Uneven 3.5 Months After Breast Augmentation

I had saggy, tiny breasts after breastfeeding....

I had saggy, tiny breasts after breastfeeding. Wanted to be able to fill out my clothes better. A cup bras were even too big for me!

I have not had any complications so far.

I had breast augmentation 3.5 months ago - 350cc moderate plus profile placed under the muscle. Pre-op I was 34A (or AA?) and saggy after breastfeeding for a year. Now my breasts are significantly different in size and shape. Is this my final result at this point? And if so, how could this have happened since I had the same implants on both sides? Will I need another surgery to get them closer in size/shape?


i think it looks fine too. was this saline or silicone?
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I am 3 mths post op and asymmetrical as well. I have been measured on once side as a D and a DD on the other side. I have been asked by someone if one breast was larger than the other, and it is noticable when when I wear shirts, not just by me when I am naked. I am going to see my doctor in 2wks, but wanted to know if your doctor gave you any options to fix it. My docs assistant told me that he could do an in office fix where he could cut some skin out. Sounds painful, but I guess I'll see what my options are. By the way, your breasts look very much like mine, with the larger space in between. Do yours every give you pain when you push them in together? I am having pain in one breast when I push it inwards.
I think it looks fine. Maybe he overfilled one (if they're saline) due to one breast being larger than the other. Maybe you should have gone smaller but they look good to me. It will take time to get used to them.
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