Hello ladies, First, I really can't believe that...

Hello ladies,

First, I really can't believe that I'm writing as I'm waiting for my surgery to happen. My story is kinda complicated one, so I won't go too much into details. 6 months ago I started considering BA since opportunity for it arose, and I have had small breast since I was a 14 years old. Fear played a big role in my life, so I see this surgery as an opportunity for personal growth as well as a chance to improve my appearance.

I'm very satisfied with my lower body since I was speed skater in the past, and I was always active. That is probably a part of the reason why I didn't develop breast as I was supposed to. Hormones aside of intensive training played a role too, so I ended up with 32AA.

I went for a consultation on February 25th. I live in Boston. I searched surgeons in area, even in Providence, but I decided to go with Dr Jeffrey Darrow. I actually have scheduled one more consultation after Dr Darrow, but I just canceled after talking to him.

First, I think it is so important that you like the work that is available on surgeons websites. I'm very petite, and I love natural look. If I really want to look sexy, I will just use push up bra or swimsuit, but otherwise, I want to look as natural as possible. I was impressed with his work. Breasts that he did look so natural.

I did quite a research before going to consultation, so I was ready. Again, I was impressed with his answers, willing to explain every single detail, time that he spend with me etc. I would say that he has his own style, and I like when surgeons have that. Since, I have very small frame, never had children before, and because I want that natural look, we agreed on 250cc. My left breast is little bit smaller, so there is a little bit of asymmetry. As we know that the more volume you have the difference is less visible, so I have decided to go with the same size in each breast.

I have talk to the anesthesiologist as well, and he seems so nice. He answered all my questions, trying to ensure me that all will be fine. As he could feel my fear even over the phone, he told me to take whatever I can to ease anxiety because once I'm there I will get some medicine. I'm scared of them too since I have dealt with panic attacks in the past. Doing some nice progress on CBT, but those coping strategies probably won't be enough in this case. I don't know how to prepare...

I prepared almost all. I will take some pics because it is easier to share, and I hope it helps you all. I have an emotional roller coaster since I finally booked it. I wasn't questioning if I should have done it or not, but I'm so freaking scared of this. I have never broke a bone or have anything similar. Just can't believe that I will go through it... Can't imagine that moment of walking up the stairs, and opening door to get inside the house. I know it sounds so depressing, but it is hard...

I will post some pics now, and later will post more.

Thank you ladies! I enjoyed every single post here, and I hope this will be beneficial for you as well.

Stay happy and healthy!

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Excitement starting to kick in...

Finally getting everything in order. Tomorrow I will find out when surgery is going to happen, and I will make final plans. I filled all my medicines, got food, drinks, pillows, bra etc.

Once I organize it all which I believe will be tomorrow or on Thursday, I will share more.

I think it is important to educate yourself as much as you can, and to prepare all in advance, so it will be easier for you and people around you.

Stay in touch!

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Left breast hurts...

It is not new to me to get this pain, but I don't like that idea to have surgery while I'm already having some pain.

5 years ago my gyno told me that I have two small cysts in my left breasts. I have never checked them afterwards, and sometimes they become painful. It is especially painful in my other half of my period where my breast gets tender and swollen because of some hormone imbalance. I don't take any birth control pills.

I'm trying to prepare that I will feel more or the same pain in the other half of my periods after I get implants. But I'm also scared that it will hurt more since I have already feel pain in my left breasts.

I hope all goes well...

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Preparation -- Staying away of germs.

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Preparation -- Drinks

I plan to drink as much as I can during this week as well as after surgery.


Can't wait to see! Good luck!
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Thanks so much!!

Preparation -- Nausea

Along with Zofran and a patch, I got these too.

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Preparation -- Crackers and salty food*

I know I'm not supposed to have as much sodium because of swelling, but it can ease upset stomach that I might have since mine is very sensitive.

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Preparation -- Food right after surgery

I forgot to add pineapple. Any suggestions?

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Preparation -- More food

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Preparation -- To help my body heal faster

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Preparation -- Teas and lemon water

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Preparation -- For some relief...

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Preparation -- Meds

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Preparation -- Bras

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My husband and I were playing, and actually tried to use this site. Look what I got.

I hope I look better than that!


I wish you the best of luck!! General anesthesia is hard to think about. They said they would also put a small tube through my mouth so it's possible to have a sore throat, although I didn't so maybe you won't either! In the pre-op room they gave me one dose of versed through my IV, the last thing I remember was hugging mum and giving her a kiss, then they were rolling me into the OR, and then I blacked out! Didn't even see what the OR! woke up with minimal pain and had mum drive me home. So completely understandable to be nervous! But you'll do great! The worst part is the waiting game.
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Thanks so much! Your comments means a lot to me. I'm trying to prepare. As I'm scared of all this, I'm scared of meds too. I know it is silly, but I take meds when I really need them. And that is usually never. So, Percocet scares me a lot. Have you tried it? About OR... I told my anesthesiologist that I wouldn't like to see it. I'm scared to see all that equipment etc. So, they will walk me there. They will give me something to calm me down. I hope that will work... I really hope...

My PS work. I just love the look!

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Mixed feelings...

I just found out the time of my surgery. I need to be there at 7 am. Then I will do some paperwork (if I'm able to think straight, so have no idea how I will do it), talk to Dr Darrow, anesthesiologist, nurse etc.

They should start around 7:45 am or 8 am. I should be done by 9 or 9:30 am. They want me to stay 2 hrs there, so I should be home by noon.

Now I have to organize my medication around the clock starting from there...

It feels real... And my fear is arising again. I will go now to meditate some to see if that helps...


That's great that you got such an early time slot. I've read about people getting later slots (all day to fast & be nervous) and then get pushed back even farther because other appointments ran late. So 7am is a score!
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Oh, I hope so!!!! I hope I will have time to recover during the day... Thanks for your support!

A couple more before pics...


Peeling off jello tops and opening cans wont be happening so if you can portion stuff out or if your husband will be there to help youre golden! Even at a week Post Op im still struggling to pull the kitchen table chair out. Reaching, pushing, pulling, do a walk thru of your house. The hardest part of the entire surgery is getting in and out of bed no joke! You are just as tiny as me! I love that you had the sexy panties on during your Pre Op pics post! It takes a lot to take pics like that let alone post them around here, but we all do love seeing progress and giving support. As each day goes by just remember recovery is a lot more work than the morning you'll show up for surgery, they do all the work! =) Have your husband at your beckon call round the clock the first three days and you will have it easy made!
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I read your previous comment. I can't thank you enough for such a reply! Yes, I read your posts as well, and have to be honest that I'm getting even more scared after reading some of it. I have trouble taking pills, almost any kind, and especially some heavy ones. So, that is why I'm thinking to start with 2.5 mg Percocet. I'm supposed to get three types of anti emetic during surgery. Will get a patch as well. Filled Zofran too. So, I hope nausea part is covered... My husband will help me the day after surgery, and the day after I will have home care (nurse) and my husband. We have no family here (we are from Europe), and my husband will work from home Thursday and Friday. I hope that will be enough.

My pill schedule around the clock!


You are going to look so amazing!!! Like you, I just loved my dr's natural results and trusted him to do that for me. I ended up with Sientra round implants. Recovery wasn't too bad. Just let yourself heal, and allow others to help you. Good luck!
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Thanks a lot!!! What size of implants did you get?

So nervous!

