29 Yr Old Mother of 2- Lift with Silicone Gel Implant - Boston, MA

SO my kids are 7 and 3 yrs old. I breastfed both...

SO my kids are 7 and 3 yrs old. I breastfed both kids. I FINALLY booked my BL & BA after stalking everyone on real self. I am SO SO SO scared to do this! You have no idea, i have never had any kind of surgery and have never been put under anesthesia (I think the anesthesia for me is the scariest part) I'm not afraid of the cutting or the pain (although I'm not particulalty excited about that..lol) my boobs look absolutely horrible, i feel like I'm way to young to have them look this bad.
After kids they looked bad, but its when i started eating clean and work my but off to get a decent stomach that my kids also destroyed....ha ha my husband thinks I'm fine he way i am, i am not doing this for him or anyone else but ME! Any mother knows how hard it is and how we put ourselves last (even my dog comes before me) well this time its my turn while I'm still young ;)
before kids i was a large B, i was ok w the size i would just use ultra padded bras. i never liked my boobs but i also never contemplated surgery, until my kids were born :( i went from a B to a DD :( then a very saggy deflated C (according to VS)
originally a year ago before i started eating clean i went for a tummy tuck....then after reading tons of reviews i decided its a very big procedure with lots and lots of time for healing and swelling, so i decided to eat clean and work out.
it helped a lot! I'm still not happy amy tummy but i don't think its worth the $, the pain and the scar, right now. So i will get my boobs fixed!
if anyone has ANY tips for swelling, scars or what to purchase to help with the recovery please let me know! i am so so scared and cannot back out!!

Thinking of scar treatment

Has anyone used silicone sheets and/or scarguard? I am really hoping to diminish all the bl scars.

Profile for small person?

I have no idea what profile I want. I weigh 106. I'm getting 300-350ccs silicone under. Anyone have any advise?
I don't see the dr until sept 10th and I am very impatient. Lol I was thinkin mod plus but we will see. Thanks :)
Ps. Getting nervous. If anyone has a lost of things to buy that would be helpful as well :)

wish boob pic

Almost there!!

Oh my god the countdown is now so close!!! Nervous, excited, anxious. I just want to get it done so I can heal and have beautiful boobs!!!
I have my pre-op on Wednesday! Yikes!

pre-op today!

I had my pre-op.. i have to say my PS is so sweet! He made me feel a little less nervous than i was...answered ALL my questions (There was a lot..lol) he did not rush me at all. We tried the sizers. My sister, the nurse and the PS all agreed that the 35o cc look best on my frame Mod+. My PS did ask me if he could make the final decision while i am on the table for cc's i said absolutely. I trust him! i am filling my prescriptions tomorrow. 4 total including the nausea patch. Any tips you lady want to give me I'm all ears!!!!!!! :)

Medicine question.

I hate taking medicine. I barely take ib profen even when I have a bad headache.
I do not want to be in pain. But my question is for the ladies who already had this done did you take one or 2 of the percocets (mine medicine is oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-325mg pills. It is the generic pills for the Percocet) at a time or 1 every 4 hours?
I am a small person and have never taking these before so I guess I'm a little nervous on how I will feel on them but don't want to be in pain and have to catch up. I am only 106lbs so not sure if 2 at a time Is to much??! Just a little paranoid.


So close...im so scared I'm not even scared....lol
i still don't believe its really happening!

I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

I CANNOT believe i not only did it but i took it SO well. I truly felt all the positive vibes sent from you ladies (sounds weird and dumb but i swear i did...lol) i slept well last night, woke up at 5am, threw my clothes on and got everything ready for my kids (my mom came over to send them off to school) i was a bit nervous but i just was trying not to think about what was happening. We got to the hospital (My husband and I) of course my husbands monster truck didn't fit in the garage..lol so we had to walk a little further (the good thing about that was we didn't pay parking bc it was so early the machine for tickets were off!) i go in sign papers,pee in a cup, get the iv, and get drawn on.
i got there at 6am surgery was 730am. When i was saying bye to my husband was the only time i shed a tear :/ that was a little hard...i got rolled down the hall. The nurse told me they put a cocktail in my iv, i was feeling good...we went into the OR and no joke within 30seconds i must have been out, no warning no mask, i have no idea how it happened..lol The nurse did tell me they put something in my IV to "forget" so that may be why i don't remember.
I woke up surprised it was over, very minimal pain (almost 12 hrs after surgery still minimal pain) i had to pee 2x while i was in post op- which is good, i want to get that anesthesia all out!
I took a perc right before we left the hospital (Just one) the ride home was good, i loved the wind blowing in my face from the window...felt good.
Now I'm in bed (walking a few times to help prevent blood clots) my husband is being amazing with helping me. i have my post op tomorrow at 12:00! i haven't seen them yet :/ impatient me took the bra off and couldn't see a thing with all the gauze lol.
I seriously recommend any who is considering this to do it!! I still can't believe i did it and i was so calm the entire time! Thank you everyone for your well wishes!!!! ill update tomorrow after my post op :)


