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6 Weeks Post Arm and Back Lipo

What went wrong? What should I do? 2 months...

What went wrong?
What should I do?
2 months post lipo looks worse.
Please help!
NOTE: he did tumescent liposuction as well as ProLipo
assisted laser liposuction. He said he removed almost 2 pounds. The goal was "no more roll". I'm just trying to understand how it could actually look worse. Did he not take the fat out? ..or did it just sink lower? ..there was much scraping/pushing hard of tissue in the process (fibrous back) ..is this protocol? ..does it ruin connective tissue? would another technique have been better? I'm trying to understand how this happened. Was told "It went perfectly, you won't need touch ups ..you should see difference at 1 month" ..it is now 2 ..so I am scared. What do I do? It was more expensive than anything I've seen ..I wanted to go to someone that would do a good job ..he said he costs more because doing this so long ..what happened?

Now it has been 3 months. I have not been...

Now it has been 3 months.

I have not been given an explanation as to what happened and was asked to just keep waiting despite no changes since day 1 post lipo ..looks worse than before I arrived and the scars on my sides (not shown here) are the darkest and most obvious ..now I have to hide my body and hope they go away.  This is so sad. :(

Did it to get rid of back roll and have thinner...

Did it to get rid of back roll and have thinner arms. Would not bother again.

VERY expensive! ..although is it too early to tell? It has only been 6 weeks so far. The procedure itself when they inject fluid was kinda painful ..minimal pain after the procedure itself. NO change so far ..looks a little worse and was very expensive ..right now wishing had just rid of it through diet ...unless I can expect more significant changes? ..not too sure.

The doctor FINALLY didn't say "you look...

The doctor FINALLY didn't say "you look great", but agreed it looks the SAME/WORSE ..after I had my medical file and pictures and after his staff has seen them too. He is not willing to redo and only offered to refund $2500 despite agreeing that it looks the same. He blames my skin ..which he had said was superb and extremely springy ..and it did go back to the same shape just 2 weeks after procedure proving that he was right ..and you can also still grab inches of fat because it is fat not skin ..so for him to say it was skin elasticity when no fat was removed and my body perked to what it was after the trauma so quickly ..in addition to him agreeing I had great skin (even the staff were saying that during the procedure) ..is ridiculous. This is very disappointing. Can anyone recommend a doctor? Thank you.

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others
Chestnut Hill Dermatologic Surgeon

3 months since lipo now and WORSE. I think the fat was not taken out ..only thing that makes sense. What do I do? Should I go with new doctor? stay with same? Get money back? What to do? I waited things out before posting a name ..no help toward fixing this yet and all of you are asking who ..so I guess it's time to post it. All I am being told is wait 6 months. I was considering him redoing ..mistakes do happen ..I received my medical file today and read his notes stating he thinks he did a great job and I don't acknowledge it so now I see he is more concerned with covering tracks than dealing with things honestly and ethically ..so what do I do now? Can anyone recommend someone that will do a good job? Hard to trust now.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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These so called cowboy plastic surgeons should have their licence revoked. I had liposuction with Dr Scott Turner in Sydney at Dee Why with terrible results. Be careful who you get to do this procedure.. :-(
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Okay, just checking. Thanks!
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He just made things a little worse on my back and now I just ignore it and get on with life
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Wow, thanks for responding Amy, so glad you got your money back. Did you experience any fat redistribution? That's the reason why I plan on getting a fat transfer from my arms to elsewhere -- I had free lipo on my flanks and all of it returned to my arms and back less than a year later. Just wondering if you experienced that, as I don't want it to happen again if I get liposuction only on my arms.
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I got my money back ..he made me state I wouldn't talk about how badly he messed up to get my money back ..so bad. I have no clue what he did wrong but suspect it didn't suck anything out ..or he just sucked terribly. I now just love myself and will never try it ever again.
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by "sucked badly" I mean "he had no clue what he was doing"
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Hey Amy Amy,

