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Lip Lift Surgery - Boston, MA

I am 38 yrs old and decided to have this done...

I am 38 yrs old and decided to have this done because my upper lip covers my teeth and it is something I hate about myself because I don't laugh, I just smile because if I laugh, it seems I have no teeth. Needless to say I was teased alot. Had this done hoping my upper teeth will show enough to avoid having lumineers.

I was nervous, still am. I am in my 3rd day, I have a lot of swelling, no pain. I only had to take pain killers the first day. I have read alot about the scarring and started to apply aloe with vitamin E on the scar to help it heal naturally and hopefully, end up with no scarring whatsoever. I rate as good because I don't know the outcome yet. My nostrils look uneven but that is how they were, it's just the swelling magnifies it 10 times.

Went to get my stitches removed today... a bit...

Went to get my stitches removed today... a bit painful. I am still swollen but not as much as I was before. THe past week has been very scare for me since I was afraid I would end up looking like a duck.

Hi lip,

Welcome to the Lip Lift community. Well, I have to say, based on your pictures, and even swollen, you don't look like a duck at all. Did you mention to your doctor today when you had your stitches out that you had some concerns? Let us know in a few days if the swelling has gone down and how you are doing.

Thanks so much for your review,


HI Britt:
Thanks for your review. I did mention my concerns to him and he said I was still swollen so it would look normal in a couple of days. He said the incision is healing nicely. I am also relieved I don't look like a duck lol...I will post a new picture next week. I am not sure how much of my teeth will show, right now I don't see any difference, I had high hopes but I'll see next week.

Yes, please do update us next week. Patience and waiting sucks, I feel you, I hate waiting. Can't wait to hear how everything is next week.




It is the 11th day... my lip is looking good but I...

It is the 11th day... my lip is looking good but I believe I am still swollen. I am very nervous now because my daughter keeps saying I look like someone punched me and she mentioned something about my nose. I looked at a picture of me before and after and I can see a difference in the direction of my nose, in the area between my nostrils. I thought my nostrils were weird before but this is something else. I have sent an email to the doctors office asking for their opinion, if this is just swelling or if he stitched me up wrong and if so... how can this be fixed.

It's been 2 weeks now and I am feeling more at...

It's been 2 weeks now and I am feeling more at ease. The swelling has come down alot and I know I still have swelling around my nose which should be coming down within the new few weeks. I have to say if your teeth are tiny like mine, this will not do anything for you so for me, it was not worth it. I will still have to have lumineers done hopefully, next year. My lip looks nicer then before but it has been an emotionally draining experience for me. I was told by the surgeon on my consultation that my teeth would show after this was done but on the day of the surgery he told me it would be minimal. At that point in time I should have not gone ahead with it but I had such high hopes that I did it anyway.
you lip lift looks great and I can't even see your scar!

Feeling down, ppl have told me I look...

Feeling down, ppl have told me I look "weird". I could take "different" but "weird" to me sounds like some kind of freak show. I look different, I wanted to change my lip, not my look. I can't pin point it but it's somewhere around my nose area and also my lip changed at the corners which I am now considering the corner lip lift or botox to even it up.That might me one of the things I am also noticing. If you have tiny teeth like me, this isn't worth doing. I'm hating the choice I made, really am. This didn't solve my issue, it just created a new one. Always trust your gut instinct. Learned the hard way. For fuller lips, I would have done something different. I just wanted to have a smile, have my teeth to show but as they say sometimes the remedy is worst than the illness itself.

I appreciate your advise and I have thought about leaving things alone and just give this time. I did expect immediate results, the surgeons tell us 2 weeks top and they make it sound like such a simple procedure and I had really high hopes but I am feeling alot better. Today was a good day for me and I hope it continues.
I would think twice about getting a corner lift. I haven't heard good things about that procedure.
Really?? I haven't read anything negative but the price did surprise me. I thought it would cost less then a lip lift. I'm going to give this some time. I feel better though because I was reading another blog and found that my nostrils will eventually go back to normal but it can take up to 5 months. I have been applying a tad of light brown eye shadow on the sides to make it less noticeable. I also spoke to someone about it and he assured me I didn't look weird, it was most likely myself noticing it more than anybody else and made me feel much better. I believe this will look much better once I take the braces off and have my veneers placed. I will just be patient now.

Photo Update

i think it is really good job and your scar is really smal and unvisible...
Thank you but It's visible in real life. I am looking into "inking" the scar which is white with a skin tone color.
I wish my scar would look like this! It's been 3 days since I had my lip lifted, and now I'm all egdy about the outcome :(

It's winter....waiting for my skin to even out to get my scar "inked"

It will cost me $100.00 and I'm hoping it will go well. Will update once it's set and done. Thanks to all who have commented and good luck!
if I can be honest with you... I see your picture with nostrils before and after... i think your nose looks better after a surgery... you probably not agree with me but it look very good, nicer, more gently :) I say it honest!
Age has been the greatest factor in my lip becoming longer and lip in appearance.......:(
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. S has a casual way of addressing your concerns but he was very professional onthe day of surgery. He makes you feel at ease somewhat, as if this is just something minor, no big deal type of thing. I can't rate his work yet...but will do so with time.

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