile in this area, psychologically delicate so to speak! I wanted this new belly to open up a world of possibilities for me and my lack of a wardrobe! God forbid I need to dress up for something, I'm screwed!

Summary: Feeling great week 9, still uncertain about clothes, exercising is awesome, still nervous about abs, but feeling no pain when I work the core, still sleeping in the binder like a baby, (as long as I don't start to suck my thumb I'll be OK) oh and still loving my maternity jeans! lol going to order one more pair!

I'll take new pics in another week since nothing has changed!



You go girl. Can't wait to see your results in 6 months when combined with all this workout stuff you're doing. I wish I had the energy to workout that hard, but I don't have the will power for it. I'm gonna try to start though I'm only 12 days out. I'm gonna cheat and do the venus freeze on my buttie and thighs just to kick start that process! I'm 53 though maybe that's why I wanna cheat!
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Thank you G2B :) I'm working HARD .... I just want to be as FIT on the outside as I am on the inside. I've been consistently working out hard like this for over 3 years, big pause there for the TT but I'm FIT on the inside lol I wish I could take a year off and get lots of cosmetic procedures done to just wrap it up but that's not realistic for me. I have to WORK IT and make it happen. I didn't have the energy when I started this last round in 2010. I was just about 90 pounds overweight (again) and I just kept plugging away. The energy increased gradually and before I knew it was I pounding out an hour of cardio and sweating my ass off! it's a good feeling :) I dno't know what venus freeze is? but hey, if you can get a bOOST along the way, by all means, take the boost! lol
Thanks....I see there is "light at the end of the tunnel" My swelling comes and goes,,,,most of the time pretty consistent... Burning sensation around my incision....just got a new app to post side by side photos I am going to play with it and recreate by big-obey oh shot...'should be fun Thanks for keeping your profile up to date (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
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1 month Vs. 2 months

I think I'm smaller? lol I FEEL smaller. Swelling is probably not much different, the boobs are still too big to hover over my new flat belly LOL however, these side by sides are kinda fun. More to come....


I think your waist looks smaller! Looking good there girl!
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Today is 10 weeks, I'll do another one at 12 weeks then we'll have 1, 2 and 3 months to compare lol I'm hoping for the big 12 week drop I keep hearing about!!!
You lol awesome girl!!! Love your curves :-)
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10 weeks PO today

Interesting thing.... I have been sleeping with my Post op binder every night, since surgery! I tired one night and posted a pic (9/21) of how badly I swelled overnight without it! So I have continued to keep it on! Last night I woke up around 2am for my nightly bathroom trip and I decided to take it off. Not even sure why? lol Thought I'd be up 3 to 4 hours later but it turns out my body wanted me to sleep IN. I slept 7 hours without the binder. When I got out of bed, everything in my tummy felt REALLY TIGHT and my abs felt SORE as if I'd worked them out hard yesterday (but I have not done abs yet, only 1 time, 1 small set and I've kinda stayed away from them because of how bad I swelled afterward) Standing up straight is pulling? which it hasn't done since the first few weeks. I'm just WOW over here this morning..... Anyone experience this in the morning after sleeping without the rigid binder? Oh I LOVE my binder when I sleep lol I just feel safe and secure and even though the doc told me I "could" start to wean off of it for sleeping, I have NOT. I'm psychologically attached to it! lol Still wearing my stage 2 all day every day on work day and I only wear it when I run errands on days off. I spend quite a bit of time with no garment at all when I'm home on days off. Sometimes I just wrap up in my neoprene waist belt (I wear it when I workout but I'll wrap in it and wear it around the house for a while when I do my domestic thing)

Monster crotch is sticking around I'm afraid. OY I cannot wait to see that zone go down a lil bit! Jeez!!! I think I shouldn't get my hopes up for a new crotch for Christmas at this point! lol

I DO have a tiny lil dog ear on my left side ... the left side was always the most swollen for some reason and it always looked like the potential was there, however, I don't go to the doc until early December and it still has time to disappear! POOF! Like THAT! lol Just be GONE. But if not, he said he'd snip it right there in the office, it's really small but it's there and not smooth like the right side. Surprisingly enough because the right side was where all my scarring was from the appendectomy when I was a kid. I imagined THAT would be the trouble spot but nope, the big big hanging ugly flap of skin side, that's where the problem lies!!! By the way, while on the topic, it's amazing to look at my belly and those scars are gone! Just gone! So awesome!!!

