Derma Roller Done Again!

I am 45 years old and wanted to take care of acne...

I am 45 years old and wanted to take care of acne scars as well as fine lines around my eyes and the parenthesis lines around my mouth. I do get fillers but with light hair and eyes, the crepe paper wrinkles are really starting to come in. The surgeon originally recommended pearl laser. I booked the appointment, paid for it then chickened out, in large part b/c of the very very mixed reviews on real self.

The surgeon then recommended needling. He was going to charge $1500 and the nurses said I'd look awful when I left, but it would clear up fast. I decided to go for needling followed by genesis laser done by the aesthetician in his office. The needles wouldn't be as deep, and results not as dramatic, but there would be no down time. I went yesterday with very modest hopes. After all it was less than half the price and and had no real down time. She put numbing cream on, let it set and went to work. It did not hurt and the genesis laser was warm and comfortable.

Yes, my face was red when I left but it just looked like I got a little too much sun, nothing extreme. I was shocked this am when I looked in the mirror and my skin looks GREAT. The large pores are gone, some of the redness is gone, it looks tighter. It's subtle but its also pretty remarkable. The scars are still there but are less noticable. She wants me to go once a month, not sure I can afford it monthly, but will definitely have this done again.

It's about a month later and I do think it made a...

It's about a month later and I do think it made a difference. Not huge but when I look in the mirror I think to myself that my skin looks good. I'm going to buy one on amazon and start doing this at home!
I recommend Derma Roller to be done by a skin care professional. Never buy a made-in-china cheap roller from Amazon.. There are techniques for derma roller and protocols.. I read tons of reviews of derma-rollers in amazon and these people don't know what they are doing. I love the way professionals do derma-roller in Australia. Contrary clients down here in the U.S. who think they are doing a great job by shopping for the lowest quality rollers on amazon and ebay.
Where did you get this done in Boston please?

Surgeon does the derma-roller

Decided to take out the big guns and really dermaroll the scars. I haven't seen enough improvement with lasers to feel comfortable, so here goes.

Had it done today with adavan and local anesthesia (meaning a few shots the the face before they begin - oh my!). I also had an upper bleph at the same time, but I'll focus on results from the dermaroller. Looking to smooth out skin and lessen appearance of scars and fine lines.

Process did not hurt and I'm on perocet now so no pain. Feel fine - face a little tight but that's it.

Went today.

Had Upper Bleph too. Tired b/c of pain med but feel good. Hoping for improvement of scars....

Five days out- skin looks significantly worse

Ok. It's day five and right now I'm regretting this. My face is still swollen. How much of this is from the bleph and how much from the derma roller I can't say. What I can say FOR SURE is that the scars have doubled in size and as a result of these huge craters on my face along with signficantly enlarged pores, I look 5 -7 years older. The opposite of the intended result. I'm hoping the swelling (pushing from the inside of my cheeks out) is pushing the scars and distorting their size. My skin tone is uneven and doesn't look healthy or good.
Can anyone tell me if you will get results without using any product afterward or during the rolling? I was using a vitamin A, C and E cream after and I am breaking out with mila all over the place! I would get these types of blemishes once in a while on my face, but I think using a cream after rolling is clogging my pores! Any info would be appreciated. I would like to do the derma rolling without using product. Im in my 50's and getting pimples and cysts are bad enough. They go away. What can you do to get rid of Mila. Chemical peels didn't help.
Please let us know whats going on now with your skin. I too had a dermapen treatment about 5 days ago and I look HORRIBLE!!!! Which is why Im on the internet right now looking for answers. I cant believe you paid $1500.00 for the treatment though, I only paid $250.00!!!! Has your skin healed yet??????

Day 16

My eyes look great, however the acne scars which you can't really see in either photo are worse. I'm hoping that time will heal that, but if you have ice pick scars, this is not your answer. I will update again - hopefully the scars will improve.

Not sure how to edit the above post -

Picture on Left is day 10, on right is day 2
Hello All it's been just over two months. I would say I had small improvement on acne scars BUT the scapel scar from the scar excision (done years ago) looks more prominent. Because of this I wouldn't do it again.
How's it going now? Any improvement on the scars? Do you know what size needles were used?
I had a deep dermaroller treatments two years ago, I had to go for 5 visits, and after my second visit, my relatives all noticed the improvement. They asked if I had laser treatment (as they were not familiar with dermaroller), I was happy that the improvement was visible. But my acne scar was so serious that after 5 dermaroller treatments, I continued to have 5 eribium laser treatment. My skin has improved significantly after the eribium laser treatments. It now looks younger, but the ice-pick scars are still there though smaller. Now I am considering punch graft.

5 months post needling - improvement at last!!!!

My skin looks better than before the procedure and the acne scars themselves look smaller and seem to be less noticeable. I would say a 15% improvement, which to me makes it worth it.

The only negative is a scapel scar that I had from an excision of two boxcar scars on my cheek (done years ago). That scar looks a bit wider, but all in all, in the final analysis I'm glad I had this done.

It took about four months before my acne scars started looking smaller & skin tighter, and again, it wasn't a miracle, it was about 15% - 20%, not a miracle, but a difference.
Hey there, just checking in to see if you are still using the Derma Roller and if you are seeing more improvment. 
Hi everyone. After reading all of your comments & questions here I have a few suggestions that I was told by my PS to do after my procedures. Let me begin by saying I had cystic acne starting at age 13 & used Tetracycline until my early 30's. I began using using Retin-A .10 in my early 30's. Now all I use on my face is Cetaphil cleanser twice a day, witch hazel & Retin-A as my night time regimen & sunscreen & moisturizer in the mornings. I've had microdermabrasions that I started in my 40's every 6 months for several years, a chemical peel, 6 Fraxel; repair treatments, Ulthera, Thermage, IPL treatments & 4 CO2 ablative laser treatments. I've also had many, many Botox injections, Juvaderm, Restylane, Juvaderm Voluma, & Sculptra injections. After each CO2 ablative treatment my PS performed, which is in essence the same, if I am understanding how the dermaroller works, I was told not to use any cleansers on my face after, to only rinse with cool water & apply a thin coating of Aquaphor. My PS told me to STOP fish oil & vitamin E at least 2 weeks prior to & after each procedure I had, because of the increased risk of bruising & healing time is longer. I take vitamin K & 200 mg of zinc each day for several weeks prior to & after my procedures. I ordered the 1.5 mm dermaroller from Amazon today & I'm going to give it a try, I've tried everything else. I hope it works, because frankly, I'm tired of spending money. Yes, I have seen results, but not what I feel I should have seen. Maintaining & taking care of our face, body, health is an ongoing process & I am very dedicated to taking care of myself. I hope this helps some & if anyone knows of anything else to try, PLEASE let me know.
So your last treatment, was that done yourself with a dermaroller you purchased on Amazon. I'm curious to try it as well on my acne scars because many have raved about it. Is it painful??? :(
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