I have been unhappy with my nose all my life. Been...

I have been unhappy with my nose all my life. Been teased, and never had much confidence due to the nose.

Finally I have found a place to get it done, and my consultation is on the 18th of October. I am so excited!

I thought about this a lot, and been up and down. Was okay with my nose for a while, then I see a bad photo and I feel so depressed. I know I can't have a Nicole Kidman nose but I just want it to suit my face. It looks manly and harsh, and I have a soft feminine face otherwise.

I was scare of the pain at first but it will all be worth it. So I can start the new year with a new nose!


I love this website... you read people's reviews and it's like they have taken the words right out of your mouth! Congratulations on booking your first consultation! I recently had my first too have been so excited ever since. I can so sympathise with the whole being temporarily happy with your nose until you see a bad photo, I'm the same, even after booking in my surgery. Good luck with your first appointment! Who are you seeing?
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I hope your consult goes well. You are not alone in this. Whenever I look in the mirror or to my pictures, I just want to have my nose fixed. Mine is a revision. Pls keep us updated. Thanks.
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More pictures

Found a few pictures where you can see how big my nose is. I hate getting my picture taken by somebody else because of this.

My mum has the same nose, but it looks Bette.r I don't want her to think that I hate that I look like her. I love looking like my mum.


You do look beautiful already, but I do understand the confidence boost thing. I'm booked in for November so I've got a bit longer to wait, but very excited to hopefully have a nose that fits my face! Who are you booked in with?
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I don't get it. You're so pretty WITH your current nose. If you want rhinoplasty, then you should get it. You'll be even more gorgeous afterward.
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Wow you are stunning! Be ready to be transformed and thrilled to bits with a softer nose. All the very best to you.
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Not everyone is happy...

A few of my friends are not too happy about me getting a noes job. They mean well, but they are the ones with small noses, and do not understand. I stand by my decision and I will be proud. I am totally getting this done for vanity reasons, but it is my body and I can do what I want.

No one should be ashamed for wanting to be happy. Sure, you can overdo it with plastic surgery. It's not like I want to look like a barbie! I want my nose to still look like me, but a better me.


You are beautiful the way you are but I totally understand wanting this done! Just make sure you do your research and remember perfection is impossible. Go for improvement and you will be happy! Good luck and you are going to look incredible!!
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Thank you, same to you :)
I plan telling nobody for my revision except the person who will take care of me during and after surgery. You'll never be able to please everyone so don't even try. The operation is for you and only you!
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Inching closer to the consult...

My consult is on the 18th, but I am a but worried. The manager said I will be getting "twilight" anaesthetic. Which basically means, I will be awake. I was hoping to be totally out of it, but I was told I can get as many drugs as I want. Haha. I spoke to a few women who went to that clinic, and they said the staff were amazing.

There are a few things that I am excited about, like being able to try new hair styles, as some make my nose look harsh.

I told a few more friends about this, and most are shocked but said " as long as you are happy". And I am :)

Went camping on the weekend, and it was freezing cold. My nose was so red and even stood out more. Stupid I know, but ugh.

I think having a big nose also made me feel shy around guys. Even though no one has said anything about it before ( except my idiot ex boyfriend).

I told my mum that I in no way think that she is ugly despite having the same nose. Though she didn't like hers when she was younger.

I can't do as much as I wanted to do on my holidays ( my school closes for two weeks over Christmas ) and that is when I will be having surgery. Hopefully a week before we close. So when I get back, I'll have a new nose!


Good for you! Do it! You will be glad you did. I just got a bump shaved down and while I still don't have a petite nose...it's soooo much better than it was! Good luck!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultation(s). Please keep us posted!

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Consult this Friday!

I was maid of honour at a friends wedding this weekend, had my hair and make up done etc. While everyone complimented me and said how great I looked, I could not stop thinking how I would feel if I had a better nose.

Some guy even said that I reminded him of Elaine from Seinfeld. I get that all the time, I am so over it. It sounds horrible, but it is such an insult.

I want to finally feel confident with who I am, and love the way I look.

I wanted to get into acting when I was younger, but never didn't because of my nose. Let's be real, no one would hire me because of it.

In other news, my first consult is this week! And I received my tax return which is pretty much most of my payment for the surgery. I am so excited,must nervous. It is this Friday at 5.45 pm :)

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Consult tomorrow !

So tomorrow is my consultation. I am so excited and just want to finally book this! I hope I can get a spot in this year, and before my work holidays. I want to start the new year with a new look and be happy.

