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About three years ago I decided to take the plunge...

About three years ago I decided to take the plunge and get a little work done. My chin was always a little square for my liking and I wanted it to look more "feminine." (Never mind that in retrospect it looked fine as it was....). Anyway, I convinced my rather reluctant PS to give me some chin burring. Surgery was done intraorally. End result, a slight change, but not much improvement. No one can really tell anything was done but I am now left with a bit of numbness around my lower lip on one side. It doesn't affect my speech, eating, motility or anything - but I can feel the difference. Also now I have more lower tooth show. Also it's slightly uneven. All negatives. Oh, and when you have this surgery done intraorally it can make the lower lip shrink up (as it did in my case). Anyone looking to have this done should really research their surgeon carefully and make sure they know what they're doing and are VERY experienced with it. Not too many surgeons do this type of work, and I feel the chin, especially the mentalis muscle can be a tricky area to navigate.

Blue have you done anything about getting a revision, or gone on any consults?
Blue have you done anything about getting a revision, or gone on any consults?
Hi Blue! Im thinking of getting a genioplasty done but im afraid i dont have enough time for recovery :| I have a few questions if you dont mind..Your surgery was done intraorally,so did you have very little bruising/swelling? How long did it take for the bruises etc to go away completely? And how many days/weeks post-op did you take off before you resumed work and before you could talk normally?

I just wanted to up my original doc's star rating...

I just wanted to up my original doc's star rating to 4 because honestly, my result isn't too bad really - and he's a top doc. I think my result is more a reflection of my underlying issues - the way my bottom lip naturally falls. That's not to say that you shouldn't heed my warnings - I still believe it's safer to have a chin reduction done through an outside incision - I think the small scar is worth that tradeoff - but I don't think it's fair for me to downgrade my surgeon for a result which to me, isn't ideal. I think naturally, I had a few skeletal asymmetries and those just became more apparent after surgery (to me) - and this can happen with PS - fix one thing, notice something else. But I still think my review above is fairly accurate - just wanted to make sure my surgeon is given the proper credit he deserves. I may in fact return to him for further refinement.
Blue, was your surgery performed by a Boston surgeon?
Hi jcatz1 - as noted below I have gone on one consultation (outside my original surgeon) and he noted what I saw and said it could be corrected. I do think a re-suspension of my lower lip may be in order, however upon reflection, I don't think my mentalis muscle needs the re-suspension - I do NOT have a "witches" chin or such. The chin pad and muscle is adhered and doesn't drop down upon smiling or rest. I do feel however, that the lower lip now has more tooth show, and that will need to be addressed. I have been too busy as of late to go on more consults, but I plan to and will post of them here. Best of luck to you!
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