Getting so nervous once I get up... I think I should stop reading all about it. It appears the more I read the more confused I'm... I have to focus as much as I can.


good luck! I am about the same size as you so i am very interested in your results!
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First, I need to go through it, and then we can talk about results. :/ It will be a struggle, I know. I have so much anxiety already. Reading some of stories on here doesn't help at all. I will try to share as much as I can and as soon as I can. You are doing such a smart thing. Keep reading, but it is most likely that your experience will be different from what you have read.

Day before...

I don't want to sound depressing, but I have no idea how I feel about tomorrow. I can go from excitement to paralyzing fear, and then again from fear to something different. It is unknown territory for me by any means, and when I have to do something that I have never done, I have trouble let it go. Right now I think that I'm occupied by some questions that might not be relevant after surgery, and I still can't understand why I even think of such things. As I mentioned earlier, I hate medication that changes how I feel, my awareness, my alertness, and Percocet is my on my Top 1 list of things I'm concerned about. I'm sure I would sound silly to somebody or even myself once I go through this. But I have trouble taking meds.

I have been drinking Gatorade/water/vitamin juices A LOT during this week. Since I have such a low blood pressure (90/60), I can't go through day without coffee. But yes... I didn't have a coffee for a week. I just didn't need it. This is my record. My previous record was 3 days without coffee. I was eating healthy as always, and I added more calories this week too. Added more bars, more soups, more protein.

My plan is to get up at 4:45 am, do my relaxation exercises, take Valium, take a shower, make my husband a breakfast, make pillows and bed, and head out at 5:45 am. I have to be there at 7 am. That is good because usually as soon as I wake up, I want food, so I hope I won't be hungry for long.

I'm still missing that excitement, and I don't know why. I think it is because I can't imagine myself with breasts... I just learned how to live without them, to hide them, and to suppress some of femininity inside me. When you are so afraid, when you have no choice but to live without having nice breasts, it is easy to find excuses, so you can comfort yourself and make it less emotionally painful.

I did it almost all... Waxing, cleaning, prepared all food, found nurse for Thursday, so today I will wash my hair, and spend some time alone. I will try to focus on positive thoughts even I know that tomorrow will be a struggle.

My PS will give me long lasting Novocaine, so he said that I should wake up without pain. The reason he gives that is because that allows me to recover after, so I can eat and take my meds. He said to take my meds even I don't feel pain, so I'm on top of it. So, I will try cycling... 5 mg, 2.5 mg, 5 mg Percocet and so on. I hope I don't end up taking more. I believe that pain depends on many factors. Surgeons technique, how he divides muscle (cautery dissection or blunt dissection), size of pocket that he needs to make which is in correlation with size of the implant, breast tissue etc. I will ask him to be as gentle as possible, but I do trust him, and I think he will do the best.

I will try to take more photos today, and that would be it. I will try to post again as soon as I can. As I said, it is completely unknown for me, so I have no idea how good or bad I will handle this.

THANK YOU for ALL support. This is such a great way to keep in touch, to understand each other, to support, help and much more.

Stay happy and healthy, enjoy your day, and I will see you soon (hopefully).


Welcome to the world of new and improved boobies! The size you chose will be perfect for you! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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Good luck tomorrow! It will be over before you know it and you will love the enhanced you! The size you chose will give you a beautiful natural look!
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Tomorrow is your big day! I can't wait to see your results :) Do you struggle getting excited over doing something for yourself or your acomplishments or is this the first time you have trouble getting excited? I struggle sometimes to "toot my own horn" or spend a lot of money on myself because I feel selfish but I am getting better at it. I don't know how to explain it right with out sounding cheesy but its like this is a part of loving yourself by doing something that is going to make you happy and thats okay! just breathe and do some Yoga! Namaste :)
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Done! Ready for a new life!

Thanks for all your support. I made it. At home, my husband is taking such a great care of me, just took a walk around house, still on 2.5 mg Percocet.

Will write more when I can.

Tomorrow will be my first peeking day.

Thanks again! Kisses and hugs!

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A few more pics from recovery room.

Thanks to my dear husband that took these for me.


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iI'm exactly in that paranoia/excitement stage. preop monday, new boobs mon march 31st. How do you feel? I understand it's more pressure than any real feeling of pain. Is that what you are experiencing? also, I have low blood pressure too. be sure to get vitamin k1 and potassium in you. Alot of potassium! and salts. The anesthesia depletes you of all potassium so you have to megadose it back up for recover. best wishes!

A very new update!

So, it has been almost 12 hrs since my surgery. Where do I start?

I was extremely anxious as you could imagine. Day before surgery, I took some more Valium to relaxes me, and also I took it this morning. I was starving. I did my hypnosis, meditation, took a shower, and head out. Surprise, surprise, hello Boston, but yeah, I was scraping my car for 10 min because it was so much ice on it. Just can't wait for spring to come. I want to hear birds, to have a nice weather, to have more sunshine. Living in Atlanta for so long just make this moving to Boston even more difficult.

We arrived earlier at the clinic. Right there was a nurse, give me paperwork to fill. I was shaking, and trying to finish it as soon as possible. Nurse left me to do that, and then came back. She filled a little bit more for me, and try to calm me down.

Dr Darrow came, and he was so nice to me. He felt that I'm so anxious. Asked me if I took Valium, and then marked me. I was shaking as well. I was allowed to have underwear which was nice. He rubbed alcohol all over my chest twice. He did that before marking. Again, he was so nice, and assure that everything is going to be fine.

Then anesthesiologist came. We talk a little bit more because we have already talked over the phone twice. He was very nice as well. I got patch behind my ear for nausea. I asked him to get Zofran during the procedure, in case I need to take medicine before I leave (which I had to). He left, and let me a few more minutes to be by myself. He came, and asked me to go to OR room. I looked down all the time because I wouldn't feel comfortable looking the OR. They made me lay down. I cried... They put IV in me. The last thing I remember was that I asked them if I will have tube in my throat or I will just have a mask. I also remembered how Dr Darrow hold my had very tight as I did his, so it makes me even better. I trusted him 100%, but that was just so nice to have that kind of non verbal support.

Surgery was about 1:15 minutes. They say that my husband came to see me while I was asleep, and it took me an hour to wake up. Waking up was nice, no kidding. First I thought I was at home. I even had some dreams. Then I saw some different curtains, and heard people talking. I wasn't the only one there. So, I figured that I'm done. Nurse came to say hi, and she asked me if I'm in pain or if I needed some water. I wasn't in pain at that point at all. Not nauseous. But I was very thirsty. She gave me a sip of water. I was in kinda in between dream and reality, so I closed my eyes, and rest some more. My husband came soon, hold my hand, smiled a lot, and I cried because I was happy that I made it. He gave me more water as I was very thirsty. No sore throat whatsoever.

After 30-45 min, I was ready for some protein shake and pudding. Since it all took a little bit longer (it was already 11 am) they wanted me to have some pain medicine before I leave. So, I had to eat. I had that shake and pudding, and took my 2.5 mg Percocet as I started to feel more discomfort. The nurse wanted me to stay 30 more min loner, so she can see if Percocet makes me nauseous. If that was the case, she would give me some anti nausea medicine. I got 3 different types of anti emetic while in surgery, plus patch behind my ear. So, Percocet didn't make me nauseous, and helped with pain (not completely, but enough to make me tolerate it), and we left 30 min afterwards.