Will update as soon as I get home tomorrow. Yay !


Good luck with your consult today! You're already beautiful the way you are. :) it's a huge relief to find the doctor and book your dates!
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I wish you all the luck in the world! What changes are you looking to make on your nose? How do you want it to look?
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Date is set!

So I am booked in for the 18th of December! Might do the 12, if work says is ok.

He said there is not much to do, expect make it shorter and remove the bump.

Saw some after pictures of a girl who has a nose I will probably get and I love it. I felt a bit shaken and anxious because it is finally happening.

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Surgery soon!


Your very attractive with that nose so i can imagine how much more your going to be after your surgery. Mines booked on the 10th of December! just around a week before you. Wish you all the best. Sydney, AU
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Feels real now

I thinki it is finally settling in that it is happening! I already bought a neck pillow and can't wait for the day to arrive. I saw a bad photo of myself again, and it just convinced me even more to get surgery.

I am not scared and I am just happy. I even booked a holiday overseas for next year, and I'll feel more confident with a great nose.

I will update before I go into surgery :)


Hey thanks for your comment :) I read your story and I think you are rly making the right decision since you have been unhappy all these years. I had a best friend who wasn't supportive at first because she is very hippie dippy and into loving and accepting yourself but even she has grown to be totally supportive! It sucked in the beginning though when I would almost be arguing with her on the phone about it. Eventually I just thanked her for her opinion and asked her to just please be supportive because it's happening either way and I would rather her be there for me. Man, your gonna be gorgeous when this is done. Can't wait to see it!
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for best outcome, good idea to get clarity on exactly what will be done, including morphs ... best wishes
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Just over a month away

One month and elven days! I just want it to be noooowww. I am lucky that I'll have two weeks off work to recover. But that means two weeks of being careful in the summer :( I was planning on learning to surf etc and do a lot of sports this summer, but I have to be careful.

Will still go for walks and do easy things at the gym.


Are you kidding me? Elaine from Seinfeld is gorgeous... many men find here very attractive! Good luck with surgery!
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New photo.


Lol, thank you !

A month to go

The more I look at my nose, the more I am excited about getting rid of it. I am excited about taking my new nose out for the first time in January,when my friend and I watch the lion king on stage ! Hopefully most bruising will be gone by then.

A friend offered to drive me home, which is so sweet. I just want December 18 to come now!

In other news, I booked a trip to Antarctica in 2015 :)

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Tried a plastic surgery app

Tried this app on my ipad. Obviously this is not what it will look like, but I think I love it. It just softens my face so much.


Just over three weeks, and I'll be getting my nose fixed! I can't believe it is actually happening, something Thant I wanted for so long. I have a few parties to go to before that, and wish I didn't have to. It sounds Vain, but I am sick of getting my photo taken and looking at that huge nose. Will get my tablets next week, and my info pack should arrive tomorrow.
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Hi Ellie, Could you please tell me why you chose Dr Pouw? I have had 3 consultations and one was with him. I'm having trouble choosing. I really liked him but have not found any reviews. I would love your input! Thanks! Good luck with the surgery.
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Two weeks to go!!

I can't believe that it is so close now. I got my letter confirming it with all the details, bought my arnica tablets which I'll start taking tonight.

I can't wait to start the year, looking new :)


yay two weeks surgery buddy! So close yet so far haha
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I can't wait to see your results! The op will arrive before you know it. You're a beautiful girl and you're going to look stunning! Looking forward to seeing pics in a few weeks :) a water bottle with bendy straw and a travel pillow will make things more comfy.
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Another before pic

Not even two weeks until I have my operation! Went to see the lovely manager at the clinic to pay my deposit to secure my spot.

I just want the day to arrive!


Oh I am so excited! How are you feeling ?
same! I'm excited, not even nervous yet. I'm sure I will be the day before haha

Just a few days to go!

Well, my surgery is next week and I am so exited. I just hope that I won't get a cold as my nose is a bit blocked. I would be so so upset. I have wanted this for so long and want to start the new year with a. New nose.

It seems like I am paying more and more attention to it now that I know it is going to change. Had my photo taken at the Christmas party last night and they took it from the side, and fuck it was depressing.

I will also try and upload a video before and after :)


Good luck! I'm excited for you!
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Hi good luck with the procedure. Had mine done on thur and is sat night feeling pretty relaxed. I know how nervous u must be but take it from me you have nothing to worry about!
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Really looking forward to hearing about your procedure. Good luck!
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Video update

Sorry for the awkwardness and messy hair. Two days to go!