My belly button feels a lil neglected today. I don't pay much attention to it in terms of cleaning it out??? I used to always put a Qtip in there but that's when it was a deep dark cave one could get lost in.... now it's a delicate lil flower and I don't know what to do with it? lol I usually just soap over it while I'm in the shower. Wash it with my poofy like I do everything else. Is that enough? Does anyone do anything additional to their new bellybuttons at this point?

OK that's it for the morning ramble. Might as well call it afternoon ramble I slept so damn late today I'm kinda pissed at myself! lol Clearly I needed it but damn, I'm usually up by 7:30 the latest on my days off. More often than not, it's 5:30 to 6am ... Feel like I lost have the day already! (drama drama drama)

Have a good day everyone :)


You are definitely smaller!! You look great :) You and I are opposite, I hate my binder...like loathe it, ok, well, love/loathe relationship. I have worn it pretty religiously up until recently but I don't always wear it to bed, I find it super uncomfortable. My PS gave me the all clear today and I shoved the cg in my purse right in his office ha ha. My Dr. told me monster crotch WILL go away, he did say it could take up to 6 months...boo. Glad to see you are doing so good!
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Thanks girl!! I love love love this website! In my personal life, there's just no way I could ask ANYONE if I looked smaller lol I would just get the eye roll. :( Funny that you shoved your cg into your purse. OK 6 months is doable for the crotch, I can make it! lol Glad you're CG Free and happy about it :)
Your belly button really is great!! Did I tell you this already, lol! Great results and I enjoyed reading your story! I am so excited! Next month is my time to join the flat side!!
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BLAST from the PAST (Pre OP fashion or lack thereof...LOL)

OK so THIS is how I've been dressing for over 20 years. Fat or thin, makes no difference. Always always always oversized tops/shirts/sweatshirts you name it, I had frumpy everything. The only difference is that the oversized tops would get smaller as I got smaller but they were still always BIG and LONG and I had to HIDE that belly as best I could. Now it's gone!! YAY btw! I still wear Tshirts because it's all I know. They are just much much smaller and they fit like a normal Tshirt. The fitted shirts in the pics I posted earlier, only something I wear around the house! It's going to take me a LONG time to adjust I think, and change up the only way of dressing I've ever really known. It's a whole new adventure for me, but honestly, I do not know WHERE to start! I do not know HOW to shop! I do not have a CLUE what would look nice or even RIGHT on me? This ridiculous oversized stuff, it's all I know .... Open to suggestions... ideas.... thoughts? help me please! lol I'm going to get through the winter just fine. Sweatshirts and fleece, that's easy. Come springtime, it's gonna freak me out I think! I have to be prepared to get out there to HUNT! Scared? Yes! The only thing I'm sure of right now is that I do not WANT to continue dressing this way!


You look amazing!!
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Thank you sunnyside :)
First of all, you need to embrace your new curves; you look fabulous love! What better way to show off your curves than to change up your wardrobe. Think about these things: What colors look best on me? Do I like pattern, what kind? From What Not to Wear, look for garments that can go together and have pattern, texture, or shine. Don't be afraid to wear a blouse that is orange and pair it with a green purse. I would watch many What Not to Wear episodes and look for people that are similar to you in lifestyle and/or shape. Sometimes it is hard to find both, if so, look for them separately. Then, I recommend going to a discount store where you have lots of options that are fairly inexpensive and start adding a few new pieces that can make, say, 6 different outfits and see what kind of reaction you get. I am lucky, I am horrible at dressing myself but my hubby has a gift and is able to "see" how things are going to look on me before he gets to see that skeptical look on my face. He is often right on with his picks. Before this, I went with girlfriends and found that what they said looked good on me were none too flattering and just slightly off from what they wear. I don't want to be a mini them, I want my own style. When you find it, your self confidence will soar. Best of luck!
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My new body does not like junk food!!!!!!

