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Hello, I made ??the radiesse injected to...

Hello, I made ??the radiesse injected to correct my nose Asia. I wanted to fill up my hollow point and refine it. The result was superb, my nose is extended with a slight edge. But five hours later, it looks like the tip grows a bit in the evening, we no longer distinguish my point and now it's the same. The doctor told me that I would be swollen for two days but I am only aui swollen at the tip and not in the pit of my nose. it's weird. I tried to put ice but to no avail, however the product did not migrate and the tip is not falling but the point formed by injecting it looks like it disappeared. Could you explain that? I hope it's not because-I have a thick skin that the product is gone. Thank you

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I reflect...lol

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Hello keenta, how is your radiesse nose doing:) ? still OK? are you happy with it or it already came the same nose u did before?
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Juvederm is good too but the effects wear off more quickly than after radiesse of what I have said :) Yes I'll see if he'll be able to go up a little this point because I find it a little round but the difference between my nose before and now is different :) I would do a picture of my editing and I'll post on this forum :)
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Glad to hear, I experienced a lot of decrease in volume after swelling from Juvederm goes down and I find it pretty disappointing. So you are going to get a touch up for more in the tip of your nose?
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But the product is still in place, and what appears, on the radiesse nose is longer than the furrows nasogiens because it is a place where there is little movement :)
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How is your nose doing? I know you mentioned that you felt that the initial result had diminished - do you still feel the product looks as if it has disappeared? I am wanting to get this in a few areas on my face but not if it isn't going to last!
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Hello :) my nose is is definitely deflated it took a good week but that's okay because as I have oily skin so thick it is very reactive. April 2, I meet up for a free editing I think I'll sharpen my edge even if possible :)
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and sorry my english is not perfect because i live in france so i translate with google ^^
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You don't need to apologize for your english. I think it's awesome you are using our site & that google translator is able to make it possible! Technology is an amazing gift for sure!

I'll be looking forward to hearing how you are doing tomorrow - please let us know.

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Yes, I will give you the news tomorrow and then I see my doctor in one month to see if it is necessary to touch up. :)
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So I'm curious, can you see any change today?? Since everyone's body is a little different I would guess the 2 day rule is just a rule of thumb, so if you can't see much change, maybe you will in the next day or two.

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Hello megan :) today i didn't see any difference so i called the doctor and he told me thats is normal because any skin are differents. I have to wait maybe in one week, its look better but on the avril 2rd, i must return for control :)
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I'm glad to hear you talked to your doctor. At least you know its normal then :)

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Thanks for posting the pictures - it helps a ton to be able to see what you are describing.

From the forum you posted, you just had the injections done yesterday, right? So it is still probably settling in. If your doctor said the swelling could last 2 days you are still in that timeframe.

Btw, I think your nose looks good in both photos, different but good both ways. :)

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Thanks you Megan :) Yes its probably normal the oedema on the tip of my nose... let's see tomorow ;)
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