Fraxel Laser SOOO AWFUL Please Don't Pay to Ruin Your Skin - Boston, MA

I went to a certain doctor in Brookline Mass...

I went to a certain doctor in Brookline Mass "the guru" of skincare most know who I am referring to for a dime size acne scar I had on my cheek from my teen years. He suggested Fraxel and I figured why not. I was sold on having a visibly smooth complexion even if it mean't a little pain. Let me inform all of you since I have read many reviews on this site that it doesn't matter how experienced the doctor is trust me mine is the "big Poppi" here in BOston of this machine.

Trust me when I tell you it will ruin your skin. At first it seems the results are wonderful because your face is swollen therefore temporarily hiding the imperfections so you naively go and do the second one never knowing the damage that lies beneath. What I now have is deep lines and the middle of my face and worst of all terrible muscle loss. My face completely droops down and I now have deep jowling. I am thirty two years old may I mind you always considered a good looking chick. I have brought all this to my doctors attention because I am getting married soon and am so depressed. He said it could not be from fraxel but from aging. I said in SIX MONTHs. What was I chain smoking and living in the tanning bed. I don't even put my face in the sun. He tried juvaderm for more money and it wore off way to fast.

NOw I am 32 considering a facelift. I can't believe it all for a little scar don't do this to yourself. PLEASE!!


Hmm, I think I know who you're talking about. Can you please email me the name of the physician who did the procedure? Email me at
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Thank you for your continued updates. You are so young and have your whole life ahead of you. I'm so sorry they did this to you. I am living the same nightmare, but not as young as you. I feel so bad when I hear all the cries and heartache this has caused so many people. I am a fighter, and want these lasers taken off the market so it can't hurt anyone physically or emotionally again. I have a daughter your age, and she is my life along with my husband and my son. I couldn't imagine her going through this at her young age. You are a wonderful, kind, strong person. I will keep you in my thoughts and payers and thank you again for warning others, you will impact many lives by posting your situation. XXXOOOO
Yes, how they can say this is lasers are safe, and nothing can happen, how can they live with themselves, we all know how untrue those statements are, because were living the nightmare first hand. Then why are so many people faces and lives ruined. It's all greed, they don't care it's all about the money. I also believe no lasers are safe, I found that out the hard way, now that I live a life of confinement, and misery. We all have to have hope, we all have to be there for each other and for the others that join us. I know sometimes I can be so negative, but I have to keep positive for all of you and myself. So even when were down we should express it, because it's not good to keep it in, but then we have to try and pick ourselves up, because we are here for each other, and to warn others of the dangers of lasers. So I'm here for all of you, and will try my best to help you all. Take care everyone, and hang in there, someone will help us.
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I don't think he truly informed me as to what could happen if I received this procedure.

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