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Hello beautiful women--I've been reading around on...

Hello beautiful women--I've been reading around on this site for weeks, preparing for my surgery. What a wonderful and supportive community this is! I'm so grateful to you all for sharing your experiences. So, I am ready to add my own. I'm 47, newly divorced, 5'6" and 130 fit pounds (I'm a swimmer). I've always wanted bigger bad-ass boobs--I'm a 34-36 small B now. I'm considering sizes of course, thinking about the 400-450cc range, saline unders with Dr. Volpe in Boston. I want to be a full C/small D when all is said and done. More later...

Some before pics

Any swimmers out there?

I'm a little concerned about being able to do my favorite exercise after surgery. I know I will have to wait for several weeks to resume, but I am thinking about my poor chest muscles and what kind of shape they're gonna be in after the BA. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks!
We have our surgery the same day! Good luck!

Size, size, size...

Of course I'm obsessed with it! My goal is for a full C, and talking with my PS today we determined that 410 will be the one. I'm a little apprehensive that they will be too big, but also feel like I will love them no matter what. Going to get my prescriptions now...
Thanks so much--I'm getting so excited and nervous!!!
Wishing you the best of luck. I am excited for you.

my story (some of it, anyways...)

I never thought I would be getting implants. I wasn't the "type," whatever that means. But I've changed, considerably, over the past few years. I had always wished and hoped for bigger boobs, but they just never developed--even with 10-15 more pounds, I've never been more than a B. I'm at a point in my life where the aging process, changing self-image, and financial circumstances have made this something I really want. I left my husband of 12 years in March, and this is part of becoming a new woman. I've been so inspired and motivated by reading other womens' stories on this site, and this has been extremely helpful! I'm hoping for a full C/small D, and am going with 410 saline unders, moderate-plus profile. I'll be staying with a super supportive best friend throughout the process, and my boyfriend is going to drive me home a few days after the surgery (I live in NYC but am having the surgery in Boston). My nerves are mostly about anticipating the pain and about trying to somewhat "hide" the new girls at work. It seems like people report being able to be more conservative in clothes, but looking great naked, which is exactly what I'm going for. On the pain, part of my anxiety is about actually taking the pills, because I have been clean & sober for 21 years--I was a heroin addict. I told my PS all about my drug history, and he said I should be fine. I'll be getting lots of support throughout, and will definitely try to limit the pills and taper them off as quickly as possible. Any other recovery ladies out there have any suggestions or advice? Thanks so much!!

Indecision/freak out

Please help! I'm aiming for a full C and have "decided" on 410 saline unders, mod plus profile. Surgery is Thursday 1/16. But now I'm thinking that will push me into the D-range. I'm terrified of being too big!!! I'm 5' 6" 126 lbs this morning. What do you ladies think?? Are 410s too big for me? I have pretty broad shoulders, if that matters...
Hi !! I think 410 will not be too big at all! Especially under the muscle. You lose some ccs when you go under the muscle.we are about the same stature and I have 400 over low profile. And no ine knows i have them. I would have done different profile such as mod + Anyway, u will look wonderful Good luck :))
Your gonna look great! That size doesn't seem to big, you're tall and they will prob compliment your figure perfectly!! Good luck and happy healing:)!
Thanks for the encouragement! I'm getting so so so excited (and scared...)! Obsessed with realself and reading about everybody's experiences. Happy Boobsday!


Well, I just showered with Hibiclens and I'm getting ready for a nice sleep. My surgery is tomorrow at 2:30, and what I most dread is no food or coffee (!!!) till then. Yikes! Thanks for all the encouragement!!!
Sending wishes for a quick and smooth surgery!! See you on the other side ;) yay!


Feeling no pain, just pressure.
Hi there. Thinking of you all day. My surgery was 7:30 this morning. You are lucky to have no pain. I started this afternoon. Thank goodness for meds. Can't wait to be able to have no tenderness. Can't wait to see your recovery process. Cheers to hopefully good sleep tonight.
Congrats!! Glad your surgery went well and not in to much pain:))!! !! Looking forward to some after pics:)!
Yeah, you have the girls now! Sounds like your pain level is good. I didn't have much pain either it was mostly just uncomfortable. This is my 4th week PO. You will be amazed at the difference in 4 weeks. I didn't tell anybody at work either and I can look conservative with mine and I have 480 CC's HP so I bet you won't have any problems. Take it easy for now and give your body time to heal. It is great to see somebody closer to my age on here. We are late bloomers. LOL

