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You Are Beautiful Without Latisse -Boston, MA

I loved Latisse, I had used it for two years,...

I loved Latisse, I had used it for two years, stopped, then eight months later i tried it again, What a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment I am suffering with a chalazia cyst. caused by the Latisse. Have been dealing with this for over two weeks, can last for months if you do not have it removed or it burst on its own. The swelling from my cyst had spread to my temple causing server pain to my head and server vomiting, fever,, At first the Doctor thought i may have meningitis. I was so sick, ended up in the ER. Tomorrow i go see a plastic surgeon who just deals with the eye area. I am hoping to have this removed tomorrow, but I don't think that is going to happen, as it is still red and tender. I can hardly see out of my left eye, I look like a freak. I may even lose my eyelashes ( So I was told ) I just hope that does not happen. It's just NOT worth it, and I know there are many young girls out there saying "This wont happen to me"... Funny I said the same thing.....Go on You Tube and watch them remove a chalazia cyst. Its not to nice. SO think of me tomorrow a one thirty as I sit there hoping the Doctor will be able to do the procedure tomorrow and not have to wait another week or two.

Day Two Latisse and cyst

Just came back from the Surgeon who will be doing the procedure. I asked him if this could be caused by the Latisse, he said he did not think so, but I still think he is wrong, I have seen reviews about others having the same problem as myself. Maybe they have not studied it enough. But what he did say was , he will NOT prescribe it to anyone. Why, is my next question. But he was out the door before I could ask him any more questions. I have no idea when this procedure will take place, I am hoping for a call tomorrow from his office to tell me what he has available. I still think it was the Latisse. Funny how I never ever had a problem before.

Day after removing my cyst

The procedure went well. still a little tired. The doctor believes it has nothing to do with the Latisse, What I do feel is that they do not know the end results with this product yet, it is still new. But what do I know, I am not the eye Doctor. My eye is sore at the moment, still swollen. I hate to say this but, I just may try the Latisse again and see what happens. If it comes back , then I know for sure, I did not loose my lashes, or maybe that will be in the near future. I hope not.

Before my procedure

Dr. Mark Hatton Functional Oculoplastics

He was great, only took less then 10 minutes. OK almost 3 weeks later, I still have a lump... did he rush me in and out ??? if this means I have to go back and have this removed, I will be very upset. FIVE WEEKS LATER.. STILL HAVE THE SMALL LUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY. AND FOR MY ONE AND A HALF MINUTE CONSULTATION, $168.00.

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I'm really sorry this happened to you. In the past, I have had similar cysts nowhere near this caliber, thankfully. My belief is that they probably occured because of contaminated makeup applicators and/or wearing excessive eye makeup (I was a teenage at the time). I'm sure if you think Latisse had something to do with it, then it very well may have. I'm still going to try Latisse, but will be very careful after having seen your story. Thank you so much for posting it and including a picture.
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How is your eye, Karen? Very sorry to hear about your eye. I've been using Latisse over a year and a half and had great results at first. Then suddenly a huge section has thinned out to nothing but short stubby lashes. Upon closer inspection I realized that ALL my lashes are thinning. I am so unhappy and super concerned! Going to make a dr appt Monday. I will keep you posted.
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My eye is fine, it did take up to 4 months to "Just" about heal, still have a small lump, but not noticeable. I believe anything you use near your eyes, you have to be very careful and read all instructions. There were times I did reuse my brushes, did not throw them out, and this may have been the problem with me. I am using it again, only because I had just purchased the bottle right before I had this problem, and when both Doctors said this had nothing to do with this cyst, I thought I would give it a try again, and not re use the old brushes. Right now my eye lashes have grown back in. I do feel with the lattisse, your lashes go through periods of thinning and not growing. Then all of a sudden they are growing again. My lashes never thinned. Did you get your prescription from an eye doctor? I did, I would go see him and see what he says. Very interested in what he has to say. Good luck Penelope, :)
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So sorry to hear about your eye! And I hope that you have a speedy recovery. I will never doubt a patients intuition when it comes to things like this so I definitely believe you are right. WHY else would it happen to your eye out of all other places? The doctor didn't say it wasn't from latisse, he just said he didn't think so. The fine wording there. He's probably just afraid of his own ass for litigation issues. It happens. But you should find out if anyone else had suffered from same effects! I'd hate to hear that :( but you're raising awareness for all the girls, like me, who were just about to purchase latisse! Thank you! Good luck.
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I was very interested in your eye cyst. I used Latisse for a period of time a few years ago, then suddenly my left eye became infected and clogged a tear duct. It secreted gunk for weeks! I am sure it was from the Latisse use. I will never use it again!
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Sorry to hear about your eye. :( My friend had this issue when we were 10. I believe it came from bacteria. This is why we were never allowed to share makeup and stuff. I think the purpose of the sealed one-time use individual brushes is to prevent the spread of bacteria since the product is applied to a sensitive, pore-lined area. For this reason (and at the advice of a friend who has used this product for years), I limit my mascara use. I try to give these pores a breather, just like I do with skin. And I steam more, but that.. is because I'm silly and supersticious.I still use a clear gel at times. Also, the instructions stress not touching the tip of the bottle to anything. I guess we should all be super duper careful.
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WOW, sorry that you had to go through that... I am glad I found out it now... I have been using Latisse for about 6 months and recently I feel severe redness and sensitivity on my eye lids every time when I use Latisse and when I stop the redness go away gradually.. It happened several times now, so I searched others comments and here you are. I do believe it is because of Latisse. Ladies! be careful, it is not worth it, I am not using Latisse ever again.
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It's not from Latisse. I had one about 10 years ago and literally had it for about 7 months. Finally I saw an Ophthalmologist who used bright neon yellow eye drops to numb me and then he opened it up and took it out. I was so scared that I began to vomit..it was super embarrassing. Anyway it's mainly from dirty makeup brushes or even a dirty Latisse brush. In ,y case I was in Acapulco on a vacay and my friend used my makeup brush. I immediately got it the next day. Hope you're better and hope this helped ;) Dina
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I also used a product for eyelash growth and ended up with a sty. As you I ended up at the doctors who also did not feel the product was the cause. I did learn that the eye lid pores are on the lash line and if clogged the pore goes all the way up to the top of the lid causing the swelling. I looked just like you. Never did go back to the product myself because I do feel that it did in fact clog the pore at the lash line. My opinion. Never had a sty before the product and never came back after not using the product.
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I agree with you, I never had a problem before, until i starting using the Latisse. I still have a lump on my lid, and its been over two weeks, so I am very upset, That means I will have to call the Dr. back and have the procedure done again..Unless it takes time to leave. I just have this feeling it's not going anywhere. Not looking forward to that!!!!
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I agree, Maybe the new mascara I was using at the time. Its just about back to normal.
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It could be from makeup or even bad luck. Unless you use single use eyeliner then you will always be at risk of bacterial infection. My husband had this about 10 years ago and he doesn't put anything on or near his eyes! I hope it gets better soon.
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Ouch!  Hang in there!  Glad the surgery went well :)

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Thanks for sharing, this is a really important thing for everyone to be aware of.  Keep us posted on whether or not you can have the surgery tomorrow!  Good luck!

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