And this is a good thing! I'm NOT a junk food person anymore, haven't been for a very long time, but I ate some JUNK today and I feel like crap! lol My stomach feels bloated and puffy like it's about to pop! I didn't eat a LOT of junk, but I did eat some sweet treats (fall favorites, hard to turn down) and my body is bitching me out big time! I still say that if our bodies reacted this way to BAD food before.... none of us would have ever had a weight issue!! lol OY!!!!!


Hola! I haven't been on here in about 10 days 2nd to travel, houseguests, etc. I'm now about 7 weeks post op, and want to start doing some ab workouts, and remembered that you had posted that attachment for the total gym. I have a total gym knockoff, but no attachment. Just watched the video with insane man doing 3 min of crunches. Having pain watching it. Ha. How are the workouts going? watching your posts with keen interest as you are just a few weeks ahead of me, trailblazing as it were. :)
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OH the Ab Crunch! OY .. doesn't it just look awesome? :) I hate to report that it's just a bit too much for me right now? It scared the hell out of me when I tried it lol so I am sticking with the rest of my hard core workouts but avoiding that ab crunch at this point. I put the total gym on a very low setting and gave it a shot but it scared me? so I stopped. It will be ready and waiting when I'm all healed. I think it'll be 2014 when I get into that! Straight up crunches are good though. no pain in doing them but swelling afterwards can't be avoided, at least for me. Loving my cardio workouts and the total gym is just the best thing I've ever owned. Next accessory will be the weight bar because I do squats on the highest level and I could use more resistance. :) 11 weeks today for me! Unreal. Still pretty swollen, more than I was 2 weeks ago that's for sure. Seems I had a big spike as I've read some people do here, so I didn't worry but I'm hoping that after week 12 I have the big drop I keep hearing about! I'll keep ya posted. :)
Holy moly, you rock!!! You're an inspiration to me! I can't wait to just be able to do some cardio...apparently that will be okay in about two more weeks when I'll be 6 weeks post op. Tomorrow marks four weeks post for me and all I've been doing for exercise is the occasional LAME walk! Love the shoulder photo!! Nice shoulders!!

11 weeks PO today :)

Can't think of a better way to celebrate such a day then a 90 minute hard core cardio workout lol OMG so for me, the biggest thrill is sweating buckets!!!! I just feel incredible when I get soaked lol Today, I put on my hanky pankys, a long clingy tank top, my neoprene SUIT (which goes from just above the knees up to just below the boobs) I had my 4 pound ankle weights on as well. 10 minute warm at 2.5 mph level 5 before kicking it up to 4.0 level 7. 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes in reverse, 2 minutes at 5.0 mph, then back to 4.0 mph 5 minutes etc etc etc and on and on until 90 minutes had passed! My hand towel is soaked from wiping my face and neck. The sweat was literally running down my legs for the entire 2nd half. When I got done and stripped down, my SOCKS were soaked, my ankle weights were soaked, my hanky pankys could be WRUNG out!! The neoprene suit was drenched, my tank top was an entirely different shade of pink! lol Let me just say OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweating like this when i workout! I could have kept on going .... I plan to spend about 45 minutes on my total gym in a bit. My days off always get the best workouts but I think today is going to be a record breaker (post op) for this girl.

Still not seeing alot of change other than more swelling lol mostly ab zone, not incision zone. Monster crotch is absolutely ridiculous still, above the incision anyway, below the incision is like a bowl of jello. OY VEY. I have no idea what will come of that, but we'll see. I know it's the last thing to show final results so I'll continue to be patient. However, I have not ruled out having to do something about that area down the road..... Fingers crossed that time does the trick. :)


You look fantastic!! I've just had my TT four days ago so I know I'm still very early days, but I already have the monster crotch! I live in the UK & my PS didn't use drains, but am worried this is not normal?!
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You look great, so happy for you!
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Thank you :)

OK so some might think I'm out of control......

