I have been considering breast reduction for...

I have been considering breast reduction for several years now. I'm only 24, and the reason that I'm finally getting serious about it is because I'm employed full time and out of school (have my own insurance) and am so fed up with my breasts.

I went to a plastic surgery consult on January 7th-- my doctor was unsure if insurance would cover the procedure as my breasts are not as big as some other women and candidates for the surgery.

That said, I'm a 32E and depending on my weight (hovers around 140) and what time of the month it is-- my bra is often too small. That said, my breasts are also very saggy and unattractive.

My insurance agreed to pay for the procedure in full! I was very excited, but still nervous and waited until this week (mid-Feb) to book the surgery. I did it though! I am slated for March 14th.

The more I look at my breasts the more and more I become sure that I will be much happier.

That said, I am going to try and answer some questions along the way, that I had/currently have. My biggest hesitations are the pain--the post opp soreness and scarring freak me out. I will absolutely report back on it as things progress.

Right now, I am looking to 4/25 (its the sixth week mark after my surgery!) and just so excited for my results.

GIRL!!! Your so young, and your breast are actually very lovely and perfect just as they are. They've got GREAT shape, and fit your frame soo well!! Honestly!! If I were in your shoes, I would not have them reduced. I'd look at them as more of an asset if anything!! And if I was your best friend, I'd tell you the same. You might really want to change your perception before you change you boobs... And your only 24, what's the rush? Surgery will always be available. BUT your young now, enjoy your life with your natural unaltered boobs. You don't HAVE to have a reduction, you don't NEED a reduction. Take care, and please don't get mad at me for telling you this, but I say it because I really do think you look so perfect just as you are already. :)
I think the results pay back for the scars. I would always do it again !
I'm 31 and I had the same worries. I healed so-so, not fast but not slow. I had a openings at my T junctions, but I was back to full range of motion and lifting my toddler buy 3 weeks out. I didn't have any help with my daughter during week four.I definitely pushed the envelope physically, so it wasn't surprising when I got sick the following week. The last of my scab (it covered the opening of my T junction on the left side that was big enough for a pencil eraser to fit into) flaked off a couple days ago, so about six weeks out, but the rest have been gone since like week four. Eat protein any chance you get, don't be shy about taking pain meds (even if it's just OTC Advil) and rest whenever you can. I still nap when my daughter goes down for hers. I had protein snacks EVERY night the first month.
Samuel J Lin

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