Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery Disaster - Boston, MA

I went to one of the most respected eye surgeons...

I went to one of the most respected eye surgeons in the country in Massachusetts, who specializes in eyelid surgery. He basically deformed the lower lids blepharoplasty surgery to the point, where I am unrecognizable to people who've known me all of life. It's been a truly horrifying experience for me, my family, to say the least.

It's been nothing short of a living nightmare for me since having the surgery done in 2009, all I want to do is hide my eyes, my face and wear sunglasses all of the time. Every night, I go to sleep since having this surgery and thinking it is a bad dream and then only I awake to find it is a reality, it isn't a dream, it is nothing short of a living nightmare.

I have been very depressed since having this eye surgery and even spoken with professionals about my feelings and thoughts of not wanting to live looking like this, do to low self-esteem, brought on by this surgeon and what he did to me!

He made and left prominent cuts which have left very visible scarring on both lower lids and made cuts that have also never healed properly to this day, making me look and feel like crap. He even tore parts, pieces of skin on my lower eye lids, leaving scarring which is very prominent.
Then he also carved out to much below my lower eyelids where he then had to backfill using a filler after the surgery which just looks horrible, I also had to pay him for the filler for his eye surgery mistakes. Then he made comments that I was taking up too much of his time and that he was losing more money by seeing me to fix his botched up blepharoplasty eye surgery that he did on me.

I don't even want to show my eyes and face in public, I'm embarrassed. I feel ugly and have been told so by some people, I had never ever heard this before in my entire life.

I've had people even say to me,... "what happened to you?", "what's happened to your face, your eyes?", "that doesn't even look like you anymore."

It's been a very embarrassing, humiliating, hurtful, depressing, angering past few years since having this surgery and what he did to me.

I have been very depressed ever since having this surgery and the horrible results made by this eye surgeon. I tried several times to go back to this surgeon within the first six months after the results and he was extremely rude, unprofessional, made many nasty comments to me, as well as many of his office staff, he didn't and they didn't want to accept any of the resposnibility for what he did to me, they just wanted me to go away.
Although two of the women at his office did admit, that the eye surgeon had made some mistakes and that I had complications because of it.

I have received several opinions from other eye surgeons within the United States and even abroad, who can't believe what this eye surgeon did to me.

In fact, one who knows this surgeons work said that he was shocked with what he saw and said that he should have never had done what he did to me, my eyes and what he's done to my eyes and my face.

The eyes are the focal point on the face, for which I used to receive compliments all of the time, now people look at me, when I don't have my sunglasses on, with a look of feeling sorry for me, that I have to walk around looking like I do.

Since this surgery my self esteem has been so low, becasue I am lacking the self confidence I once had. This eye surgeon took it all away from me, he has literally killed the person I once was and my spirit, which was a very positive, confident male, who could always hold his head high and be proud of who he was in every aspect of life.

Now, I just want to hide, not be out or seen in public and have had a very difficult time, not only personally, socially but also professionally in finding suitable employment anywhere.
This has had never ever happened to me ever before this eye surgery, anytime, everytime I would interview, I would always get the job, period! I been working as an IT professional for many, many years and my life since this surgery, has been nothing short of downward spiral!

I believe this surgeon should be held fully accountable for what he did to me and that I should receive full financial compenstaion for what this eye surgeon has taken from me, not only for the past four years, where I use dto earn a six figure plus salary and bonuses and have not since the eye surgery, but also for any/all emotional distress that he has inflicted on me.

I wished I had never gone to this eye surgeon and never had this eye surgery done by him. I wish my life was different and this was all just a bad dream, instead of a living nightmare, that I live every day of my life!"

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Todd, I hope you are doing well. Do toy have any updates?
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Todd, if you decide to have a revision, Dr. Jonathan Hoenig in LA is an oculoplastic facial surgeon who is double board certified in both oculoplastic and facial cosmetic surgery & a fellow of the prestigious ASORPS. He is THE eye expert...people go to him from all over the world to have botched eye surgeries fixed. His reputation is impeccable. I have been researching eye surgery for years & have never read one single review about him that wasn't stellar. When I finally decide to get surgery, I will fly to LA to see him...there is no one else on earth I would trust my eyes to. You should check him out.
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Thank you for the referral. I will also have my wife, who is also a doctor, do diligence on Dr Hoenig. Glad to know that you've found someone that you can trust and feel comfortable enough to fix another doctors botched eye procedure and soory that you have to go through that. All the best.
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Thank you
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Todd I totally understand what you are going through. I think the only thing that keeps me going is that I have sued the doctor that did me. That process is awful and unfair to the victim but at least it is something. I have also lost so much since I was butchered. Maybe if you saw a really good occuloplastics doc and he could use alloderm? I have been improved by a really good occuloplastics doc and some alloderm graft but I still look odd and would like a time machine but... glasses with a tint is about the best I can get. Good luck to you and yes that doctor should be held accountable!
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Dear Todd, I've just had eye surgery myself and you really do put your trust in these Professionals to do a good job. I really feel for you and empathise with what you are going through. It sounds as if your surgeon has been totally unprofessional. If I was you, I would take legal advice. Wishing you lots of luck and hugs x x x