Since surgery was done, I have been drinking A LOT. Coconut water, gatorade, vitamin juices, water. I had to go pee many times, but I don't care.

Once we got home, I was eating fruit (strawberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple). Then I took my Valium, Zoran and antibiotic. Took my homeopathic medicine for 3rd time since surgery. Then I listened to my meditation, and feel asleep for an hour or so. Then I felt that pain is little bit worse, so I immediately got my shake again and pudding. Took 2. 5 mg Percocet, and it helped within 15 min. Since then, I continued with 2.5 mg, and hopefully stay on that dose since if helps exactly as I need. I still feel some pain, some soreness, tightness, but it is tolerable.

I have been walking around house, stretched my legs a bit, I can go to pee myself, and yes... I flush with my leg, LOL. So, that part seems good.

My husband has been such a great, great help. He did everything I asked, he made me so comfortable. I just can't thank him enough for that. We do have a very close relationship, so that wasn't difficult for him at all.

Right now it is 8:30 pm, and I need to take antibiotic, Valium, and Zofran at 10 pm. Then Percocet again at midnight and 4 am. And so on...

If everything stays this way, I'm really, really blessed to have this recovery. They gave me bra, so I have to keep it until tomorrow. I have decided to keep it by Friday. I did peeked a bit on my cleavage, and it looks great. I'm so excited to look more in a couple of days. I really hope everything stays this way.

I hope this helps you girls. Thank you for such a support! Kisses and hugs! Will post more as days go by...


Thank you so much for relating your journey. I think you make so many of us feel like we are not alone. Feeling the intense anxiety pre-procedure. Most of us don't know what to expect and reading all these experiences really help. I have had 4 surgeries over the muscle and know those are a lot easier than under the muscle. I am going in next Friday and changing them to under the muscle and know the pain will be significantly more! I have anxiety and already have to take Xanax daily to subside it. Already losing sleep hoping this will be the "last" surgery I will have to have... Wish me luck girls. Wish I was where u are now (post op and recovering smoothly) aaaaaah
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Yes... Axiety destroys it all. Excitement, postive attitude, all... I know it. You just have no idea how I was scared. And no, I can't believe that I'm writing this after I made it throught. Pain wise, aks your surgeon to give you some local novocaine in each breast. That way you will wake up pain free as I did too. That will hold you for 2 hrs, so you come back to normal, so you can eat, and continue with meds. Meds are strong, so they will be working for the pain. Take whatever you need to stay calm. Day before surgery, I took 5 mg Valium in the morning, 5 mg Valium around 6 pm, and 2.5 mg around 9 pm. I woke up, still kinda axious, and I took another 5 mg on an empty stomach. It helped a lot even I was still shaking and scared. But it will be so fast, that you will have no time to think about it. The longes part was paper work. After that, all goes fast. I wish you the best!!!

Love at first sight!! Oh my...

I just changed my bra, and started crying a bit. I just love, love, love them. They are still very stiff, but I haven't lost nipple sensitivity. So far, I'm so happy! Can't wait to settle down!!!


wow, your tips are wonderful. thank you. I'm still a nervous wreck, the 31st is coming up fast. So waking up in the night time to take a pain med is key. got it. How do you bolster yourself up to sleep? Should I be worried about my husband next to me? How high can you lift your arms and is the use of them pretty much at 0? What can you do? Thank you again for your help.
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No problems at all. The eveining of surgery I was able to go myself to do #1. Pulling my pants, undies, but I could push hand soap. You can use normal hard hand soap instead of liquid ones. Yes. Get up on time, have prepared snacks/drinks and meds, so you can grab it and go back to sleep. My hubby sleeps next to me without problmes. I will post a pic of my pillows if you would like that.

My recovery bed setup.

3 pillows, and neck pillow is a MUST!


It's great that you didn't lose nipple/breast sensitivity! My nipples, around my areolas, and in various places around mine are completely numb! It's so weird! You are looking great so far, and pretty soon you're going to have to audition for a bikini model contest and win!! :)
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Hahahah, nooooooo! I don't think so. I'm too short to be a model. But thanks! You make me blush!!! Yes, I'm happy I haven't lost sensitivity. But if I did, that is fine as long as I look great ;)

My second day post op

Well, this was beyond what I expected, but I do feel good. This morning at 8 am I took my Percocet, and Tylenol at noon instead of Percocet. I will observe pain/discomfort, and take it again if I need it before I go to sleep. I will try to stick to Tylenol if possible. My back hurts more at this point, and I think it is because I sleep almost in sitting position.

I would say that it hurts more when I wake up or when I'm in bed resting for a long time. As soon as I start moving (dressing, making breakfast etc.), I feel less pressure and pain.

Dr Darrow as well as nurse called me to ask how I feel, and that was so nice of them. Next Tuesday I have follow up consultation where Dr Darrow will take off those tapes under my breasts. He used dissolvable stitches, so that should be fine.

I don't have appetite as usual, but I continue drinking a lot. So, that force me to go to the bathroom and take some walk.

What do I feel?
** I feel tightness all the time, but that is normal because skin is stretching now.
** I feel some dull pain when I want to use my hands. I still do it, but slowly and gradually.
** I feel some soreness for sure. It is all normal.

I get very sleepy during the day even I'm cutting my medication. I think that decision to do this surgery was such a stress for me, and I need extra rest. And believe or not, when I wake up in the morning I still feel some anxiety thinking that I'm about to have surgery. Crazy, huh? But yes, it is over. :)



Everything looks great! Congratulations! I am one week out and have been back at work for three days. I only needed pain medication the first three days. Toward the end of the week there isn't pain but new weird feelings. Lots of tingling and a sensation that I could just feel them inside of me.
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Thank you for sharing your experience in such detail! You look great & best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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You are welcome! Thank you so much! Cheers!

Third day post op

I would lie if I told you that I'm better than yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing fine, but I feel completely exhausted. I finally stopped Perococet, and my last dose was this morning 4 am.

I have only 3 more antibiotic to take, and I cut on Valium as well. I plan to use Tylenol every 4 hrs instead of Percocet. Pain has been good so far, but it is SOOOO freaking tight around my boobs... Oh, my... I hope that is normal.

Since the surgery, I have been sleeping in an nearly upright sitting position. Because of that today I have more pain in my back than anywhere else. Even I took two short naps, I still don't have as much energy as I expected. I will try to take another one.

I use my hands for almost all. I can lift my hands, spread them on the side, get up out of bed etc. Again, no pain so far, but tightness is the worst.

Today I had 99.3 - 99.6 F and some headache. I was a little bit worried, so I called nurse to check that with her. She said that even if I have some mild fever, Tylenol will take it down. It that isn't a case, she recommended to refill another antibiotic. I hope that won't be necessary. I searched it a bit, and mild fever like that can be caused by cutting on narcotic pain killers.

I will post again in a few days. I have an appointment with Dr Darrow on Tuesday when he will take off the tape under my breasts. I hope he will be satisfied with progress.

Happy weekend!


Congrats on your new boobs!! Stay in & I guess your tightness will improve soon.. Like others mention here you could have the flu or some flu-like symptoms not related to your procedure. It's so nice to follow others with more modest implants (I'm on day 6 now after 295 mod unders), looking forward to see how you heal! Wish you all the best!!
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Thank you so much for stopping by! I like when you called our implants "modest". That was sweet. :) Yes... I think all meds are getting out of my system, so I really feel weak and tired now. And my stomach isn't in the best shape. I just started with probiotics because my last antibiotic was this morning. I hope that tomorrow I feel better. I just have no energy. Thanks so much for posting!