LOL I'm addicted to cardio and my thighs need all the help they can get! I found this damn thing online and now I'm obsessed! This is SICK! How come I just found this now??? This is crazy! I applied for special financing through amazon and got this at 0% interest if paid in 12 months (which it will be) and it'll arrive in 2 days! OMG I can't WAIT ... this looks like the most amazing thing EVER MADE for women and our legs and butts!!!! OH I can't wait to post an update after my first workout!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this video link works this time lol


Hey BrandNewBelly I just wanted to pop in and say hi (your belly looks great, by the way). I saw you made a comment that not many people go for a lift with no implants, well I wanted to let you know that I am doing just that on Tuesday next week. If you want to check out my profile, I intend to upload some after pics when I'm all done. I'm explanting my old 350cc silicones, so nervous about how it's going to look but I decided to share as your'e right, there are not many explant & lift without implants out there.
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Hi Hayley! Thank you! I'll check out your review! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lateral Trainer arrives today.....

OMG it was here on Friday but I was not home to sign :( Had no idea I had to sign or I would have made arrangements. SOOOO annoyed and bummed I had to wait til today (Monday) so here I sit .. chomping at the bit. UPS left a note that said between 3 and 5pm. it's 2:15 and I'm afraid to run out to get a coffee LOL what if they screwed up the time? OY VEY ups. I have been dying for a DUNKS since noon! Guess it's time to put on a new pot :) Spent the morning getting the basement/gym ready .... My legs/hips/butt are so excited! lol I love my elliptical but now I'm gonna get all angles of the lower body and I won't miss a beat!!!!!

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Still not smoking......

This is an awesome thing to brag about right now! I'm 20 weeks smoke free and for the first time in my life, I have not gained weight! I've had moment's where I would LIKE to smoke, not gonna lie..... but I have not had cravings or big urges. Habitual moments creeping into my head if I'm stressed or having a bad day, in those moments, it would be nice to light one up but I have not and I feel totally in control. I get past it. I can't believe it's been 20 weeks!!! My lungs are happy and my cardio workouts are better than ever! :) 3:30 and I'm still waiting for my UPS guy lol tick tock tick tock


Sounds like you're incredibly motivated to get more fit and stronger each day! I wish I had as much energy as you!
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I am so proud of you!!! You can do it.. I am at 9 mos smoke free
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Yeah BABY!! 20 weeks that is huge!! I know how hard it is and you should be so proud of yourself!!
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12 weeks Post Op.....

Wow! Hard to believe! I wish I could report some awesome 12 week changes but today is not a good day for it! Girl time arrived this morning and I'm super bloated! I've been feeling more swollen the past couple of weeks and I'm not so sure it's changed much, perhaps the rumors are "after" the 12th week the worst of swelling is over? lol We'll see.... As soon as I feel there's a change of some kind I will post new pics.

I feel great overall. My belly is still numb in the center from the bellybutton to the incision. The girl parts have softened up quite a bit UNDER the incision (not sure what the final result will be but I'm going to be patient with that as well) My lil dog ear on the left is still a lil dog ear on the left LOL I guess I'm not feeling too confident that it will disappear on it's own by Dec 2 when I return to the doc. HOWEVER, I'm confident he's going to make it nice regardless. I have a couple of little lumps in my incision line. Feels like almonds. I'm guessing scar tissue? Nothing visible, just something I feel when I scope out my scar. I haven't been very diligent about putting the Palmer's oil on there.

My energy is 100% back to where it was pre OP. I still wear my stage 2 to work all day but not when I'm at home. I still sleep with something wrapped around my midsection because it's comforting to me ;) I have not used the post op binder in about 10 days lol I have been using my neoprene belt because it's so soft and comfy! I will eventually wean off the night time thing but for now, I have no desire to do that!