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Sorry to hear of your rotten experience todd. As someone who is still recovering from a badly performed procedure myself, I fully understand how it feels. Before I had my procedure, I was told how it was going to be done but that it was done differently, i.e. I got a truncated version of a midface lift and lots of excuses as to why the procedure we had discussed was not followed through - answer was "there was nothing to lift". I could have been told that before handing over the fee. As for my eyes, well that's another story. I traded my circles for tear troughs, bags of lumpy fat, visible scars and suture knots. He carried out the pearl fat grafting under my eyes - a procedure you will find explained on Dr Meronk's website but it all went wrong. But that's not all. The structure and function of my eyes has changed. My eyes look and feel as though they were pushed into my head. The top eyelids overlap the bottom and feel 'roomy' - difficult to describe. Its as though my eyeball has shrunk. I never had wrinkles or folds around my eyes before the procedure, now I have them in abundance. I was not on a quest for eternal youth. I just thought this one procedure would help me age more gracefully. It has done the opposite. Now I feel obliged to pursue more surgery so I can look at myself without feeling sick. I am sorry you are going through what I am experiencing but please do not despair. I know its difficult to trust anyone after this, but try not to let it get you down and look instead to try to find someone who will put things right and don't be in a hurry. There are good and bad surgeons. One just has to take the time to sort the 'chaff from the wheat'. I wish you well. Stay strong and have courage. DH
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Hello, I'm sorry ot hear what happened to you, I can only imagine how you feel based upon what I 've been through. Every time I look at myself, I don;t like what I see back at me…….it's like being in the twilight zone, a living nightmare. You put your faith and trust in someone who is suppose to be competent, prudent and professional and you come out on the other side looking disfigured from their work on of all places,…..your face! It's not right, it's not fair, it's unacceptable, intolerable, unprofessional and they need to be held accountable and responsible for what they did to me and to you. You don't just go away and live your life, as I was told to do, on more than one occassion by the office staff of the eye surgeon I went and who also wrote me latter stating to me, to stop calling and bothering the office staff and to leave the surgeon alone. Okay, so if taht what he wants, that;s what he gets and will let the l;egal system, put hm in his place. Oh and a few more things,…... I was a former model and business professional, my wife is a doctor and a surgeon, my brother is a lawyer………
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Todd, I fully understand your frustration and anger and you are fortunate your wife is a surgeon and your brother is a lawyer. Between the two, hopefully you will get the right kind of support, help and guidance. I have encountered many people on forums such as this one who have had their world turned upside dow. I am struck by a commonality in their stories: majority are left high and dry. Reason for this? Malpractice cases are difficult to win unless you have been severely disfigured or (God forbid) died from a procedure. Doctors are protected by the law, and jurors are often biased in favor of doctors, especially in elective procedures. Its no surprise, therefore, that the field of cosmetic surgery will attract unscrupulous, incompetent and unskilled doctors whose sole purpose is to make quick and easy money. Board accreditation offers patients some protection but as we have discovered, even this does not guarantee a surgeon's skill, credibility or duty of care toward you. I sincerely hope you get justice. I have decided, my money will be is better spent on finding someone who (hopefully) will fix my problem. As much as it galls me to see the surgeon who ruined my face get off the hook, I have to look at what the odds are of filing and winning a malpractice lawsuit. As I am not "catastrophically disfigured", chances are that it will be treated as 'trivial'. Until the law changes and doctors are made accountable for bad and not just disfiguring surgeries, I'm afraid 'patients' will have to run the gauntlet of uncertainty in the world of plastic surgery. My tuppence worth for today :) Take care can good luck. DH.
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i would do anything for wrinkles and bags under my eyes again,anything at all just to have my beautiful eyes back again...my doctor experimented on me and totally destroyed my look then told his staff he no longer needed to see me after he took the stitches out and realized how he had mutilated me...then he treated me like garbage and asked me not to bother him anymore and still never told me what he had done to me...the black and white photos on my profile are from HIS office and they are the before and afters HE himself took...i picked them up a few weeks ago and untill i saw HIS version of what he did to me i am in total disbelief...i knew i looked bad,everyone told me i did,i kept taking picture after picture of myself and when i sent one to him he said they were SELFIES and were not reliable....now HIS own photos from his own medical files show the true extent of what he did....is there nothing i can do?i am devestated...
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There's always something that can be done…..some doctors/surgeons, think they are above the law of medicine, malpractice and most of all professionalism and common decency. It takes a bigger person to admit that they've messed up and that there were complications, how many doctors/surgeons will ever admit that they are wrong? That they made a mistakes? That the results of their surgical skills weren't what they excpected and hoped for themselves for you? It won't happen. What bothers me most, is they try to discredit you, humiliate you, embarrass you and act like you're an idiot, that you're dumb, that you're blind, that you're dreaming, imagining what is real versus what they say. They want you to go away, beacuse they've made mistakes and they don't want to admit or be reminded of it, it's bad for them and their business. Then they make you persona non grata. Of course, this is the biggest tell-tale sign that they did wrong, obviously. If they had done right and didn't f@*k up to begin with, then you wouldn't be upset and wouldn't want to go back in the first place to see them for no reason. I'll bet if you stood outside of thier office with a sign expalining that this is what this doctor did to me, with photos, that would bring and get their attention to people everywhere and including media and the negative publicity to the doctor/surgeon and the shoddy medical practices. That's what any of these people deserve, to be brought to justice and exposed for what they really are and what they've done to people. You should look into and pursue any and every legal recourse to fullest extent possible until You're satisfied and reach closure. Good luck with everything.
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I'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through, the whole experience sounds horrible.  Did the other surgeons say you could have a revision or any sort of corrective surgery?  Like fat pad grafting?