Quick update

As I wrote, I'm off of all meds except Tylenol, but today I figured something out, and made a little change.

My breasts are extremely tight. Today they were so tight that I couldn't keep my back straight, take deep breaths and so on. I always check my breast to see if they are warmer than other part of my body, and guess what... I felt muscle contraction under my hand. And yes, I figured out I have to take Valium (2.5 mg). Within 20 min I felt much better. Not as much pressure after that. So, I plan to take Valium tonight, and tomorrow.

The other thing I started to feel today is some tingling/burning sensation inside my breasts. It lasts for 5 seconds, so it isn't bad at all. I guess that implants are trying to find their place. Also, it is very itchy all over my breasts. I think that is because skin is stretching now.

I knew that I had sensitive stomach, and those meds just created havoc for my stomach. Also, I think those antibiotics were so strong for me, so yeah... I did #2. As soon as I stopped with Percocet, my stomach wasn't as bloated as before. So, yes... Patience, patience, patience.

Stay in touch!


You look great!
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I appreciate your comment! Thank you!

Day 5

My appetite is a little bit better. I'm off of all meds including Tylenol, energy levels are so-so. No pain, just tightness all over my boobies. My back hurts more than my boobs since surgery. I hope to feel better in the next few days.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my PS and he will take my tapes off. Yay!


hi, its normal to have back pain, you are very slim and u add a "weight" more, ur body need to be renforced on your back part, for can support this new weight, maybe your doctor can advice some exercice to do for that, and when you have totally recovered, u should maybe make some swimming sessions, its the best sport for gain muscles on back Im afraid when i see all medicaments u have to take, try to not take too much if u can Between all that, the result is just perfect, the last pics u did show it, you are beautiful, wish u the best :*
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Silly Remi! So sweet of you! :) It took me a while to figure it out. Talk to you soon!

Day 6 and my first follow up

Oh... My energy levels can go from high to low, and again from low to high. I'm not completely myself just yet, but I'm getting there.

I just had my first follow up, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I will share my questions and answers that I got, and then post some pics. I couldn't resist, but to wear my Victoria Secret swimsuit. Oh, boy... I LOVE IT!

My incisions are healed. I'm so happy because of that! It looks like a scratch to me, and I can shower like I usually do. I don't plan to put any cream on it just yet. I will wait for new skin to grow, and then I will apply just 100% Shea butter. That is my plan for now.

I haven't lost sensitivity in my nipples, but they do hurt a little when I touch them. Since there are a lot of nerves, and some of them are probably injured, it is common to have sensitive nipples for some time. Plus my nipples are stretching now. They look dry, so I do put Shea butter on them.

I have experiencing some tingling/burning sensation in my breasts. Again, nerves are injured, and they want to connect again. It can take up to nine months for getting everything in order.

I had mild fever 2 days after surgery. 99.3-99.6. My husband got some cold too, but no fever. At that point I used Tylenol, so my fever was under control. It isn't alarming. As long as I don't have any other symptoms of infection (chills, warm breasts, redness etc.), that is all fine.

I have extremely terrible back pain. Interesting enough, it is because of implants. In short words, implants make some pressure on our rib cages which causes some of the back muscles to hurt. It isn't anything to be concerned about, and I can take Motrin or Tylenol if I need for that. I'm also using Magnesium lotion in that area.

I can go back to my supplements. Yay! ;) I regularly take Magnesium 250 mg, vitamin B6 100 mg, additional vitamin and mineral complex, vitamin D and K2 2000 mg, folic acid 400 mg, probiotics.

Tightness... Oh, it is crazy tight sometimes. It will take a while until it is away. It can take up to 3-4 months, but it will be better day by day. I can take Motrin or Tylenol if I need to.

I started with complaining about my energy levels, and will add one more thing my PS told me. With every surgery, people often experience ups and downs. You can feel good, and in an hour you feel like you run a marathon. Yes, it is normal. It will get better day by day.

So, yes, my ladies, that is what I have learned today. Let me share some pics now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them ;)

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And yes... My favorite Victoria Secret swimsuit!


WOW!! You belong in the VS swimsuit catalog with that body now!! you look a great!
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LMAO! I'm just 5ft4in! But that was sweet! Thanks!

One more thing...

I asked one more question Dr Darrow, and I think it is important.

If I experience any pain, what is the pain that I should be concerned about?

Any pain that is getting worse each day is the one that we should be concerned about.

So, all those tingles/burning sensations, mild pain, tightness that we feel is all normal.

I guess you know this, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it again.



I looked at your pics again, and they really have dropped a lot since the day of surgery! They look super hot and perfect!! And your incisions look great too. I have to wait until Monday to get my stitches out. Since mine are heavy, he wanted to keep them in for 2 weeks. I don't think the scars will even be noticeable after a few months of Mederma and scar massage. Let me know how you're feeling in the morning. I wish there was something I could do to help you feel better!
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I'm feeling better. Thanks so much for asking!!! I appreciate it! I think they changed a bit since my last post, and definitely since surgery. After surgery they had some square shape, but now that is more round. I think it will take a few more weeks to see some of the results. I have my next follow up on April 17th, and I think that will be the time when I would be able to go bra shopping. I have to wear this surgical bra for 4 weeks total. I don't mind wearing it more than that because it is comfortable to me. Yes! I was amazed when my PS took support tapes off along with tape that was on my incisions. I looked in the mirror, and it looked like cat scratched me or something like that. He said he was able to make smaller incision (3.5 cm instead of 4.5 cm) because of smaller implants. I was happy to hear that. I don't plan to use anything on scars just yet. They still have to heal 100%. Too much moisture isn't good. I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!!!


I know there are so many ladies waiting for their surgeries to happen, and many others that are waiting for their final results. Either way, the waiting game isn't fun.

I have been asked about my nutrition. I was thinking that this would be a great opportunity to change focus a little bit. I would be happy if you find this helpful because I think that nutrition/health is the most important thing, and because simple changes can make a big difference in long term.

I have used low glycemic index and insulin resistance diet for some time, and I still use its principles. Not because I'm diabetic or something like that, but because of sugar spikes that aren't good for us. It makes your organs do a lot more work then they need to. Plus, it is well known that there is a significant difference between our energy levels after eating sugary meal or snack, and after eating complete protein-carb meal or snack.

So, first of all, I don't use any diary product. I realized that my stomach feels weird after eating it. It took me a while to figure it out even I was using a lot of cottage cheese, string cheese, sour cream etc. I'm not allergic to lactose, so I do eat once in a while something that has milk in it, but I try to stay away from it. I use almond milk for my cereal. I get Silk yogurt (from almond milk too) as well, Canola mayonnaise, vegan buttery spreads etc. You have plenty of choices if you are in the US.

I try to limit my SUGAR intake to 5-10 g per meal. This one might sound difficult to manage, but it isn't! When it comes to veggies and fruit, I don't look at sugar (fructose) at all. They are mostly well balanced with fiber and protein, so there is no need to look at those labels. I don't eat tropical fruit as much (mostly yellow fruit -- bananas, pineapple, mango etc.), but I do eat berries and apples almost every day. Berries are included in my breakfast, and apples in my snack. I eat candy very rarely. If I want something sweet, I get banana or a piece of >80% dark chocolate. Bars can be tricky because they offer a lot of protein, but some of them are full of sugar. Discipline is hard thing, I know. Once you try something sweet, you can't stop. I eat cheesecake once a year around winter holidays, and usually around holidays I eat more. Like we all do! My mother in law is great cook, so we always cook together. So, check labels for sure. Stay away from sodas! Let's say this... One cup of original coke has 30 g of sugar! Insane!