My beauteous new machine arrived last night! OMG OMG OMG AMAZING is all I can say! Took me about 2 hours to assemble on my own, would have been quicker with a helper...I jumped right on for a test run when I got done. I felt every inch of the inner thighs, outer thighs, and hips! Deep squat position targets the glutes but I didn't do those yet! I was beyond thrilled. I even started to SWEAT in only 5 minutes, it REALLY targets these areas! As I sat on my couch admiring this machine, I could still feel the targeted areas burning! How awesome is that???? I have not been so happy about a purchase like this since I bought my elliptical 4 years ago! These two machines, together, are going to transform my lower half. I'm going to take some "before" pics and then new ones in about 6 weeks! I'm so pumped up about this! (In case you can't tell) LOL

Junk guy is coming today to help me clear out some clutter in the basement so I can expand the home gym! :) I will finally be able to have it all in the basement. Right now I have the elliptical down there, but the total gym is upstairs in the spare bedroom lol The Helix is in the livingroom for now until I get the basement situated!

OK TT friends, Have a great day!!! :)


I am so impressed with your results!! You look incredible! I've been nervous bc my PS doesn't want to do lipo (for circulation/healing reasons) and I'm scared I won't be pleased with the results. However, your results are wonderful!!! Gives me hope ;-)
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Thank you. :) My PS and I never discussed lipo. It never entered my mind, I just wanted the hanging skin gone. Had I found this website before surgery, I may have brought up the topic lol I think I would not have minded some lipo but as far as the new belly I just could not be happier! Good luck with your procedure!
Just stopped by to say hi, I haven't been on here in what feels like forever. I am also going through the massive swell thing, glad it's not just me. Stupid swelling!! I am starting Jillian Michaels 30 day shred today, hoping it isn't horrible but sitting on my ass making excuses (I'm swollen) isn't helping the cause LOL. You are inspiring though so I will just do it! Ha ha, glad to hear you are doing so well :)
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15 weeks tomorrow…...

OK I was going to wait and do some side by sides but I'm just gonna share the new pics.

Monster crotch zone does not seem to have changed much at all since maybe the 6th week. My belly is still quite swollen up a few inches above my belly button and all the way down. My lil dog ear is not going away on it's own, as the PS said it MIGHT, so I will have it snipped on the 2nd of December when I see him again. I will post pics of that too. I was curious how it would all happen in his office but I've since seen a few pics and it doesn't seem to be much of a big deal to have it removed.

I feel great. My energy is still going strong and keeping at the 100% mark. My mood swings around quite a bit but I can't attribute that to the surgery lol LOVING my new lateral trainer! My legs are in heaven and I'm really looking forward to seeing the transformation when the warm weather comes back around and it's time for shorts :)

My scar is thin and lovely but I have not taken the time to put anything on it. No silicone anything, or I suppose it might be lighter in color by now? I don't care though. The color of it does not bother me one bit! I'm the only one looking at it! (besides you guys)

I'm still wearing my stage 2. I wonder if I'm the only one??? I love it and I feel awesome in it, but I will say I look forward to the day when I'm really ready to cut the cord :) I imagined it would be after the holidays and I have not changed my mind about it (yet) I still wear the maternity jeans every day. They look great, and they feel like pajamas so it's another habit that's hard to break. I will probably shake them both at the same time. I have not put on real jeans in a while though, might be interesting to try them on!

It's been 5 months now, without a smoke. I have my days (mostly mood related) when I just WISH I could sit down and have a bottle of wine and a bunch of cigarettes! I get passed it, and I do not cave. I do not turn to food OFTEN but I've had my moments and then I feel like crap about it. I have not gained an ounce which is amazing in itself ..... given the smoking and actually the wine, no wine since April. I stopped drinking alcohol 2 months earlier than quitting smokes because I knew it was coming and I wanted to be ready to deal with it, and not feel COMPLETELY deprived of every vice all at once! I was hoping I would have lost a few more by now but having not gained is a huge accomplishment and I'll take that one to the bank!

I have 3 weeks before seeing the doc. I hope to lose 5 pounds by then! (and if not, I'll be happy to continue to maintain)

Back to the grind. That's all I have for now! :) I'll update again after the dog ear is removed.


You are looking fantastic and you have just the Best attitude towards everything! I love reading your updates, Thank you :)
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Thank you :)
Great updates! Keep up the good work. Training is addictive but it's the best addiction we can have. You look fantastic. Kudos to you!
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Dog ear removal postponed…..