I went into Dr Pouw's clinic the other day to look at some before and after photos. I have tentatively booked for Jan / Feb. I am still nervous and am having one more consult with an ENT. I kept an eye out for you in case you walked in! lol. I will be thinking of you and can't wait to see the after photos! You are beautiful now so va va voom for when you have your new nose!
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Hi Hun, That is exciting, I agree that you should have another consult, you should feel good about it. My friend had her breasts done by Ron and they felt so natural and she is very happy. She had a bit of a lump due to the implant,but. She is not bothered and they will fix it up soon. They said its normal because he body is not used to the object. She healed pretty fast! Another woman told me that her aunt had her nose done by William and it was great. It would be funny if I saw you there! Thank you so much, you are so beautiful and people would pay a lot to look like you! Haha. Stay in touch x
Your so close! I would be the same way, unable to sit around the day of surgery, I would work too and try to keep my mind off of it. I'll be going in on December 20th!
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Tomorrow will be a new beginning

I was supposed to go to work tomorrow for half a day, but my boss told me to take the day off. She said I'll be too nervous to do anything. Fine with me! Haha. I have everything now, and just have to wait.

My friend will pick me up tomorrow and take me home. She said she already has vomit bags in her car for me lol.

My dad is not too happy about it, despite me being almost 30 and an adult.

I might post from the clinic if I have time, but if not: see you on the other side ! Good luck to everyone who has their surgery tomorrow as well.


Hey lady! Your day is finally here! I'm sure you've done just fine and are recovering by now. Enjoy your rest and relaxation for the next few days :-) xoxo
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Good luck, can't wait to see your results xxx
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Good luck Ellie! X
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Last post before op

Only a few hours to go! Removed all my makeup, stopped eating and drinking and sitting at the train station and waiting for my train to the clinic.

I feel sick with excitment Haha.

Will report back after my OP!


Good luck girlie, you are in my thoughts! You are also way ahead of me...it's still the night before and I know I wont be able to sleep haha. You will look wonderful, can't wait to see!
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Best of luck to you!!!!
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Post op!

Sooo here we go. I just got home, and feel no different. I thought I'd be in a lot of pain but not at all.

The staff were just so amazing and sweet. So helpful and they had to drug me a lot because it wasn't working.

I love it already, can't see much though. I am starving!
Thought my splint would be worse but it's tiny. They didn't break my bones either.

I would 100% go there again and recommend that team! I was under twlight so awake, but did not feel a thing and was not scared.


Glad to hear your surgery went well! We pretty much had ours at the same time due to the time difference (you're approx. 10 hours ahead of Ontario, Canada). Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery!
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looks shorter already :) ... best wishes for good healing ... look after yourself
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Thanks Hun, went well. Now I'm drugged haha. Gave my dr a hug because I thought he was going in for one too. Awkward! Nows your turn. Wishing you all the best and good luck xxx

cant sleep blah

Oh fuck. Now the anthestic has worn off, ots gross. Had to sneeze a billion times and
The packaging is annoying and itchy. Sorry for being neg this is all normal. Can see a small difference already and i was so happy with the staff.

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Also I find that using those ice blocks in those long tube thingys easier to cool the eyes, as it is small enough to not bump tje nose.

I also tried a pad on my nose for tje bleedong. So obsorbant haha. Sorry for the typos, no contacts in and bleeding :(


well done! you're so brave!!
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Happy recovery. Looking forward to see your new nose.
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yay it's done! Glad to hear the surgery went well. I'm anxiously about to leave for mine! I will be in the same position in just a couple hours. Well the next 2 or 3 days will be rough and then it's uphill from there. Congrats can't wait to see :)
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Day after surgery

My nose was bleeding a it last night, and if found it hard to sleep. The packaging is annoying and really the only thing that bothers me. My nurse should call today and check up on me.

I can only eat yogurt :( I am so hungry and would love something solid now but it's hard. My cat took a while to warm up to me again, she ran around like a nutter and didn't lie next to me like she always does. Haha.

My throat was a bit sore again this morning and there's hardly any bruising. Maybe because they didn't break it ?

I think I fell asleep during surgery a bit and had weird dreams, saw things moving that didn't move haha.

But I honestly will recommend the clinic to everyone. My surgery was a bit late because a poor woman had some bleeding with her facelift and had to be looked after for hours.

