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I turned 44 in November of this year and had a...

I turned 44 in November of this year and had a facelift last week. I am so grateful to the women on this board who shared their experiences that I wanted to share mine for anyone considering a facelift.

Background: When I turned 40 no one could believe I was *actually* 40 because I looked so young. Two years later I got serious about losing those "last ten pounds" and when I did my face literally dropped. The buccal fat pads that had rounded my cheekbones so nicely when I was young melted like butter and headed south. I had jowls and a really gaunt look. I didn't fully realize this until pictures were taken. I looked awful - haggard and OLD. And despite my target weight and new wardrobe - let me assure you that heads don't turn for the old lady. It just made me so sad because - as so many women have lamented - I felt (and feel!) young,healthy and vital inside. It was devestating. I suddenly turned into my mother - refusing to let anyone take my picture and cringing when I saw the results when people did. I knew at that point that I was going to get a facelift.

I saved my pennies and did my homework. I read lots of books on cosmetic surgery - the best of which was The Girlfriends Guide to Cosmetic Surgery by Charlie Ganny (awesome!). I found my surgeon and set a date.

I was not nervous. Every time I looked in the mirror I knew it was the right thing for me, and was DETERMINED not to spend the next decade unhappy with my face.

There was a blizzard in Boston the night before my surgery (of course!). I was moved from first-thing-in-the-morning to afternoon. Still, I wasn't nervous. I had my Dad take me in (through the snow, to the cosmetic surgeon we go...). The surgery was done with just valium, adivan and a few injections of local to my face. I DON"T RECOMMEND THIS. Pay to be knocked out unless you know you have a high tolerance for pain. I have a low tolerance (as I learned to my dismay). I was awake and felt TREMENDOUS pain towards the beginning and the end. The end in particular was awful. After surgery he gave me drugs that really knocked me out, and I remember little about coming home or settling into bed.

The next few days were a trip. I have read that facelifts are "almost completely painless." That you only need tylenol. NO NO NO. I was in pain - not excruciating - but enough that I used my pain meds to sleep through much of it for the next few days. My face really swelled up and I looked like an egg (!!). But a young egg - yes, it was evident immediately that my jaw was tight and my cheekbones restored (thanks to a temporal lift with the face lift).

Within a week the swelling was almost completely resolved and I look GREAT. I look at least seven years younger - and it has (and I know sadly) translated into men being nicer to me. In our youth crazed culture it has made life much more enjoyable. And I know that time will catch up with me eventually - but I'm very happy with my decision.

who was your docotor? Are you able to go right back to work after school vacation week? How are you feeling/looking?
I am scheduled or next month and am a nervous wreck.
Also, did you tell your friends and collegues?

First of all, THANK YOU for the site! It is such a comfort to be able to hear first hand experiences from women. It was (and is) very comforting!

General anesthesia comes with risk - you aren't breathing on your own when you are under general. In in the past I have used local WITH SEDATION, so there is an anesthesiologist keeping me "under." However, the anesthesiologist only worked Thursdays, and I needed a Monday slot so that I had Christmas vacation week to recover (I teach).

I have to say that when I wrote this (3 or 4 days ago), I looked younger, but not more attractive. I don't know if swelling is going down or what, but I can't believe how GOOD I look. I have gone from average to attractive. I have no explanation for it. People I have run into keep telling me how great I look. I changed my hair color just before the procedure and tell them it must be the new color, but I think it was the surgeon's skill!


Thanks for writing about your facelift experience. This is so helpful!

I also couldn't imagine getting local anesthetic; maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm much more afraid of the pain and all the instruments floating around my head than of not waking up. :) Out of curiosity, did your doctor offer general anethesia at all or did you have to go with local?


It's been a year now, and I'm still...

It's been a year now, and I'm still *thrilled* that I had my FL. I'd do it again...

So glad to hear you're still doing well. Thanks for updating!

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