Scar from an Extirpation of a Breast Fibroadenoma - Bolivia

I am 26 years old. 18 months ago I had an...

I am 26 years old. 18 months ago I had an extirpation of a Fibroadenoma from my left breast, in the top right area. I ended with an ugly scar, and I want to have it removed.

I went through a Laser Resurfacing treatment and Stem Cells applied with injections (my blood was sampled, it was centrifuged and a substance was added to be injected to my scar)

The laser was done every 10 days during 1 year, the Stem Cells treatment was every 10 days during 3 months.

The picture shows how my scar looks like now.

I am not happy with the results. IU can´t use a nice dress with this kind of scar. I want to know if this has a solution and can be erased. Please advise me.

hi Dear consultant

i am 33 years old and have acne scar (for about 10 years) over my face(but not so deep) i decided to do fractional CO2 laser. but as my skin is not so white is there any problem for me? i heard in some cases it will cause pigmentation. (i did this once and did not have any problem yet)
and another question is, i read that it will last for 1-2 years is it meaning that after 1 year my acne scars will be back again?
thanks so much indeed


Hi Ally,

Welcome to the Laser Resurfacing community. Oh my, is your scar bigger now than it was originally? Have you gone back and asked your doctor about it? You might also want to checkout the Scar Removal reviews and forums they might help too for this problem. Thank you for the pictures and please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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