Lipo and Butt Aug Jan 6th 2011 - Boston, MA

I'm three days into recovery from Lipo to my...

I'm three days into recovery from Lipo to my stomach, back and waist. I also had fat transferred to my hips and buttocks.

I have not had any adverse reaction to the surgery and I'm feeling surprisingly well considering that I've heard some horror stories. Other than some soreness and itchy tinglingly, I havent felt much pain. I have been taking my medication religiously as indicated.

I recommend purchasing two garments. The 1st day I drained alot and it got all stained and nasty. You are able to chg quickly after 48 hours and believe me, you'll want to. I am looking forward to tomorrow since I'll finally be able to take a full shower instead of sponge baths..thanks to all the family and friends who offered to wash my behind, thankfully it wasnt necessary!!!

Tuesday is my 1st post-op visit, where I hope my stitces will be removed. I am looking forward to the seeing the final results although as of right now I'm happy with what I see. The doctor was fine although I only heard from his secretary and it was two days after the surgery.

I will say that St. Elizabeth's where the procedure was done called the very next day to see how I was doing and to make sure I was treatly nicely, which I was.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is a fine doctor. I did not see him after the surgery and he never called but, I did get a message from his secretary a couple of days later. He did a good job and that's all that really mattered to me. Foolow up visit went well and so far we"re both happy with the results

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for your review...I am scheduled to see this doctor for a Bbl and Lipo ....can you please post pictures......hope healing is going great. For you.... Thanks in advance
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could you pleaseeeee post a before and after. im dying to have a bbl and i'm not sure how great he is at it
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After everything settled in I wasn't too happy. He over lipo'd my right side so I have a noticeable indention. He doesn't know how to do hour glass shape. My ass is fine but the waist is still too big. I'll probably have a revision as soon as I can get the $$$
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:((( yeah hes not a bbl specialist seems ..whwere are you considering round 2? Miami has great doctors but it gets expensive with the say and overall recovery :(( DO not know of any great surgeons in boston that can do a true bbl
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I was thinking Miami too, but I also considered DR. Im just terrified of having surgery in a foreign country. My dad lives there so recovery stay wouldn't be a problem. I just really want the tiny waist.
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omg no way I was ..well still am too considering DR..Duran??? lol so funny..thats my problem I belong to a few groups and I have heard horror stories..I want to get my breast done here than bbl and tt revision in DR but im so scared ...we should talk hahha
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I had a consult with duran in 2010 but freaked out after hearing all the horror stories. My friend went to him and while she looks amazing she almost died over there. She needed a transfusion (horrors) and she's got a nasty burn. I here Hilario is good. She's a lady (plus for me) and she's on realself too.
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no Duran is the same person..Hilario Duran ...she is very good at giving amazing silhouette and waist , has been getting a lot better at BBL not so great with breast thats why I am doing my breast here
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Got it. I went to a doc named duran. He was super busy, but has a rep for burning patients. He actually got arrested in NYC for consulting without license in the states. I think the lady doc's name is Yily
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ohhh interesting..Yily is ok, she's rude and doesn't care much about her patients...I have been following Dra Hilario Duran's work for about 6 months now and about 90% of her work is beautiful and feminine
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Ill have to look her up
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do you have any before and after pictures you can post, or email me?
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What a coincidence I was just at his office yesterday! I am planning on having my upper back done next month because now my upper back looks big compared to the lower back. I am very satisfied with the results except for the fact that my waist is not as small as I had hoped, but of course not dieting or excersizing for the last couple of months hasnt helped (damn those holidays). I was never in much pain but I think that all depends on the person. I was up and about the next day, not doing much but definitely not laid up. I was at work 3days later.
Here's what else I can tell you: 1)if you're doing ur butt - MORE is better you will lose ALOT of volume, so better to overstuff than under. DO NOT sit for the 3 weeks as indicated so ur butt stays full. Bring pics of what u want to look like so he know exactly what u want ur end result to be.
2)purchase two garments if you can - trust me you'll be wearing it 24 hours a day for at least 2 weeks before you can use a regular garment and wear ur garments for at least 8 wks! Its hard but worth it.
3) offers incredible post-surgery garments that will give u great support (with or without surgery). Finally - I wish you all the best and hope ur as happy with ur results as I am. Dr. D is a great doc ur in good hands.
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Hi Lynn Im having liposuction tommorrow of the butt, hips and back. I was just wondering after a month how satisfied are you with the results?
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I'm very happy with the results.
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Are you still happy with the results from the procedure? how much was the pain when you were done? I am thinking of getting this done with him next month
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I feel great. I'm a lil worn out today, but it was my first day actually getting dressed and going outside. It was my 1st post op visit and the doctor is as happy as I am with the progress. Ill keep you guys posted.
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Hi Lynn -- Thanks for sharing your lipo experience with us. How are you feeling today?

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