CARBS... Carbs are fine as long as you eating them with protein. So, for the best results, try ratio 7 g of carbs to 14 g of protein. It doesn't need to be that exact ratio, but when eating carbs, think of having protein twice as much as carbs. I used to calculate those things, and I got bored very quickly. These days, I don't even think about it. I just know it... I will get an apple and a handful of almonds. That is it. I will have salad, but add a hard boiled egg, tuna or chickpeas as a protein. Since I moved to the US, I just couldn't get used to bread that you can buy in grocery stores. I can't stand that smell even today when I go grocery shopping. I have no idea what their nutrition labels are. Luckily, I got very passionate about baking, and I bake my own bread ever since. So, look good for those labels.

I also try to be gluten free. 90% of my meals are gluten free, and I don't think I will ever go 100%. I'm not allergic to gluten either. Believe or not, it does make a difference. I did this mainly because of my husband, and we both love it. Our skin is more radiant, our digestion better, energy levels too.

FAT... There is so much going around about amount of fat we should have. The best thing I can say is to listen to your body. For example, we girls get weight around waist or on hips/bum etc. We think... Oh, yeah, I'm gonna limit my fat, and all will be gone. WRONG! You NEED fat for your hormones production. It is crucial for your health. But, you have to pick good fats. Great source of healthy fats are from nuts, oils, avocados.

NUTS... They are fulfilling, tasty, but can be high in calories. Thumb rule: as much nuts you can grab in your hand, that is amount for you. The best nuts are walnuts, pecans, almonds and pistachios. Cashews are ok, but don't offer as much nutrition as others for the same or higher calorie value.

OILS... If you are frying food, use oils that are meant to be used in high temperatures like sunflower oil or sesame oil. Olive oil isn't healthy for frying. It releases free radicals, and it is supposed to be used in fresh form. The same is with flax oil. Flax oil is fantastic substitute for omega supplements, but it has weird taste. I used it in smoothies, but never on salads. Keep it in fridge for best results. Avocados are great too. Just mash avocado, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and you are good to go.

Some meals/snacks ideas:

* crackers with tuna salad/hummus
* carrots with hummus
* apple and handful of nuts
* 1/2 banana and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
* salad with tuna/salmon/tofu/chickpeas
* spinach egg white omelet
* pasta with meat
* smoothies

I hope I covered it all! LOL!



Thanks for the nutrition post! I've always wondered if the dairy/gluten thing really made a difference if you're not allergic. I'm an admitted carb addict; I don't eat meat, but that's not enough to be be thin and healthy. I'm going to follow your plan and see if these stubborn last 10 lbs will come off! I appreciate you taking the time to post this. :)
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Anytime! I would love to be vegan, but I can't give up on meat. Small and frequent meals will boost your metabolism for sure. I know you can make it!!! Now that you have those beautiful breasts, you will be motivated even more. At least I am... Now I want to try different workouts. Will see... Still have to be patient!

Before and after!

Another swimsuit! :) Still can't believe that I did it!


Congrads on your new look! You chose the perfect size for your body. You look great in your swimsuit photos. Take it easy even if you feel great. Your body needs time to heal.

I also found your nutrition post very informative and helpful. I had no idea that olive oil was not good for frying. Thanks for taking the time to share this info with all of us! 
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Thanks so much, BethH. I'm very happy with my size. I'm still very tight, but I hope that will be better soon. I'm very glad you found something informative. I will try to share more about workouts and beauty. I think this is such a great site for sharing information. Have a great weekend!

Merena surgical bra

I have seen this question lately, and I wanted to share my experience with Merena bra.

I know it is a little bit expensive, and I was in dilemma about getting it, but I'm so glad that I did. I have another sports bra from Walmart that is comfortable too, but they can't compare.

I added pics, so you can see how easy you can adjust it.

I usually wear XS or S size, and first I got S size of this bra too. I had to return it because it was way to tight. I reordered it, and got size M.


I can't remember the last time I used normal milk. I have used Soy or almond milk for the past few years. I don't know much about gluetin but when I see a gletin free option I go for it. Thanks for the tips!
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I used soy too. Coconut is great milk substitute. I do use soy creamer, and I sometimes coconut. Are you feeling better?

Showering feels so good!

Today was the first day that I felt like 80% myself. Since surgery, I kept waking up in the middle of the night, and then had a hard time going back to sleep. I'm quite regular sleeper (10-10:30 pm in - 6-6:30 am), so this was unusual for me. I still sleep on my back, and that isn't helping. Finally, last night was my first good night, and today I woke up feeling great.

Tightness was much better today as well as my ability to do things around. I think that I was able to do much more sooner, but I chose not to. Luckily, I had that option. My energy levels were fine today, and I felt better overall.

I can't really say that I have experienced any kind of pain that lasted more than 5 sec or 5 min for these 10 days. I think that is good, and I really hope it stays that way. I do feel some sensations over time, like around my incisions or some sensations inside my breasts since I'm getting close to my period, but all is tolerable.

Pain in my back is still present. It gets worse if I do more or walk more. My upper body has been always very weak, and my posture not that good. So, I'm not surprised that I have that pain. I'm not concerned at all. I know it is temporary.

I was prepared for everything possible for surgery and a few days after. But now I see that I wasn't mentally prepared to stay away from running or my workouts for such a long time. I still have no idea what I'm gonna do about it. I think I will start with some lower body exercises sometime soon. But I will miss running seriously... It was the way to bring more focus in my life.

Unfortunately, I had some cold from day 5 to day 8. Oh my... Of course, I freaked out about it, so I called my PS to ask him if I'm in danger for CC because of that. All was fine, I wasn't in danger at all. But it was so annoying to have that damn cold when your body needs to recover.

When it comes to my diet, it is still the same as after surgery. I'm not back to my old food regimen. I still feel that my stomach is sensitive, so I take smaller bites. I think I will be back to that soon.

My next follow up is on April 17. I can't wait to see my final results. I bet you feel the same about yourselves! Oh, this waiting time...

Have a great day!!!


So glad to see you're feeling more like yourself! I'm also really missing full-body workouts, but did some physical activity this weekend. That helped my mood a lot! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, and you're not the only one having the weird sensations. They are definitely unlike anything I've ever felt before. Lol *hugs*
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I was thinking of you. I'm happy to hear that you had a good weekend. Mine was totally slow since here is raining for two days in a row, so we couldn't go outside. I'm feeling much better! Thank you so much! Today I did some light housework, and that made me feel sooo good! I can do it! I'm still careful, but I see some progress. Stay in touch!! And have a great week!!! Hugs back to you!

It didn't take me long to...

A few days ago I was reading some posts on here, and it got me thinking. It is about compression bras.

Is my bra tight enough? Now I regret that I didn't aks my PS about bra on my first follow up. I still remember his answer from my consultation where he said it has to be somewhat loose. Because obviously you want your breasts to drop. But where is that line where a bra starts to be too tight or too loose?!