Just out of curiosity, how are you a year out? Any updates? I've been considering getting a fat transfer from my arms and back and put the fat elsewhere. But after seeing your review, I have second thoughts. Did you ever figure out what happened? I haven't seen many people review arm or back liposuction, so it's hard to say if what happened is typical of that area. I went to a few docs, and most said they wouldn't do the back as results are either unnoticeable or the skin can start sticking to the muscle if too much is taken out. It's weird because they say that you should be able to "pinch an inch" but the fat in the back is so weird because we can grab so much but it just isn't "thick". And I definitely think that it's not due to "loose skin". It's just a weird way in which the fat spreads out. Anyway, would love to hear an update, and you can PM me if that's easier for you!

Thanks so much!

- Julia
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The doctor said my skin was "exceptional" and predicted a "better than average" outcome based upon the elasticity of my skin. The only person that might post this would be a doctor himself ashamed of what he did and trying to make it look like something other than "his bad" which of course everyone knows it was ..including all other doctors.
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Although it is fair to say that after him chopping away at all of the tissue connections he worsened it.
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It looks like you have skin problem to me. Sorry.
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I thought it was impossible to get any type of refund. If this time does not work out, I can not imagine wanting this PS to do a revision, theoretically he had everything optimal to do it..so it should turn out. This 3rd time has been the most painful, but he told me it would be--as there is scar tissue. Well with the new areas that were done, I am sad to know that I know also have scar tissue in them, so that would make it difficult if I were to go anywhere for a revision.
Thanks for getting back to me!!
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NOTE: he also did not appear to know "how" to do it after discussions with doctors after the procedure who indicated different areas should have been addressed that were not to make rolls go away, aka 'under' ..not above.
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Hi Amy Amy, I live in Boston too and I am in the process of looking for a Dr for lipo. I am writing to thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am so sorry that you had to endure such a horrible experience and I could slap that Dr silly for what he put you through. He had to have known he was in the wrong and to dismiss you as he did infuriates me. Please take comfort in knowing that I spend a good amount of money on procedures annually as do my friends and I can promise you none of us will ever go to this Dr. I am glad you were able to share prior to the gag order because you have prevented future victimization (if that is even a word) and impacted his business. It angers me that you can't continue to tell your story about this sham of a Dr only because he doesn't deserve the opportunity to hurt others. I realize that is not in your control and I am so glad you communicated your plight prior to the settlement. I hope you cleaned him out. What a farce and a rotten piece of work he is.

Good for you, Amy Amy, for taking a stand and for sharing your story. I hope you are well and in a better place. If you ever decide to venture down the path pf cosmetic surgery again, I can give you the name of two Dr's in Massachusetts who have been nothing but honest and their work is very, very good too. As a matter of fact, I recently wanted to have one of my fillers enhanced and the Dr refused to do it because he didn't think it would look right and he didn't want to be associated with something that wasn't top quality. How sad that this type of professional integrity can be a rare find.

