Got Free Clitoral Hood Reduction for Labiaplasty. SHOULD I BE WORRIED? - Boston, MA

I wanted to get Labiaplasty since many years and...

I wanted to get Labiaplasty since many years and finally got it done 5 days back. I'm 25 now. I even asked the doctor to remove a little bit of extra skin on just ONE SIDE of the clitoris(I pointed out the extra skin too) and he said it's possible. I've even had a discussion with the doctor about what exactly i wanted to get done 1 hour before the operation just to be sure he understood my problem- just incase he didn't understand his notes from the initial consultation.

Procedure went well. Today is the 5th day and i don't feel any pain - Just a little discomfort. But my main concern here is that he performed clitoral hood reduction too which i never asked. I was absolutely happy with my old clitoris. Now there is no layer of skin on my clitoris and and on both sides of it. My only concern here is that my clitoris is highly sensitive now(sensitive to the touch of clothing too) and i'm not even thinking about my cut labia anymore.

Yes, and I did not have too much skin removed. The result is that my clitoral glans is now exposed with a soft ring of flesh surrounding it which stretches back when arousal takes place. Over time the super-sensitivity has gone and there is sufficient for pleasant sensations when rubbed against garments or at my will.This is exactly what I desired and it looks like a small circumcised penis.Has anyone else achieved this pleasant result from labial removal ?
@olimmeminesse not true, the skin that she has removed protects the clit, now without the skin it will dry out and she lose feeling. This isn't the desire of any women!
Not so- I am much happier with my exposed clit. True there is less super-intense feeling but that is preferable for me and much more manageable when I desire to relieve myself! Also it is so much cleaner and more beautiful.
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