First post op visit

Yesterday at 7:30am was surgery. Today at noon i went to my first post op, everything went well. Looks great although i am more swollen today (Just started..but I'm also due for another perch in 30mins) i iced for a short while, taking arnica pellets. Hoping to get off the meds by tomorrow and hoping the swelling goes down soon. I slept pretty well last night. I had my alarm set for my medicines the whole night.
I havent eaten much :/ I just don't have an appetite, i ate a few bites of watermelon last night and a few bites of soup. So far today i ate most of a bowl of cereal, a couple cookies (My sister brought me homade chocolate chip cookies, i could not pass that...lol) and a few bites of annies mac and cheese with a few crackers. Overall still doing good!!

350cc smooth round moderate plus profile gel

I have been off the percocets for 12 hrs. So far so good. I do wake up with "morning boob" which feels the same as being super full when breast feeding.
I'm only taking my antibiotics now every 8 hrs. I haven't eaten much :/ I don't have much of an appetite and I have acid reflux from probably the medication? It feels like air is trapped in my throat. I'm hoping if I eat that will go away although it almost hurts to swallow from the acid reflux (I'm just guessing it reflux) I don't get it often only sometimes when I take my vitamins without eating but it doesn't last this long! I'm hoping it goes away soon.
I've been sleeping pretty good which I'm surprised about bc I am a tummy/side sleeper! Happy healing everyone xoxox

Update day 4

I feel great! Still heavy chested and am not standing 100% straight. A little pain sometimes when I dost get up or lay down. Walking is done w the exemption of looking like the hunchback or Norte damn.
I went 26 hrs without a perc, I did however take one last night while I was in bed not for pain I was just uncomfortable bc I hate sleeping on my back !! That perc helped! I'm going to try not to take one tonight but I love sleep ;)
I see my doctor again tomorrow at 1:00 :)
Happy healing everyone!


2nd post op appt. day4

Saw the surgeon today. He said I am healing very nicely! I think they look great!


My chest feels a little lighter, more like 2 lb bowling balls on my chest vs 10 lb bowling balls :) I can completely stretch my lungs with a deep breathe without any pain. My right boob is the "troubled sister" lol both still look great. I go back to the PS on Monday (when i go back to work :/" i will keep you updated.
Happy healing!!


6 Days PO

I'm feeling really good. Still have heavy feeling on the boobs. A few zingers a day-not bad.
I can't wait to heal and show before and after pics with certain clothes :)
Happy healing!!!

One week today

Morning boob is diminishing. The BL incisions are healing well. The bottom incision is tender. I slept on my side all night last night :)
Happy healing!!!



I'm 9 days PO. Feeling great. At the end of the day I sometimes feel heavy, if I do a lot that day. Totally worth it :) I haven't started any scar treatment yet. I see my Ps in 2 days (monday) Maybe he will allow me to start soon :)

11 days PO

Saw my ps today. They took one stitch from under each of my breasts.
My right is still the more swollen one. That's why my nipples look uneven :/ hoping the swelling goes down. I'm going to try and not use my right arm as much and see if that helps.




Tomorrow makes 2 weeks :)