Thinking about you.  I know you feel disfigured but please remember that good people will always love you for you.  You are an amazing, strong person and you will get through this.  We are here for you.

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Thank you for your support and words of encouragement, it's graetly appreciated.
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This community is a great support system.  I know how hard it can be trying to vent your frustrations to friends and family who haven't had the surgery or needed the surgery.  I'm glad you've found us, we all get it because we've either done the surgery or have considered it.  This is a great place to let it all out and get the support you need.  xxx virtual hugs xxx

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Well I would get a good lawyer, I know we all sign papers before hand, but if it's this bad, I'm sure you would be compensated. Has any doctor told you if there's a way to repair the damage? So sorry you went through this, I know this is everyone's greatest fear of having cosmetic surgery. Bless you for having the courage to share this with everyone.
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Thank you for your support……it's been brutal for me over past few years ever since having this surgery. I've always lived a very clean healthy lifestyle and worked hard my entire life for everything I've ever had. I don't whatever I did to deserve this and then to be treated like this by the doctor and his staff, is absolutely unacceptable, unprofessional and he should be held absolutely accountable for what he did to me, he's ruined my life! I've been to a few eye surgeons, a couple said they didn't want to do anything, because they knew I was upset and looking at legal options. Another one said that they could reduce some of the leftover scarring, but didn't want touch it…. What kills me, is when I asked this doctor about scars and scarring before he even did any surgery, he told me, "oh no, there won't be any visible scars, except under the lower eye lashes, which won't be visible, you won't be able to see them at all." So I trusted him and took his word, he made incisions under the lower eye lashes under each eye, which never healed properly and fused together. There are gaps where the two parts of skin never came back together. He also made additional incisions at the corners of both eyes, which also never healed completely. Looks really weird and actually like my upper and lower eyes were torn apart. Also, he made more incisions below the corners, which also didn't heal properly also leaving very visible scarring, which I never had before the surgery. Besides all of this, he was supposed to remove what little puffiness I had beneath each eye, hence lower lid blepharoplasty. Well, he took out too much of whatever he removed from the lower lids. When the bruising and swelling was finally gone, I was left with drooping lower eyelids, I believe it's called, "ectropion eyes" and in addition, there was such a hollowing underneath the entire length of my lower eye lids including the corners of the eyes, which were so bad, he had to inject an external filler such as juvederm or restylene to try to fill-in for the mistakes he made, which he also charged me for. He even made me pay for the filler to cover up for his mistakes. You would think he wouldn't have the audacity and would be embarassed to even ask me for a dime. My eyes look nothing like they did before, there's very visible prominent scarring under and on the sides of both eyes, my eyes always look puffy, swollen, it's a very weird looking appearance which I never ever had before. Also, the filler was put in unevenly, so that looks horrible and also my eyes look smaller because of with the filler, it makes the eyes look smaller and deeper set than they are in reality. My eyes in reality are large and round, but do not have that appearance any longer. My eyes now look deeper and smaller than they really are. I am very depressed everyday now, I am embarrassed, self-conscious about how bad I look and have had this verified by others, so it's not just my opinion or that I'm being critical. It's a fact and I've had this verified by other eye surgeons, ocuplastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, just to make sure and get proper validation that it's valid. Every single one of them told me almost the same thing about the eye surgery being done wrong in great detail. How it was done, the way it was done, the technique used, etc., etc., etc… but also mentioned how it should have been done and why it should have been done that way, a different way then the way it was done based upon all of the factors, my age, skin type, skin condition, etc., etc.
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You should file a medical malpractice lawsuit against him immediately. He needs to be held accountable for your damages and this way you can get the proper treatment needed. A good attorney will be able to settle this case without any trouble considering the physical, emotional and financial damage this has caused you and your loved ones. Don't wait too long though, as there is a statute of limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits. Don't give up, you have a great case. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers!
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sounds like you have had a terrible time of it do you have photos? it will help subsantiate what you have been through and perhaps one of the doctors on here could help with advice.
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Hello, Thanks for the support. I have penty to substantiate myself and my case, I am keeping those close to my chest and to other professionals invloved at this point, until I reach a resolve and some closure on this.
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i hope you do,i really do
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