I didn't mind, her husband was hilarious and kept me entertained. I was just worried that I wouldn't have my surgery. But they were professional and apologised a lot.

Can't wait to see my new nose, it was so weird looking at it this morning as it is so small.

I think I talked a lot during surgery, they must have had enough lol.

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I love having an excuse for not going out on a sunny day lol.
Will watch a movie later, and here's a photo of my nose now vs then. I can tell it's already smaller, but won't see of course until Monday. Woot! Spoke to my beautiful nurse and she said the bleeding is fine and I can take these annoying tampons out of my nose tonight.

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Cast removal tomorrow

Day 5 today, can't believe it's gone so quickly. My nose is a bit stuffy and I don't think my bruising as worsend.

I went to the mall today to do some shopping, people asked a few questions but that was it.

It's going to be so weird with my new nose tomorrow, but freaked out about it. It's so hot here in Australia and it's hard to relax. But hey, I will be able to go out soon :)

Will ask doctor how long it will take for me to be able to go to the gym etc.

I badly have to get my eyebrow is done.


yay cast removal for us both tomorrow. You're looking great so far not much swelling or bruising. Excited to see!
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i can't wait to see your results
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Cast removal day!

I had my cast removed today! My nose was so stuffy it was hard to breathe, so it was perfect timing.

The nurse was very sweet and took my stitches out, which hurt a bit. I was a big baby and had my mum hold my hand hehe. The stitches dissolved themselves but a few had to be taken out. When she came up with the tweezers I cried a bit inside. My nose was very sensitive and at one point I wanted to ask for my mummy lol. I am a wuss.

She took off the cast and let me look. I almost swore because I thought, shit it's so small! It's very swollen and the nostrils looked a bit deformed but that is normal.

I still wonder if it's any different, which is silly.

It's going to be an exciting year, new nose, new job and I am also studying for my diploma in childcare.

Yay! Will come in for more updates of course.


yay it looks so good! Still looks like you but with a smaller nose. I think that's what we're all going for really haha. It's all done, only gets better from here. I look forward to seeing it become more defined with time :)
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Looking great so far! Congrats on a beautiful result!
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Thank you so much :)

Merry Christmas!

I am still a bit up and down about my nose. Still think it looks a bit big and has a bump, but hopefully the swelling will go down soon.


Wow seems so breezy for you! It does look very swollen and I can assure you it will go down over time.
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There is lots of swelling. Yet I can tell your nose will look great after all that swelling subsides. Happy holidays!
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It looks great! I haven't posted a front view yet as mine is still really swollen due to the extent of the work he had to do. Before I looked in the mirror my surgeon kept reminding me that it is still really swollen. In fact it looks wider than before at the moment. It's a little frustrating but the result will come I am sure :)
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Two weeks post op

Nose is still very swollen, been a bit down about it and hoping my nose will look different. I shouldn't compare myself to others recovery really.

Not doing anything big for nye except dinner with a friend. She hasn't seen me since before the op so I wonder what she'll say. She knows about it, most of my friends do.

Sorry for being a bit negative about this all.


It's looking really nice. Not big at all.
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Your nose is beautiful . It's till too early for final results. I can see there's still lots of swelling.
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No need to apologize about feeling abit down its completely normal, its such a hard and long recovery both physically and emotionally but luckily everything will get better :) and your nose looks pretty its subtle and natural - it suits you! Hope your feeling better
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Feeling a bit better

Can't believe it's been three weeks now! Getting a bit happier with my nose, I have a few ups and downs.

It's a bit sensitive on the tip, and I wore some glasses at the cinema when we watched a 3d movie. I bumped it a few times but it's okay. I woke up one morning and my mum said that my nose was squashed, as I must have slept on it haha.

Got a message from a friend saying that my nose looks great, as I posted a new photo of myself on Facebook, not saying anything about the nose though.

Will reply to everyone soon :)

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First day back at work

I went to work today for the first time after my op. My other co workers have seen me and some photos, but my boss didn't and she said it looks very good and such a difference.

I had sunglasses on today and I think it wasn't that wise. My nose hurts a little bit now so ill leave it for a while.

My follow up will be end of this month I hope. I am getting a bit happier with my nose now!


looks good. he is my surgeon too.
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Looks great, congrats! Would love to see updated pictures if you get a chance!
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Hey girl! Just checking in on realself haha. Hope all is well and you are loving your nose!
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