Then I pulled out my bra that they gave me after surgery. As soon as I put it on, I was like "oh, this fits perfectly!". Shortly after that, I started to feel some pain in my right breast and even in right arm, and I still feel it. I'm completely sure that is because of this bra. It is First Choice brand http://www.aadvantagefirst.com/, and I have it in size S. I think this is one very good quality bra. I'm not saying that my Merena bra isn't good. It is very comfortable, and I love it.

So, why all this? It is because I really want to get the best results possible. I know that the purpose of compression bra is to give you good support, but also to let your breasts drop naturally. I think it is very important part in recovery.

Let me know what you think about it.



You make a really good point..Now I'm concerned that this compression bra I was told to wear will have an impact on the whole dropping process.. Thank you for your last post because I am definitely going to being that up with my PS on Thursday.
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Please let me know! I think that surgeons have different opinions about different things, but I think this is very important. Thanks a lot!

I should have known better...

I took off that First Choice compression bra yesterday, and pain was still here. I wondered what did I do if that bra wasn't causing the pain. As soon as I put First Choice bra, I felt great! I was able to move more, to do more. So, I reached for something high placed on shelf, so that is how I got that pain. It is better today, but not completely gone. I didn't take any Tylenol or Ibuprofen since surgery.

I hope this won't cause me some troubles later on...

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It was really silly of me to think that bra was causing me that kind of pain. I really should have know better!


Thank you for your thoughts on nutrition! Do you use a protein powder? What kind? Would love protein tips (I eat fish, but not chicken/meat)!!
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I asked my PS today about bras and he said I could wear what ever bra I wanted as long as it didnt have a under wire for 6 weeks. So I say wear what makes you the most comfortable!
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That is good! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm wearing compression bra that they gave me after surgery. It isn't very comfortable, at least not as my Merena bra, but I think it helps my breasts to settle down and to keep my posture straight. So, I will see how I feel in a few days. I just hurt myself yesterday, and I hate myself for doing it. I wanted to reach something from shelf. So, I have to take it easy seriously.

This is for Its424am. 250cc rice sizers vs 250cc implants.


Your results look great!! And awesome body too!
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Not quite yet. I will need to wait for a few more months to see full results. Nah! Thank you for your comment!!! :)

Realself -- place where we aren't judged for taking so many selfies ;)

Just a few months ago this was a dream. True story! I didn't have any shirts that show cleavage. Until today when my order arrived. I can't be happier! This is just a beginning, I think... ;)

I got this shirt in Boston Proper online store. When I saw that they make this shirt in XXS, I had to get it! XXS, wow! I love it!!! I love coral color. It is great color for summer! Can't wait to wear it!


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Found this in Oprah magazine.

I know that there is so much pressure on women nowadays, so we have to find our ways to handle it. I hope this helps!


Love the capitation about taking selfies! Lol. You look great! Love your shirt!
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I know! What inspired me to write that caption was this http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/files/2013/12/selfie-syndrome.png Hilarious! I don't care! I still love taking them! Thanks a lot!

This is for Sha350. Protein snack under 200 cal.

Finding a protein snack under 200 cal is challenging. But this one is around 150 cal, and it is very satisfying. I love it!

I don't use regular peanut butter. 2 tablespoon of regular peanut butter has around 200 cal plus fats, but peanut butter in powdered form has way less calories and fats. It does have a little bit different taste, but if you mix it with a teaspoon of caramel dip, yum! No difference at all.

You will need:

* rice cake
* 2 tablespoon of powdered peanut butter
* 1 teaspoon of caramel dip
* a few dried cranberries
* one piece of pecan

It is tasty, it is easy to make, and will keep you full for longer!



I love PB2! Use it in so many different things! Your progress is looking great too :) Congrats on the new shirt, you fill it out very nicely!
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Thank you very much! Will post new pics for my 1 month boob celebration. :) I think I see progress too. I love that shirt! And PB2! When we lived in Atlanta, I could get it in any store even in Kroger. Now I have to order it online. But I don't care, I love it!

Another cute outfit!

I got this from charlotterusse.com, and it was under $30! I love it! I didn't wear any bra under that shirt, but I do plan to wear it when I go outside. ;) My body looks much more proportional!


I just LOVE your new outfits and that green bikini! I think it's great how you posted the comparison with rice sizers and actual implants. I felt that the sizers looked odd and weren't accurate at all when compared to the implants! I think that will help women understand that the sizers are only a very rough comparison, and really aren't that helpful in my opinion. Hope you are enjoying your new look, I sure am! You look fabulous!! :)
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Thank you very much! I know... Sizers look odd, I agree. Finally, we had some nice weather this weekend. We took 2 hrs walk this Saturday, and I was sore all over that evening and entire Sunday. I even had to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen which I hate to take. Today is finally better. I was so freaking tight, like after surgery. I'm supposed to be ready to go back to gym in a few weeks, and I have no idea how that will be possible. I still feel tightness on a daily basis, and some discomfort. How are you doing with your new girls? Happy Monday!

Almost 1 month boob celebration!

I feel like a child waiting for Christmas, counting days and impatiently waiting for presents. Well, this was the longest month in my life, I think. Trying not to hurt myself on a daily basis has been challenging. Practicing yoga for over 5 years now helped me to bring awareness of my body and its ability to do different movements, but this was way out of my league. I'm still not sure what I can and what I can't do. Still testing, and honestly, I don't enjoy it. Luckily, it gets better each day, so I hope I learn something new about myself.

Today I had my second follow up, so I wanted to share with you a few things that might be informative.

Dr Darrow was satisfied how my breasts look after a month. He thinks that all is perfect, and that I chose a perfect size for my small frame. He did a quick calculation for that which I'm always happy to hear. My incisions are still active as he said, but that is all normal for this period of healing. I don't apply any scar treatment. I just apply raw shea butter as my regular skin routine.

I was wearing surgical bra that I got from them, which was super annoying, but I loved support that I had, so I didn't give up on it until 4 days ago. I can wear wireless bra for few more weeks, and then I can wear any kind of bra as long as it doesn't irritate my incisions.

I got a green light for running. That was very surprising to hear, but I liked it. I started walking a week ago, and I still feel sore from it. So, I'm still not ready for running. As I said earlier, I practice yoga for over 5 years now, and what I do is to combine running and yoga. Simply, I do yoga for a few months, then I switch to running for a few months. I practice yoga over the winter because it is easier to do, and when it warms up, I run. If you are interested in yoga poses or running routine, let me know, I will make another post about it.

I posted earlier that I hurt myself. I explain it all to him, and he said that I probably tear a bit internal scar. That happens when you start feeling better, and you think you can do things, but you can't. I didn't have any swelling, redness, fever that would indicate infection, so it is all good. I had pain for over a week, and it was very uncomfortable. I still have trouble doing things with that hand, but it gets better.

My nipples got very sensitive. Also, area from nipples to the crease is so sensitive to touch. That is all normal, and it will go away after a few months.

As I wrote, my incisions are still active. They are healing. When I touch them, I feel a little bumps under skin. It is all normal since there are stitches, and it will go away as I heal.

Dentist and antibiotics... He never heard that people get CC from having some dental procedures. He said, if I want for my peace of mind to take it, I can. It is all about immune system. Your immune system really needs to be suppressed, so you get an infection from doing some dental procedure. We flush our bloodstream with bacteria every time we move bowels or brush our teeth. Here is one useful link if you want to learn more about boosting immune system. http://www.health.harvard.edu/flu-resource-center/how-to-boost-your-immune-system.htm

The same applies for having a tattoo after breast augmentation. If you want, you can take antibiotics for that too.