Feeling great. Still swollen. Morning boob is disappearing but I do still have it.
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Thanks for all your posts! I am right behind you and had a very similar size breast lift on Sept. 24th so I am only 6 days post op! Get my bandages off in a few days. Helpful to see the healing and scars so I know what to expect. Looking forward to your scar treatment, as that has been my biggest deterrent with getting the lift! thanks again!
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Thank you for your comment on my post:) I am comforted to know that there are other women out there who know exactly what I'm going through. Helps so much! Your results are wonderful!! Congratulations!!
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You're healing very nicely:)
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Hey! Just had surgery Thursday. It's been killing me not to know what they are looking like. It's Fort Knox down there so I can't see anything!! How long were you on pain pills? I'll trying to wean off no but I'm afraid if I do it will be too painful. But I HATE the way they make me feel. Also, do your incisions itch?! Mine are killin me! I hope you have a great rest, your results make me excited to see mind!
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Hey! I was on pain pills day of surgery (Thursday) took one perc every 3 hours. Took them all day Friday. Didn't take one Saturday until it was time for bed (one on sat) and then I was done. My insicion a are starting to itch now. Not horribly, I apply squash or once a day maybe that helps? Happy healing!!
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I think that's the plan, only Valium for muscle relaxant and hopefully off Perc for good by tomorrow. Do u just take extra strength Tylenol for pain?
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I didn't take anything once off the percocets. You might be in more pain than I was since tou had the lipo. I don't think you can take the Tylenol unless it's hours after the Percocet bc Percocet contains acetaminophen.
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I apply aquaphor once a day* not squash. Stupid auto correct. lol
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They look great! You must be so happy! How are you feeling?
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I am so happy! I feel awesome. Worst part was the first 3 days. Even that wasn't bad. How are you feeling??!
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I'm feeling great! Wednesday will be 3 weeks... everything looks great and I'm healing well. My breast started to drop a bit but I'm still swollen. My scars look great, I'm very happy. Happy you're doing well... you look great.
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That's a lot of "greats" by the way ;-)
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That's great! 3 weeks wow. I can't wait until more time passes. Mine just turned one week. Have you started scar treatment? Yours look great!
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Thank you! No, I haven't because well... my ps told me that the scar treatment gels/creams etc are a waste of $$ ... no evidence to show they really work ... He said scars heal best when moist and covered... any petroleum jelly or advanced healing ointment work the same. I've done some research and I'm going to stick with aquaphor and gauze pads. My scars already look amazing... My ps told me not to waste my money... He also said that how well your scar heals is 50% the ps technique and 50% genetics. So keep your scars moist and covered. Other than that I'm feeling good... Less swollen for sure but I do notice when I do too much during the day... I feel it at night. Especially when I use my right arm a lot. I'm staring to feel my implants move around the breast pocket ... do you feel that yet? Hope you're well... you look great!
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Thanks! I feel great as well. Read my Last update. My right side is the same! If I use my arm to much my right side is swollen. I have already started sleeping on my side, when I sleep on my right side it hurts in the morning. I can feel the implant inside as well (hooefully that goes away soon) I have been using aquaphor on my incisions everyday since surgery (11days) and covering w gauze. I have heard great things about silicone sheets so I did buy them but can't use them until 3 weeks according to my PS. You look great as well!! I think we both have great surgeons :)
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I loved DR. Seckel, he was my first choice :-) I kind of want to do something else now.... :-) What's wrong with me??? Lol I'm going to be one of those people addicted to ps ... I can almost see looking like cat woman when I'm 80 ;-) I think I want to get Lipo but I hear it REALLY hurts. My husband told me if I get my mouth stitched shut, he'll pay for the Lipo... nice
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Ha ha ha. I hear you. I originally went in for BA and smart lipo. Once I found out I needed a lift I didn't want to add the lipo due to $ AND I did hear it hurts :/ Once I am able to work out I am going to go to a personal trainer to see if it will help, if not I may consider it to. I know a TT would give me the best result but it's so invasive and I'm not sure I'll be ok w the scar :/ The things us women go through! Beauty is pain
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Hey Hun! I've just recently joined this site as I'm 34 days out from my surgery! You look amazing and I can't wait to see how your scars heal. That look so good already!!
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Thank you!! I would love to see your pics! Post some if your willing to share :) Happy healing
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I literally have no idea how to work this site? I added a photo last night but didn't know where I could write stuff, all I could add was a photo and my home town?
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Lol. I think you go to create profile? You don't have a pic there just says from Australia.
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Yeah I ended up deleting the picture when I couldn't find where to go from there. Otherwise people would see a horrid pair of tits then it just said from Australia!! Haha I was mortified. I'm going to try again now :)
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Ha ha. Good luck :)
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I had mastoplexy (used original implants) but have the same incision (anchor) what is the thought on scar therapy??? Thanks
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Scar guard I heard is terrific and affordable. It's a liquid you put on then it turns white and flakey leave on for a bit and repeat. Reviews on amazon are great, my doctor also recommended it. I also bout silicone sheets. They have great reviews as well but pricey. Good luck xoxoxo Happy healing!!!
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