first day post-op

It's going well! I have very little pain, and am staying on top of it with my percocet. Last night I didn't sleep very well, but I think it's because having to sleep on my back (I'm a side sleeper). I'll get used to that quickly enough, I guess. Lots of pressure and it hurts to take a deep breath, but I wouldn't call it real pain. I'm totally taking it easy, watching TV and laying around. That's my plan for the weekend--R and R! Saw Dr. Volpe this morning for bandage change, it said I am looking perfect! Thanks for all the support!
Glad to hear you're doing well!

Weird new boobies!!

Thanks everybody! I'm excited for the "drop and fluff" process!
I think they look great!! They all look weird at first, because there're still high! They will settle:) they really do look fantastic:)!! Congrats!!!

Fluffy and Squishy

That's what I've named the girls--hoping for fluff and squish soon! My pain is totally manageable with percocet, and I'm feeling pretty good. Now begins the relationship with the dreaded Strap...that hurts! Oh well, it's all temporary, right? G'night all!!
I think the size will be perfect on you!!! Congrats


So last night, I didn't take a percocet before bed--I figured I would be ok, having taken one at 7 pm. Wrong! Woke at 1 in prettty bad pain, 5 or 6 out of 10. Ouchie! Fine now, but it was a lesson--this is real, and I need to stay on top of the meds. Ok!

Day 3--much better!

So I'm feeling relatively normal today, just on Aleve, no percocet since this morning at 3. The pain is much reduced, and I'm less swollen. Healing!
Congratulations =) They will drop and fluff in time and you will absolutely love them. Mine were high and kind of weird at first, but they settle in great. They look awesome!

Happy and pain-free!

I can't believe how easy this has been. I'm so grateful!! I took one Aleve yesterday for swelling, and the worst pain is this band digging into my amrpits. I LOVE my girls, more every day. One funny thing has happened: I was outside last evening and started shivering. When the shiver worked into my pecs, Fluffy and Squishy started sloshing around! It was the weirdest feeling, not bad or painful at all, just funny--I couldn't stop laughing, actually! But i went back inside right away. I'm sleeping ok on my back, not great but I can deal. Hope everybody is doing well!
Sounds like you are doing great!
So happy for you! That's awesome that there's not much pain anymore! The girls look great:)!!

8 days on

Hi everybody! Just wanted to post a quick update--all is well! I'm healing nicely I think and feeling better daily, although I've had some weird aches and pains. Thanks to all of you, I know this is completely normal. I returned to work today and am feeling fine! Haven't taken anything for pain since Monday morning, miraculously enough. I'll post some pics tomorrow.


The most difficult and miserable thing about this whole experience was not having coffee the day of my surgery. Now THAT was a headache!
I'm probably going to get home and have a cup of coffee first thing :) lol!!

9 days after surgery

Wow! You look great!

Hardening scars?

The incision site under my breasts feels like a little hard line--I'm going to call my PS on Monday, and I think this is "normal," but has this happened to anybody else? Thanks!
Beautiful results, love it!!!
Yes that is very normal. Same thing happened to me. You will see in a few weeks it goes away. :-). Mine is nice and almost completely soft now.

Two weeks later

Here are some new pics. I'm thrilled with the results so far, and I will definitely say--go bigger!!! Everybody says it, and I agree. I was terrified of being too big and I got 410 saline unders, mod plus profile. Was a small B before, now (so far...) a very full C, smallish D. They almost disappear under my work clothes, and look great naked--exactly what I wanted. But I'm definitely feeling like I should have/could have gone bigger. They're still high and will hopefully turn into full D's when they drop more. I love them, the surgery was easy and recovery has been a breeze. So worth it!!!
Hi, I'm new to this website, but came across your posting. How was your experience with St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, if you don't mind me asking? I know this is where Dr. Volpe does his surgeries, but I've heard negative things about that hospital, that it's not a very high quality hospital compared to other Boston facilities. Did you have a positive experience with the facility itself?
The girls look awesome!! I'm getting around the same size implant as u also mod plus profile in 1 month. I'm glad to see you results , makes me feel more confident about my size choice!
How is the drop and fluff going? What size are you now? So far your results look good on your body frame.
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