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I had surgery for a lower facelift, upper and...

I had surgery for a lower facelift, upper and lower eyes and a neck lift 8 weeks ago. I am dissatisfied with the results. My surgeon did one of my friends a few years ago and she looked great. While there is some improvement, I still have jowls and my jaw line is not sharply defined. I also had lipo under my chin and the skin under my jaw and down onto my neck is not smooth. I now have skin that is pulled to look like early turkey neck and a lump that feels like a cord that runs from my chin to my Adam’s apple. Moreover, my right eye does not look nearly as good as my left eye.

I am disappointed. I raised my concerns to my doctor after the 3rd week and he told me things would improve. Here I am 2 months later and nothing has really gotten better. In fact, the area around my jowls and mouth seem less tight than right after surgery. Is it too early to tell? Has anyone else experienced similar things only to have them miraculously improve? I’d sure like to hear that things will really get better.

I am still a believer in PS and will probably seek...

I am still a believer in PS and will probably seek someone to do corrections to this lift. I don't know about going back to the original doctor. How can I trust him to correct what he didn't do right in the first place?

I think my next step will be to get second opinions from other doctors in my area. I have always taken great care of my skin, never been a sun lover so it is in great shape. My outcome, I believe, is due to the lack of skill on the part of my surgeon. Maybe he had an off day. I don't know. I felt so confident going into this surgery, now I am very hesitant to trust anyone...if anyone out there had a bad result corrected and is happy with the redo, I'd love to hear from you. I won't do anything for a year. I want my face and my attitude to experience a full recovery first.
Dear Lioness,
Thanks for an honest report. I had a very similar experience and did get a revision 1 year after the first. I'm waiting to comment on that surgery but I knew right away that the first surgeon had deceived and even lied to me about what this whole event would be like during recovery and long term. Sounds like you're at least feeling some better but still disappointed, I don't blame you. The only thing I felt I could do was to tell my experience and include the doc's name so that others would have the information. I cringe to think of others going into the experience without knowing what COULD happen. Thanks again for your comments. Karen from Texas
Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment. I don't want to name the surgeon because two people I know used him and at least one did not have my experience. I don't know why my surgery went the way it did. Maybe he had an off day. Maybe my friend who had a good result got lucky. I am not sure how the other person I know turned out because I haven't seen or talked to her in a long time.

For what it is worth, I can tell you that the doctor practices in a wealthy section of the Boston area. I suppose I thought one can't stay in business in that location unless they have satisfied customers. I really felt at the time that he was a good choice for me. Maybe he is a good choice for others. I just don't know. And I don't want to destroy his reputation based on my experience only.

I was once angry at the man but I am over it. To be fair, I feel I am in part responsible for my result. I mistakenly believed that since two women I knew used him he must be okay. Looking back, I should have interviewed more doctors but I thought knowing actual patients was better than just choosing a doctor because he or she had a charming bedside manner in an interview. I did talk to two other doctors. And I did know a patient of one of those other doctors but she only had her nose done so I bypassed him. I also had another friend who had an amazing surgery with a doctor in Florida but I was concerned about traveling so far from home to do this. What if something went really wrong?

So back to my comment that I think it is a crap shoot. I think now that unless you really know a lot of satisfied clients from a doctor you don't know enough. And even then, how many celebrities go to surgeons and have bad outcomes? I would think a good doctor is well known in those circles. And yet, I've seen some awful facelifts coming out of Hollywood.

My lesson here, for myself and others is even though I tried to do my homework, and I thought I had, sometimes things don't work out. If you are going to go do this type of surgery you need really dig deeply and find the best possible doctor based on LOTS of actual results. And then you cross your fingers and hope he has a good day on the day of your surgery. Everyone knows that things can go wrong. You have to be prepared for that possibility. Am I alive? Yes. Am I deformed? No. Can I get a better result a second time around. Probably. But not with this doctor.

I just don't want to give him a second chance to correct the problems because I don't entirely trust him anymore.
Your response to my post was most kind. Thank you. I am afraid I got so caught up in my own experience that I forgot to ask you to please let me know how your second surgery turned out. I will be waiting for your summary. I hope you will be able to say that you are delighted and that all is well.
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