Eyelid Syringoma Removal - Boston, MA

Fraxel ablative laser skin resurfacing surgery...

Fraxel ablative laser skin resurfacing surgery with combination with electrocautery performed on May 22nd 2014 by Dr. Jeffrey Dover with Skin Care Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Greater Boston, MA area. I will write a review in 4 months -6 months post surgery. I am almost two months post surgery and I am not willing to make a final call whether it was worth it or not, I want to see the 6 moth progress first.

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Eyelid Syringoma Removal with Fraxel Laser


Thank you for taking the time and effort and sharing your review. I love that you took the extra step and added the video! Did you find the procedure painful, because it sure looks like it might have been. 
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Boston Dermatologic Surgeon

I will write a full review in 4 months- 6 months after surgery

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