Dear ladies, I hope you are doing great, and that we will stay in touch.

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Bras -- and officially 32B

This was exactly what I wanted, and I didn't have any doubts that I would end up with a B cup. Very happy to confirm that too!

I'm so new to this, so I'm still testing brands. I got two bras from VS, and I don't find them very comfortable. I think it is because I'm still healing.


Boston's top model! Geez! The boobies look great! Ugh did you see the snow the other day!? Not happy n the boobs hate this damn cold! New england weather sucks!
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Oh! Blushing! :) Thank you! I know! When I saw the snow that morning, my first thought was "I officially hate this place". Insane!!! And scraping my car in the morning wasn't fun at all! This is one funny story too. A few days ago, I saw that everything was ready around pool (we live in apartment complex), and I wanted to lay down next to the pool, just to relax in the sun. The manager said, no, you can't go in that area because there is no lifeguard (?), and it is closed for one more month. So, our pool will be open on May 26th. OMG!!! Do we have summer here at all? I feel like that this place has just fall and winter. Seriously!

This is fun!

So, today I went to a local TJMaxx store to look for some bras. TJMaxx selection is sometimes off, but I was lucky to find two the most comfortable bras ever!

I was surprised that I filled 32C bra?! What does it mean? B cup or C cup? I don't get those measurements just yet... Anyway, that 32C doesn't have any pads, just wire under, but it doesn't touch my incisions at all. Very happy with my purchase! Not to mention it was just $7.99.

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Hi sweetie! Hope all is well in your world! I have a question for you: Are you getting shooting pains through your breasts at all? I'm still being careful, but sometimes when I turn or bend over or when I work out, I get them. It's not super painful, but I'm wondering if it's something I should talk to the doc about. . .
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Glad to hear from you! How are you doing? Did you start working out? I'm just thinking of that, but not quite there... I get all sorts of sensations/discomforts/pains that last for some time. I do get some sharp pains and usually around my nipples. I get them on the side too. I almost freak out the other day when I touched my incision, and I felt that lump under and some pain. It lasted for an hour or so, and then disappeared. My nipples are driving me crazeeeey!!! They are so freaking sensitive! They even hurt when I touch them. Do you have that? How often do you feel pain? What kind of bra are you wearing now?

They are getting squishy!

I think everything goes well. I still feel some small lumps under my incisions, but that is all normal. The other day I felt some pain around my incisions too. The pain disappeared in a couple of hours. I almost freaked out.

My nipples are just super super sensitive to the point where I feel pain if I touch them. I hope that is normal.

And they are getting softer! I love that! They are still tight on the top, and the more I use my hands the tighter they get.

Thank you ladies for your support!


You look awesome!! The size perfectly compliments your tiny frame! Cute bras too! I can't wait to be out of sports bras. How is the nipple sensitivity? I am having some of that too. I've been putting gauze over them because even the fabric from my bra is irritating them.
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you look great!! you picked the perfect size for your figure... :)
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Girl I love how that size has settled perfectly for your body! youre proof you don't have to go huge to be sexy! you look awesome! nice shape and perk :) !
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Almost 2 months!

OK... Time flies! Good for us, right? I know I didn't post anything in a while, so I guess it is time to share a few things. I hope you find this helpful.

As time goes by, I learn more and more about this experience, and I do have some suggestions for all girls that are about to do this surgery. As much as I was prepared for this, I have to say that I felt like a failure at some points of this recovery. I was so scared of the surgery, and I put so much energy into it, and it appeared that I was totally blind about other things that came afterwards. This is a real test about how well you handle frustration. You feel good, but you aren't able to do things like before.

So, for all ladies that are about to do this surgery, IF YOU CAN, I would strongly recommend you to avoid any sudden movements, doing laundry, reaching anything from shelf, bending over, taking out trash, caring heavy grocery bags for at least 3 weeks. I learned this lesson myself, and it wasn't fun at all. I hurt myself on day 12, and believe or not, I still feel some pain when I do things around. I would say, my right hand is now weaker even I'm right handed. Some girls are prone to injuries, some aren't. Just try to be careful, that is all. I read reviews where girls vacuum cleaned a week after surgery. Lucky them! I wasn't able to do it that early.

Back in time now... I know this isn't sexy at all, but I want to share this as I found it really weird. I NEVER use any deodorant/antiperspirant or anything under my arms. I don't have any smell, and I don't mind if I sweat a little. The other reason why I don't use any deodorants is because of aluminum content that is toxic, and linked to breast cancer as well as many other diseases. But... 2 weeks after surgery, I started to smell so bad under my arms, like never in my life. There were no soap that could take that smell away. Gross! I finally got Indian herbal soap called Chandrika that my mother in law recommended, and that helped a lot. Again, I didn't want to put anything under my arms. I'm positive that was the smell of medicine cocktails that I took after surgery. As I follow clean diet, I guess it was just way to much for me. Anyway, the smell went away in a week or two. But that was so weird!

When I mentioned antibiotics, I wanted to say that right after surgery I got a yeast infection. I rarely use antibiotics, maybe once in every 3-4 years, and every time I get that infection. I just treated it with OTC medicines, and all was fine.

Again... I have read that many girls complain about stomach issues, and I had them too. I had some terrible heartburn, and I couldn't eat anything, but oatmeal for a week. I lost 3lb. Crazy stuff! Now, I'm back to my normal weight and a healthy diet.

Week 7 was the best, I think. I was able to clean every inch of my home, finally! I missed that. I was quite sore the next day, so I got a few Tylenols, and I was fine. Then I felt that I was ready to sleep on my side. I was scared because I hate to be sore, but all was great. I wasn't sore, and I continued to sleep on my side ever since. I do feel them in the morning, but no soreness. I feel some tightness, like something is sitting on my chest. As soon as start to move, that feeling disappears.

The other thing that I wanted to share was about pain that I felt 2 weeks ago. Since I have already messed up my recovery by hurting myself, any additional pain didn't help my anxiety, and I found myself in panic about something being wrong. Before this surgery, I had very painful and tender breasts around my period. I knew that I would have that pain after surgery too. When I look back, I almost freaked out about the pain I felt. But when I think again, out of 2 weeks of that discomfort, I had 3 days in total that I had to take Tylenol because pain was really annoying. So, it wasn't as bad. Now that I got my period, pain diminished, but it isn't completely gone. I hope it will be gone in a day or two like it was before surgery. It takes a few days for my body to start working on estrogen after I get my period.

Today I had my very first workout. It was pretty embarrassing. I think it is worth sharing since I have some suggestions for runners. I usually run 5k under 30 min, and 2-3 times per week. I have that routine for years now. I felt surprisingly good today, and ready to run 5k. I had such a good pace for a mile, when my right hand and breast started hurting like crazy! So, obviously I had to stop. Then I walked for another mile, and I felt that my arm feels better. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I decided to run again to see what caused that pain. Well... I strongly recommend for all runners to run with hands close to their chest. Apparently, I was moving my arms way too much in that first mile. You look like you are going to punch somebody, lol. I know I looked silly, but I didn't care as long as I got a good workout. No pain after that. I do feel a bit sore, but it isn't as bad.