Well I was to go today but I had to postpone … Now I will not go until 1/6/14 so while I'm there, having my followup and getting the dog ear snipped, I will also have my consult for a breast lift!!! SO scared all over again but I'm going to start the next adventure. Once I decide if it's a doable thing for me, both for recovery time and financially speaking, I will book it and carry on to share that adventure! We shall see. Jan 6 :)


Hola! Been absent for awhile, but checking in to see your progress. I too was considering breast lift, but curious how your appt went. Also curious about the Helix. I have an aftermarket Precor elliptical which gathers absolutely no moss. Love the thing to death. Sweat buckets on it. Thrilled to hear about the smoke free part! Soon, your lungs will match your belly!!
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Hey girl! Nice to see you! :) My appointment was changed to Wednesday because we had a big storm on Friday which left him overloaded with patients to see on MY scheduled day! They asked if I would go Weds so I'll letcha know how things look for me! Helix is amazing. I have had about a month long sabbatical from the hard core workouts. Holidays time in retail management make for long hours and long days with lots and lots and lots of steps :) I was able to get through those four weeks having gained only 2 pounds which will be gone by the next time I hop on the scale :) The helix is fantastic. I hop back and forth between the two machines when I'm on a roll . Usually after about 10 minutes on the elliptical I'll start bouncing .. typically up to 5 minutes on the helix before popping back over. it's amazing and worth every penny!!! I'm still kind of thrilled myself, about the smoking :) yay!!!!! Nice to see you here, I'll keep you posted after my consult.
You look great! Congratulations! It's a ling journey, but soooo worth it. Good luck on your appt next week.
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Had my consult…..

We decided that the best option for me is a slight reduction with no vertical scar. I have so much excess to work with, he feels it's a much better option than that with an anchor incision. Unfortunately, he would have to cut up almost as far as the armpits in order to reduce the excess skin on the sides of the breasts. Liposuction wouldn't get the job done. Well, I suspected this would be the case, but I'm a little bummed because I really didn't want to have to take too much time off for this one but he think I should be out of work for 2-3 weeks, the same as my tummy tuck. I would never take more than 2, but I'm a little bummed by that part. He wants to see if my insurance might cover some of this. It'll take about a month to hear back so I have time to ponder. I guess the way I'm going to look at it for now …. if they say yes, they'll contribute then I will just get it done! If they say no, I may ponder it longer and put it off until next winter. In the meantime, I'm going to learn more about this procedure with no vertical incision!

I did not get my dog ear snipped. I had been waiting so long that day and the office was really busy, my consult was more important to me than the dog ear. I opted to do it another time if I felt it necessary! At this point, it really doesn't bother me much … maybe down the road.

I'll be updating on my Tummy tuck soon, with new pics, even though they will most likely look the same as the last pics I posted!


Waiting for your update. I bet with all the working out that you do that you've got a six pack now! Curious to see if and when you'll have your breast reduction.
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Hey girl! I know, I'm a slacker with my updates! I will try to get one done. Things in life have been extremely hectic over the past few months! It's been quite the challenge. My workouts have decreased by probably 40% of what they were which sucks… but I keep going! Keeping the weight off, lost a bit more … haven't taken pics but I'll try to do that soon! I AM getting the breast reduction on April 22! Tick tock it's right around the corner. I'm looking forward to putting it behind me. Not really nervous about it at all. Anxious to have less boob and to have that extra hanging skin from the weight loss removed. He is also going to do the dog ear repair while he's got me under. I think the most exciting thing for me is the excess skin (side boobs) under my armpit. My incision will go under the breasts all the way to the pits because there is so much up there, lipo won't cut it! Can't wait to be done though, will have plenty of time for updates while I recover :) Thanks for checking in…. how are you ?? Nice to hear from you!
April 22nd is just around the corner and your boobies will be much improved before you realize! Great that you've managed to keep off the weight even though you haven't worked out as hard as you did. I'm struggling to lose the weight I want. (Not that I really have to lose weight). I just need my abdominal skin to be as loose as possible when I go for a revision (actually a FULL tummy tuck) on May 8th so it would be nice to be 10 pounds lighter. I've been working out a lot lately so I like to think that I'm building muscle hence the slow weight loss. I probably EAT too darn much! Oh well, I still have five weeks to lose 8 pounds but I'm not counting on being able to pull that off. Good luck with the BR! I will be following your progress!

