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A little history...I have had 2 children (almost...

A little history...I have had 2 children (almost 15 and 8) and gained a lot of weight from the first and never lost it. My max weight was 222. I have finally been able to loose 51 lbs and have just turned 40 this week. I was never really fat growing up but never had nice tight abs like many of my friends. I am getting some money from a settlement and decided to go for it now while I can. I have been reading all I can and am very excited. So happy I found this board and now have decided to document my "big change". I have had a breast reduction when I was 23 but with all the weight I am back to a DD but they have dropped and there is no fullness above the nipple. I had trouble with yeast infection on my breast last time that they thought was a staff infection and gave me more antibiotic which made it worse and I was left with a lot of scaring underneath both nipples and my nice fine lines turned to wide bumpy scars. I am having a full tummy tuck from hip to hip for sure but after the weight loss and previous c-section the doctor says I still have a petty good waist so I am really hoping for great results like I have seen on this board. I wish there was more to see from older women and women who have started a little heavier.

Ok enough jabbering, my question is do you think I can stay at home by myself? My husband has to work our business and my kids will be at school so as long as I have everything near do you think I can make it on my own? I will have a pain pump for however long they leave them in for and pain meeds foo so I figure I'll sleep a lot for the first few days. I didn't take meds when I had my c-section and I think I have a high tolerance for pain but I'm concerned about being alone and if I shouldn't be how many days do most need assistance? I already have back pain and am also worried about that getting terribly bad too due to laying around or whatever make it hurt so bad like everyone says. I am having a breast lift with saline implants under the muscle and the doctor says most of my scars should be removed which will be great. I don't want to loose much size now but I do want them lifted and fuller. How do I know what size I will end up with? I told my doctor that since they will be lifted that I think I would like to be a full D cup. Wondering if that will seem like a lot or too little since I am a DD bur now they will be lifted. Can they be altered easily after? Have most of you had this procedure in the doctors office? Or in the hospital? My last surgery (reduction) was in a hospital but that was 17 yrs ago. I had a appendectomy a couple years ago and had to stay over night because getting up to use the bathroom was almost impossible and made me want to pass out. Maybe it will be better with the pain pump. Ugh! So many questions! I will submit photos soon of before. Michelle There is so many questions and excitement

You look awesome. And thanks so much for sharing your journey. It means a lot. Looking forward to the next video installment.
Thank you so much for the photos! I think you look really good for the amount of post-op time!! Congratulations and happy healing! Please keep the updates and pics coming! Tomorrow morning I go for my surgery. I'm so nervous!! I'm impressed that at day five you seem to be standing up-right. You're definetly and encouragement to me.
Thank you for your words of encouragement. When I look at the pictures with the bruising and swelling they don't look so great but in real life in the mirror I really look much better. When this swelling goes down I think I will be so extreamly happy. I will keep up with updates and you should post some pics too. Good luck tomorrow! Rest a lot.

3 weeks out I'm doing well physically but I...

3 weeks out I'm doing well physically but I still have my drain in. Hoping this Friday 6/18 to get it removed but still not sure. My doctors say some people have more drainage than others and my being so active doesn't help. I was told that the skin is trying to adhere together and all my movement just pulls it apart so it takes longer to seal inside basically. I went back to work after 9 days and I am not good at sitting at home all the time. Plus I went shopping on the 12 th day and although my husband pushed me all around the mall in a wheelchair I tried on all kinds of clothes (had a great time) and ended up pulling my drain out enough that it wouldn't suction anymore. So had to call the doctor and come home shove it back in the hole and get it sealed off tight so the suction would work again. It has happened twice but is ok now. I had to have tetracycline injected in the drain tuesday because it somehow helps make the skin adhere. Today I have not had as much drainage so hopefully that is a good sign.

I have been given some silicone tape to line my scars with and in some parts it has amazingly made my lines disappear already. But I have trouble with tape and other things on my skin and in a couple places it had caused small sores to come out due to moisture or something so now I have to make sure they dry out completely. My past history of breast reduction I had a severe break out of yeast and it took months for the sores to go away and the scarring was not good. Time has changed a lot from then and I have preventative measures to make sure that doesn't happen this time around. I still have some slight oozing from my belly button too. So hopefully all of this will clear up soon. I have no redness fever or signs of infection so I think I'm doing well. If anyone else has had the similar experiences with drainage please email me and let me know what happened to you. This weekend is my HS reunion so I really hope to get this drain out Friday.

Any updates on your revision procedure? From the above pics your breasts look great and your tummy seems to be healing nicely. How did the uniboob occur?and is this a common occurence or soemthing that happened with the first surgery. Hope all is well. I live in Palm Beach Gardens too and I plan on surgery, TT with possible BL and BA in early June 2012.
I'm Having a circular abdominalplasty lipo on 2/3/11. I a bit scared I had gastric by pass in june of 2009 I have lost a total of 115 pounds. Can someone give me some tips on how to reduce the anxiety before the surgery.
I'm back for a revision in my breast lift surgery on 11/23. Very excited and hopeful that I will get what I initially had hoped for. When I first went in I was fine with where my nipple placement was due to my reduction 17 yrs prior but the doctor felt I needed a lift and implants to fill things out. I was already was wanting the implants because that is all I thought I needed but I did need to get rid of some of the extra skin etc. I still believe my nipple could have stayed where they were. Now when I wear a bikini or my bra and lean over they come out of the top and I do not have the fullness above that I was looking for and I really wanted my nipple more centered. My doctor says I can not have the nipple removed again and he can not take any more tissue or I will loose the blood flow to the nipple so they will stay where they are and skin will be removed to make a new mammary fold underneath and use larger (round ways) but not larger profile to get the cleavage I want. I am afraid somewhat because I don't want to end up with a uni-boob and I don't want them popping out my armpits either as this is where on my left side my casule (sp?) has opened and when I raise my arm you can completely see my implant and feel it. I can push it up and watch it slow ooze back into place. I don't believe this is my doctors fault I just think these things happen. In my mind, which I am NO EXPERT, for sure but I feel like a higher profile with more cc's would be better and if not why so? I keep hearing people talk about cc's and I don't even have 300 in either of my breast. I am a DD and I was a DD before. I don't necessarily want to be bigger than that just firmer and I fuller above the nipple and I want nice cleavage even if they look a little on the fake side. Any idea's on what exactly I should say during my ore-op next week? Help! Thanks for reading my ever so long story!!!!
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