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Scheduled my Tummy Tuck - Bonita, CA

After 3 consultations and all my research I made...

After 3 consultations and all my research I made up my mind!!! I put my deposit down yesterday and my TT is scheduled for Sept 19. I'm a little anxious, nervous and excited !!!
I decided to go with Dr. Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery. It was homely feeling when I was there, you could tell that him and his staff care for their patients and look out for their best interest.

Just a little background...
Highest weight 215
Lap band - 2009
I'm 5'2, current weight 145-150
Mother of 2
2 c-sections
Good for you on your progress!!! You will do great and be happy with your hard work afterward!
Thank you!!! =)

3 days

Took my first shower today my pubic area was a little swollen, exited to see the final results. So far so good !
You have to be so happy with your new body!!!! Awesome results. Good surgeon. Go you!!!!
WOW!!! What great results . Really awesome .
You look so great!

Day 7

A little swollen and red from my binder. Still have my drains :(
All I can say is WOW! You are coming along beautifully!!!!!! Congratulations :0)
Looking good. Fast healing.
Congrats! Happy healing : )

12 day

My fast healing has been a blessing ! I'm at day 12, still have my drains but I'm able to walk around with no problems and most important I was back at work on day 11!!
You look amazing!
You have a totally new torso. It must feel so good to get rid of the old tummy! Thanks for the update!
OMG, you would have to be happy with that!!! And back at work, what a miracle worker. I am just 14days PO and don't know how I am healing as everything is still covered in waterproof tapes. Glad that you are feeling so well (as am I). I keep waiting for a set back, but nothing has happened so far and am impatient to get going, but easy does it. Good luck to you, your photos are amazing.

3 weeks out !

So far I'm happy with my results,still a little tinder. Belly button is a little irritated from the binder. Also, I've read on here how we get swollen went in for a follow up and told my ps he automatically knew this was not normal, I has was retaining liquid/water don't quote me on the term, well he drained it out and do I feel better !! I'm not all blooded and swollen! All smiles :)
Hi, you are looking really great. Your scar line looks really good. hope your pubes are returning to normal, I have the same problem, it's not funny is it? Give your body time to recover, even if you are just busting to do more. Hasten slowly and happy healing.
I'm going back in on Monday for a follow up on my infected belly button; I'll ask about my swelling to be on the safe side. Thx and you look great!
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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