8 Months PO! Time for the boobs!

I feel fantastic. My belly is still kind of numb around the bellybutton and below. I still have monster crotch, though I guess it's fair to say It's gone down SOME! Working out at about 60% of what I was doing before my tummy tuck…. Doing OK with it though. I've lost weight, total of 18 pounds but I had gained 5 over the holidays so really 13 pounds since after sugary. Thrilled with where I'm at. I've scheduled my breast reduction/lift for April 22 and it's coming FAST. Doc intends to do one without a vertical scar. Can't wait to be done! :)


You look amazing!! What a transformation!!
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You still look great! 18 more lbs! Yay! I hope your insurance come through for your br, that would be great. Did your ps mention why you are still numb? Keep our up girl, you're a star!
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OH forgot about that…. NO they failed me miserably! Doc put up the battle for me but insurance came back with "Take anti inflammatories and do physical therapy for at least 6 months" and I said hell no! that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! SO I am paying out of pocket AGAIN! Oh well, it's a great investment :) You know, I am not bothered by the numb it's just there, small area, but I'm aware. I haven't asked him but I should mention it … I was giving myself the whole 12 months to get there. I'm also getting my lil dog ear taken care of while I'm under. Whatever that really means! lol Can't wait til its all behind me :)

Side by Side 6 weeks vs. 8 months

Wanted to do this yesterday with my update, but I rushed so I thought I'd put it here today! 6 weeks vs. 8 months Love the side by sides!


amazing journey. Did you ever have lipo or was this all NO lipo?
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Never had lipo.. I think if I had.. I may have had more pain? I don't know! Didn't have pain. Everyone had lipo AND pain… I imagined that was why I was spared?
That's awesome...just shows me I still have a ways to go. You look great...Good luck on the reduction.
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Quick update….

I had my breast surgery on 4/22. Turned out with the 20 pounds I just lost… I did lose quite a bit in the boobs. We decided to opt out of the procedure without the vertical scar and do a traditional reduction/lift. Most of the reduction was the 'side boobs" which had to be completely cut out and removed.. Lipo was not an option as it is for most people. My "excess" baggage was extreme. In addition… he removed some tissue from my larger breast to balance out the size and of course, the lift… is just AMAZING! I have had no pain with this procedure. Just basic soreness but mostly on the sides. I've been VERY tired and lazy…or at least it feels more noticeable to me this time around compared to my tummy tuck. My boobs are great… I'm healing… I'm lacking energy but otherwise way ahead of where I should be according to the doc. Energy level is expected to be low for another week. My range of motion is great, no problem showering/shampooing, driving and light housework. I came home on surgery day with NO drains. I stayed at the hospital for 8 hours after surgery, at which point, the output was so low, the doc removed them (yay) Feeling fantastic overall… Just really really lacking energy! LOVING my new boobs!!


did you get the dog ear revision
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Congrats on the new boobs!! Glad you are doing so well!!
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Thanks girl! My only issue with this surgery is the fatigue I feel, otherwise I am stunned at how well it's going! I do look forward to having some energy again but in the meantime I'll just keep admiring my girls :)
Dr. Simon Talbot

He's a genius! I couldn't have chosen a better doc! I was comfortable with him immediately. He smiles a lot which is always helpful. He told me what I could expect and also what he would expect of me in terms of being prepared for surgery. (Quit smoking for at least 8 weeks before surgery or it's not going to happen) He checked in with me a couple of weeks preOp, as he said he would, to make sure I was still not smoking.. He was not going to bend in any way, which I thought was just awesome!!! He also called me while I was at home recovering, to see how I was doing. He's five stars all the way!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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