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Hey ladies.... I'm 33, have 1 child, breastfed for...

Hey ladies....
I'm 33, have 1 child, breastfed for 4 yrs... loved my "girls" during pregnancy and lactation. But now they're gone. So.... after thinking it out, it's time for me. Time to love me, care for me a little.
Getting 320 cc, saline, in 2 weeks.
Looking for advice, support, stories, and friends here. Wish me luck!


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. I got saline 210's about 8 years ago and yes, there is some rippling (but I don't mind,) and they're probably not as soft as silicone, but back then, it was a safe choice and good fit for my thin, athletic body. Here is a list of things to purchase and set up for your recovery. Also, our latest Guide to Breast Aug Slang which will come in handy over the next few months. ;) Keep us posted!

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Thank u BethH :) Will look over the list now, Lol, clock is ticking!!!
             good luck
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1 week 2 go!

Can you believe that I'll be going in one week from today? As much as I know that its not brain surgery I cannot help but feel anxious and the little worried at the same time. How did you/ do you cope with the preop anxiety?


Your anxiety is completely normal. I did a lot of house cleaning the week before my surgery! Some women take a pre med the morning of their surgery to help ease the anxiety. Perhaps discuss this with your PS. 

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I've been a little anxious lately too. Since our surgery is on the same day we're kinda on on the same page. But it seems the last couple days I've been less anxious and nervous, and more excited to just get it done. I'm ready for boobs. I've been keeping really busy lately, that seems to help, and getting things set up for recovery is helping as well. It's actually making me more excited lol. This last week I was out at the lake with some friends, and of course I was comparing everyone's breasts. Lol, I know that sounds a little creepy. But it was making me feel better about having a BA and how much better than them I am going to look after hehe. Get excited!! We're going to look SO good after :)
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Hey sis ;) just got my meds today. Yep, it's the final stretch.... I am trying not to overthink it. Bad habit of mine... Need to set up my comfort areas in the house, and buy a few button front tops: I really don't have any!! That'll be my weekend project. I am excited. Keep looking at myself in the mirror (and in the shower) and it all comes down to this: I need it done! LoL

1 day to go!!

Tomorrow at this time I'll be at my drs office already.
Plans for today? Visiting my BFF down the street, some more laundry, cleaning, then on to me: removing nail polish, a loooong shower (maybe a bath, with music & candles to relax !) , washing my hair... and possibly a movie with my princess :)
Hope everyone has a lovely day, especially if you're getting a "new you" tomorrow!!


Hey how did everything go??
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Looking forward to hearing how your surgery went!!! Hope things went smoothly for you!!!
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day 4 post op

Hey ladies....
I got the blues. Feeling gigantic w/ implants :( Not seeing tthe light at the end of the tunnel.
Right now, I don't like me or the girls. not at all...


Hi just wondering if you are feeling better yet and happy to have come this far? I have two days left and surgery on Wednesday
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Sorry you are feeling blue-I have read that this is very normal. I bet you look great for the stage you are in. Praying you feel better! Can't wait to see pics of your awesome results!
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Oh dear! I've heard about this stage of the BA before. I heard that sometimes you can get the blues during the first couple weeks PostOp. This woman has a great video diary of her experience and how she got over the blues. Please check her out here... You've been on my thoughts and in my prayers.
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3 weeks later

One day... I will go into details of how and why, but here I am, 3 weeks out and I'm going again but this time to downsize. Going to 240cc.
As much as they look beautiful the 320cc turns out to be too big for me. After much consideration I am downsizing-- as opposed to just have it taken out and not putting another one in

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3weeks, continued

I believe my doctor did a fabulous job, girls look really nice-- but just like I said ,too big for me. in someone else's body I do think they would look awesome. So, 09/14 I get 240ccs.
Again here looking for feedback from you ladies & any input and advice is appreciated


I wish I had some experience to help.  Hopefully, someone will stop by your review soon who can give you some empathetic advice.  Good luck to you!
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Hey Outlaw! I am 2weeks post-op, and feel great! 240cc is right for me. I look good, feel good, and it was all so worth it. Learned a lot in the process too. xoxo thank u for the kind words!
Yay!  I'm SOOO happy for you.  Being comfortable in your own body is so important :D  *happy dance*

Very Happy @ 240 :)

Feeling great about my girls! Amazing how I immediately felt better after downsizing. If any of u ladies feel you are 'too big' and want to downsize, by all means do it!!! So glad I did.... :) Now I can say it's my time to shine. xoxo

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Hi BostonLady. Congrats on downsizing. Can you post the Dr. you used? Or is that against website rules? I'm considering surgeons in Boston and real life reviews like your own really make a difference.
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Great Pics!  I agree with D is for Daphne and I'm so happy for you :D
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Thank u :) !!! You ladies are awsome!
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