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Two weeks ago I had vaser done on my abdomen, love...

Two weeks ago I had vaser done on my abdomen, love handles, and inner thighs. With the fat removed from my inner thighs it was then transferred to my breasts. I had almost 4 liters removed and 250cc was then placed in each breast.

I will start by saying that I am an avid exerciser, I am in good cardiovascular shape, unfortunately no matter how many hours I train I could not lose the belly fat or thigh fat. I weighed 150 and wore a size 8. I have had one child, she is three and have never had any surgery prior to this.

Now i will be very honest.... I am very tough but thought the recovery was far worse than I had expected. The actual procedure was fine. I did take the pill to make me feel sedated. I felt some slight pinches every now and then but overall was fine. They did removed a lot and I was there for 5hours. Okay so I was given post op interactions but didn't get any pain meds because I truly thought I would be fine.

So the night of the procedure was horrible, thank goodness I had some leftover pain meds from my husbands knee surgery!! I did drain the entire night and was in extreme pain. The next day was okay very sore but no longer draining, mostly laid in bed. Unfortunately I didn't take anytime off work so I had the surgery on Friday and was working on Monday. If I did it again I would have taken the next week off. Though i made it was in constant pain, I am a hygienist so I couldn't take meds while working but did keep up on ibuprofen.

During that first week I noticed the most painful part was in the evening when the swelling was the worst. I did keep the compression garment on 24/7 for the first week except for showering. I bruised incredibly bad but I always bruise very easily. After the first week things got much better. It's now been 2 weeks and I feel a ton better, I still am sore to pressure and still swell at the end of the day but overall feel sooo much better. So if anyone in thinking of doing this my recommendation would be to take a week off from work.

I had my post op check and the doctor was happy with how the healing is going, I have noticed a difference but hope for more dramatic results once the healing is complete. My breast are not dramatically bigger but definitely more full! That part of the procedure was very easy very little pain! My bruising is almost completely gone but do notice little lumps and bumps that my doctor told me to massage. I will be having a lymphatic massage is a couple weeks. I will post the before and after pictures at my 8 weeks post op.

So it's been a total of nine weeks and I am...

So it's been a total of nine weeks and I am finally back to working out! It was harder of a recovering then expected and wasn't feeling like I could run or workout hard until 2 weeks ago. I still get swollen at the end the day and think there is more healing to occur. I can tell a huge difference in the fit of my clothes but have not lost any weight. I definitely don't have a muffin top and clearly see a waist. Overall I am happy with the abdomen but wish there was more change in the inner thighs. I will see how much more changes occur in the next 4 months. I have my two month post op visit in a couple weeks so I will speak to the doctor about lumps I still feel and if he anticipates more healing.

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Great bedside manner and very good with explaining in detail any questions asked.

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I am in Idaho and looking at getting this procedure done. Can you tell me where you had yours done?
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Silk touch. With dr.kerr
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That's who I was looking at as well. Are you satisfied with your results? I want to do the abdomen, flanks and hips and transfer to buttocks and breasts. What was your cost if you don't mine me asking? I have a consult with him Wed.
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The lipo is amazing, fat transfer didn't work at all. I am at a different point in my life now (diagnosed with breast cancer last year) so I look at life different. I am not saying I wouldn't do it again I just think we women are so critical on ourselves!! I look at all the scars (double mastectomy) I now wear and try to remember to be thankful for the self that I am today. Gosh that was really preachy sorry. With that said I do believe a women's body is hers to do what she chooses. I think the lipo was just what I needed to be comfortable with all the excersise and activity I was doing. I felt like the years of consistent working out were just not cutting that "muffin top". Dr Kerr did also do flanks and inner thighs but really my only self conscious area was abdomen. The cost was around 8,000. Does this answer your questions??
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I'm sorry to hear about your breast cancer. I have two friends that also recently went through a double mastectomy. I also work out several days a week and can't get rid of the pudge around my belly and my saddle bags. I thought how cool it'd be to take that fat and put it in all the right places, lol! Thanks for answering my questions and God Speed in your recovery.
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Hi Trigirly, I'll do the same opreation as you. Could you please tell me that your fat transfer breast still ok, or some of fat is gone from now? Thousand thanks!
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I think that the day transfer was not successful. It has now been 2.5 years and I feel that my breasts are exactly the same as they started. I can tell you that my vaser liposuction is amazing. I can't be happier. The full results took over a year but so pleased!! Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much! It helps a lots!:)
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. In 4.5 years at RealSelf I've never met anyone with fat transfer to the breasts! Does it make much difference to your cup size or does it just fill out your breasts? I'd love to pics too if you're comfortable sharing.

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With the fat transfer to the breast I have increased in fullness but not significantly in cup size. I was a small B before and now I am a big B or a small C. the doctor did use a different canula while harvesting the fat from my inner thigh but was all done at the same procedure. I will post some picture soon but want to be at least 8weeks post op.
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