With much admiration - Zip
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There was NOTHING in the container ..and he lied about the procedure to cover it up. I'm not allowed to post about it other than posts prior to "settlement" (e.g. this one) as part of the gag order to get money back. I will never ever ever have any type of surgery ever again. I never want to go through that crap again.
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Hi! I went thru the same thing 14 yrs ago. Had Lipo done with local and I was very lucky that I did it that way...therefore I was alert and awake to be able to talk about what I saw and heard while the lipo was being done. Not only did the practice not have the correct base to mix with the lidocaine to numb prior to incisions (making it EXTREMELY PAINFUL because of the burning)...but the suction was not turned to the right amount/level needed for lipo. I am sure the practice used that for other things, not just lipo. More and more fluid was injected. At the end, the anesth. said "Wow, the container is full to the rim!"...well luckily I was fully alert and saw what was in the container, it looked nothing like the fat you saw on TV. It was a lightly red, cloudy liquid, nothing glibbery, yellow, no pieces..Then I went thru the waiting game, was told that I need to wait and the results would be just about done by 8 weeks, up to 6 Mo. Well at 3 months I took all my pics and went in for my post-appt. He tried to tell me how different I looked with the pics he took...did not care about my pics. Nor that I took measurements and none of them had changed either. I do not understand why they do not take measurements! That would be the best proof!
Well, I documented the entire experience and hoped for a partial refund because I did not want to have him do it again, and this time be in his own practice. Well, when it all came to the end of the story, 6 mos later I did go into his practice--it was like day and night. No pain, I got up during the procedure to make sure the areas were correct and work on them in different positions. 10 days post-op, there was an obvious difference. He did only do half the areas...but they were great. It was the suction machine (IMO) from the anesth. practice that was at fault...well he was to worried about saving face to actually stop the procedure. Then tried to make me think something happened. Did you have it done again?? Did your doc offer you the amount as a refund or did you ask or have to go in with a lawyer? I have just had lipo done with the bodyjet and I am 16 days post-op and again, still waiting for results! Different doc...yet this one would not do it with just local numbing--so I have no idea how much (he said he does not remember, just that he suctioned until no more fat came out).I would think a Doc. would need to record such a fact. He is telling me I need to wait 6-8 Mo. since this was theoretically my 3rd time. Yet, some of the areas like my knees and my flanks were done for the first time.
I am curious to hear how things turned out for you.
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Your before photos show no underlying muscle tone. Lipo only removes fat. If the muscle under the fat was in poor muscle tone prior to surgery it will still be flabby and soft post surgery. Still, you did not have any visible results that I can see. I don't believe lipo was performed at all (or correctly). I would contact a legal consult. You did pay for a service. Service not provided is grounds for action.
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It was clearly worse after the procedure and it appears that no fat was removed ..was melted and left there and looks worse. I am not allowed to discuss the Dr.s name or practice which was part of gag order to get some money back.
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i just had a lower body lift done and next up is lipo of the upper back and an arm lift (maybe breast augmentation, not sure on that yet). My question Amy is, have you been weighing yourself? Please, I am not putting you down. But if you lost a lot of weight or gained any weight it's possible that's the reason you're results are the way they are. Also, did you wear your compression garments 24/7 for many MANY weeks following the procedure? These garments help the skin adhere to your new shape.
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Yep ..wore the garments 24-7. You'll see the pics at 2 weeks look same at 3 months ..also at 6 months. The skin is so elastic it snapped back quickly. I was told that before the procedure (that I had great skind; several doctors said the same things, e.g. no stretch marks, very springy and tight, and this is the case all over my body, e.g. most think I am 10+ years younger than I am since I have good skin on my face too). The issue was one of two things: (1) no fat was taken out due to malfunctioning technology, (2) the doctor did not know what to do. Doctors have said you remove the fat UNDER the location (that was never done). Not sure, but overall, no change not even to my arms which perhaps suggests an overall failed procedure.
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Hi Amy you emailed me the doctors name but I cant find it in my email. could you email it to me again. I know its not the guy I went to but I am very unhappy with my results as well. I agree with you. I would never go thru this again on another body part. Its not worth the money!
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Im having this done in a few weeks in Massachusetts - Could you tell me where in Mass you had this done? thank you for all you information, hope you are doing well...
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Same here. One of the worst experiences I have ever had. If we had only come here before the procedure and saw the summary of 57% of people happy with lipo. Promises are made for money that aren't made or kept. The industry is not overall successful. I wish I had never gone. Perhaps if someone else had done it the result would have been different but who wants to play with odds almost equal to flipping a coin.
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No, I am not going to have a revision ..this has been one of the worst experiences of my life ..just dealing with coverups/lying and lack of support was stressful enough ..and I trusted this person. I'm done with any thoughts of altering myself with assistance from any kind of surgery at all. False expectations and/or just bad luck ..regardles ..never again.
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what was the doctors name I just had it done in Boston
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