Day Two -Boston, MA

It's the morning of day two. Swelling but very...

It's the morning of day two. Swelling but very little bruising. My vision is a bit blurry due to the swelling but I have zero pain. I have not taken pain meds since last night and woke up pain free. We'll see how it goes as the day wears on. I did take Arnica before surgery, do not smoke and abstained from alcohol for a week before(argh:)) I think all that helped with the minimal bruising. The procedure couldn't have gone better, I'm very pleased so far. I will update as often as possible.


Thanks for sharing with us.  Sounds like your healing is going really well, Day 2 is usually the worst!  Keep us posted!

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Day 3

Those itchy steri strips came off, still no pain. Quite a bit of swelling beneath my eyes, probably didn't sleep as elevated as I should have. So far so good. Very minimal bruising.

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Day 4

Swelling down a bit. Had a weird incident last night, I poked my self HARD in the eyelid with my thumbnail in my sleep. Woke up bleeding. Not too bad but not a few drops either. Cleaned it up this morning and since I can't tell exactly where I bled from I'm guessing ill live:) other than that I feel great, getting through another day.

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Another day

A bit of progress. My right eye is a bit bruised, either from poking myself in the eye the other night or from the cyst I had removed (round red scab). Extreme itchiness last night, not dry eyes but more like allergic itching in corners of eyes and at suture line. Took some OTC allergy medicine and feel a bit better today. Switched to warm compresses.

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Weird eye shape

Not much progress,but I'm getting paranoid that my eyes got smaller and have a "surgical" look to them. I can't WAIT to get these stitches out and see if the lid swelling goes down. Impatient.


amazing! was the fee you posted the surgeon fee or total cost? thx!
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That was the total cost. It was completely pain free, done under a local at the Doctors office. A Valium taken 1 hour before took away any anxiety, and it was done in an hour. I highly recommend Dr. Townsend. He worked on several of my friends and all of us are thrilled with the results. I'm happy so far!


Decided last night that it would be a great idea to go for a run(Doctor approved). Today I have quite a bit of edema beneath my eyes. Not sure if its from the run,or from ......whatever. Stitches out tomorrow!!!!!! Yay!!!!!


Thanks for your post. I too live in the Boston area and am shopping for a Dr. to perform this surgery. Can you post a before picture to compare. Will definitely be tracking your progress - will keep fingers crossed for an optimal outcome. Is he adept with fillers too?
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He does a great job with fillers. I will post before picture now. It probably doesn't look like I had a huge issue before I had this done, but I didn't want to wait the have an enormous change in my appearance. Just got the stitches out, I'll post a picture this afternoon after the stitch removal redness clams down. My best advice on choosing a surgeon is to find one who's work you've seen. This is especially important on the eyes. If you look at someone who says they've had it done and think, OMG, then you probably want to look elsewhere. If you don't have people to look at then talk to the Doctor, ask a million questions and be honest about your goals.


Sorry, it was just pointed out that I failed to post a before photo. This is kind of the best I have. Droopy eyelids. Not a huge problem but I was told how tired I looked all the time.

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Stitches out!!!!

Almost presentable


This is a great testimonial and thanks for posting the before picture. I'm actually going for a consult this week with another Doctor (also on RSelf). I plan to get, at least, one more opinion and will add Dr. Townsend to my list. You appear to have healed nicely. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you didn't drive home after the procedure? I have teens that im constantly shuttling around and wonder if i could drive the following day. It's great that its reasonably priced and an in/out procedure. One more question - do you know of friends who received the lower eyelid surgery as well? I suspect but am not 100% that I may need that too and just want to explore your knowledge of his expertise. Thank you again!
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My Freud both upper and lower done by dr. Townsend and she looks amazing. I did not drive myself home that day, the Valium I took hadn't worn off yet and I was woozy. I drove the next day, my eyes didn't swell shut so why not?? As long as you aren't taking pain meds there would be no real reason you couldn't. After the first day I didn't need them, and I didn't have any Tylenol in the house but it wasn't an issue. Good luck!! Its totally worth it!
Wow, spell check. My FRIEND had uppers and lowers. I should proof read before posting:)

10 days out

Looks great so far!! So gled I did this. I anticipate a lessening of the swelling as time goes on, but it's really minimal at this time.


Looking good!  Looks like the swelling has really come down.  :)

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It has, and the incision lines while visible, feel stable enough to return to work tomorrow. I work in a very physical environment so this is a good thing. I think by next week it should be healed enough to be difficult to tell I had anything "done"
Freudian slip, literally ;)

Almost two weeks

I'm very pleased with the results. Slight amount of swelling still, and a small section of the incision which is healing a bit slowly, BUT I am very very happy. So glad I did this!

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Everything seems to be healing well, but the scars are really red. The corners of my eyes are super itchy, not sure if it's the ragweed or some thing else. The eyes themselves are not red so I don't think it's any sort of conjunctivitis, which I've had in the past. I'm going to try to use warm compresses and more antibiotic ointment. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Townsend is the best. After seeing the work he did on several friends, and seeing some real awful results from other doctors I knew he was the best surgeon for me. So far very, very happy with the results and the recovery.

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