I have read so many posts about scar treatments, but I haven't decided about that yet. I still have small lump under my right breast, 5 mm away from my incision. It doesn't hurt me, but it distracts me a lot. I always check on that after showering or during the day. I don't have any lumps around my left incision. I do massage them, and again the left incision is soft, but not the right one. At least not completely... Did anybody know how long does it take for them to disappear? My next appointment is on July 8th, so I hope it disappear by then.

I ordered a bunch of clothes this week, and I'm soooo excited to get it soon. It is still hard to believe that I can wear those shirts. I will post new pics in my next update. I think they need to drop a lot more, but I'm IN LOVE! So cute, small and sexy, perky and firm, and I can't stop looking at them.

Ladies, I hope you have a good time while recovering, and that you enjoy this process as much as you can. I'm still in adjusting phase, mentally and physically, and I hope I get used to them in my near future.

Take care!!! xoxo


Glad you're doing so well and congrats on running again!! You give some great advice in your update! I will keep that in mind about arm movement when I'm ready to run again. I'm still about a month away from even thinking about it :-/ I have to be patient! I was told I can go to spin class as long as I stay in seated position, so I may try that next week. Still don't feel ready for it. He also said I could do yoga but not use my arms for support—which as you know would make yoga pretty impossible. haha. Have fun with your new clothes!! Dressing this summer is going to be much more fun :)!!
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No arm support in yoga! Oh, no! I guess he never did a yoga class! LOL I was thinking of doing yoga again, just to test myself. I still don't use my arms for full support, but I think I'm getting there. My right muscle still hurts, and I'm really wondering for how long I will feel this discomfort. I ran again yesterday, and it was painful for the first 15 min. After that I was without pain or discomfort even I was moving my arms a little. I think my muscle need some time to warm up. Thanks for your comment!! We are still waiting for summer to come, and I hope I won't wait for that long. Take care!

10 days vs 2 months

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1 month vs 2 months

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Scars @2 months

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Playing with bras!

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So ready for summer!!!

Love it! Just got this from VS.


Your boobies look fabulous they have dropped since the last updated photos! Don't you choose love forever21? They have great bras for super cheap
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Thanks so much! I don't know. It might be love forever 21. It was cheap, yes! Have fun on vacation!

Mepiform soft silicone sheets.

I have decided to get Mepiform silicone sheets for my scars. I have seen them on here, so I hope for the best. I will update my progress after I start using them.


Whoa girl - you look hott! Loving the pic updates! It really is crazy how much of a difference ten days compared to two months looks. I was also looking into the scarring sheets.. Hopefully they work well for you!
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Thanks so much! I'm about to read your update! I know! I can already tell they change since my last post. I'm trying not to look at them as often, so I can see the difference really well. :) It is hard to do so! LOL No. Sheets didn't work for me. I got some rash after 2 days. I might try them again. Instructions said that rash can occur, and if so, I should wait for a few days, and try again. I'm honestly scared to use them again since rash was pretty bad. Good luck!!!

Rash from Mepiform silicone sheets.

I'm one of those people that get rash from silicone sheets. I wore them for 2 days. Rash was just there, but nothing was itching or painful. It was completely gone the very next day.

I might try to use them again, but I'm not sure... Anyway, my incisions are healing nicely thanks to my mother in law that brought me a homeopathic medicine. I used it for a week, and my incisions aren't red anymore, and they are less visible. So, I might just skip on sheets...


You look fantastic! I have to say that your posts are one of my favorites, I think our body size/frame is very similar and so it's really helpful for me to see your pictures. You really look amazing and I'm hoping I look that great in a couple more months. Thanks for sharing your story!
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Hi they look really naturel the look I'm going for what profile did u get ?
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Thank you! I got Sientra moderate profile. Good luck!

Time flies!

Hello my dear ladies! I know we all slow down on posting once we hit one month post op. One of the reason for it is that there aren't many changes since my last update.

I feel more comfortable using my hands, but it does feel weird when I do certain moves. I'm wondering when that will go away... Recently I did my very first yoga since surgery, and I wasn't happy the day after. I was really sore, so I ended up taking Tylenol. I think that will improve over time, but I was happy to do it after almost 3 months.

My incisions look much better, and I don't think they are red or pink anymore. The thing that bothers me a little is that I can feel the implant under my right breast. When I straighten my shoulders, I don't feel those folds. I have my next follow up very soon, so I will check that up for sure.

I'm happy that I don't have any pain when I run like I had it before, but my incisions (especially right) becomes very itchy after I sweat. It happens any time I sweat. I have no idea why is that. I will ask that on my next follow up.

So, overall I feel great about doing this. This was one of my life projects, and I think I succeeded. I'm very proud that I did it despite my fears. I'm blessed that I had such a great experience. My recovery was really smooth, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. When I look back, I had such a paralyzing fear about possible complications and doing a surgery for the first time, so I can't believe that I'm writing this. But as my Real Friend MKCT110261526 said, this surgery isn't going to make you a happier person. I feel more confident for sure, but this surgery isn't going to do any magic tricks on you, and especially on people around you.

I wish you all luck, happy healing, and happy summer!


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Incisions @3 monts post op

No more silicone sheets for me.

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Made it to the beach!


i love your results!! I was trying to compare high profile vs moderate profile. And after looking at your review I think I'm leaning more towards moderate profile now :)
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You look great and picked right size. You are very organized. LOL!;;;
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Before and after!

I'm sooooo happy with my results! I just hope they drop a little bit more over time. Can't believe my eyes... Love it!


oh my gosh Nikki you look amazing!!!!! I wish mine looked as good as yours!!!! Mine are waaay too into my collar bone, yours look perfect :) I was trying to read, I forget how tall are you again? I hope maybe mine are in my throat practically because Im 5'2 but I have a feeling you are short too? forgive me I am tired. So happy your doing well and happy with the results :)
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Thank you very much! Yeah, I'm 5ft4in, not much taller than you, but I have really tiny frame. I was just thinking the other day that I regret not picking 230cc implants. It is still a bit of adjustment for me, and I didn't sleep on my stomach since surgery. I miss that A LOT! I hope your acupuncture goes well. And, yes, you are right... That is why we are all surprised why all girls on here support each other, but not in the real world?! That is just sad...

7 days vs 3 months

I like to combine pics, so I have a better picture of my results. Again, I'm really glad I did this. :)

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When lying down.

Elaliliamelia recently wrote a post about the difference between HP and moderate profiles. She wrote that HP stay more upright than moderate ones, so I wanted to test it myself. :) I think mine flatten nicely when I lay down.


Hi! I had not seen your updates in a bit. You look great! Definitely cannot tell you re augmented! Beautiful results!!
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Thank you a lot! Have a great day! :)

Couldn't resist to get this!

I'm in love with this swimsuit!

Anyway, I had my last follow up, and all seems good. I do have some pain under my left breast. I'm not sure where that pain is coming from, but I try not to stress too much about it. I hope it goes away... I'm back to yoga almost 100% as well as running, so it might be that.

Happy summer ladies!


You look great!! Are you over or under the muscle?
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you have such cute clothes and bikinis! I am envious. You look great and the size is so perfect for your body, makes me think I went too big =/ but I am chunky compared to you LOL. I need to do yoga! do you take a class or do it at home? I hope your pain has gone away…and if it did it left with summer its already cold where I live now boooooooo….. take care girl!
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Hi! I really enjoyed reading your well-written review. Thank you! You are gorgeous!
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