New Body Here I Come!!

Hello, I am a 28yr old who has 3 beautiful...


I am a 28yr old who has 3 beautiful children ages 9,7,4. I am a small town girl who has always been active and love to do outdoor activities. When I was 15 I had an ovarian cyst removed that was an emergency opperation due to the fact that it was the size of a basketball! This left me with the beggining of a pouch on my 5'2 small boned frame. After birth control and left me with more weight added I got pregnant and added even more! With each child I gained a min of 20lbs. So by the time I hit 25 I was up to 250lbs. I knew i was depressed and I hated my body but my wake up call wasnt until my mother passed away from an inherited genetic dissorder that i realized I beter get a handle on this if i wanted to live past 46.

So when my husband joined the military i decided I wanted him to come home to a new and improved me for a new and improved life. After 7 months of training in 2009 he came home to a wife that had lost 100lbs (all naturaly,no surgery or procedures) and felt great about herself! But even after losing all that weight I didnt feel as if I was happy with how I looked. I still have a huge amount of skin that hangs down and pockets of fat that i just cant reach with my diet and exercise. This is where I decided to look into a tummy tuck.

My husband was deployed to Iraq in sept 2010 and will be returning sometime this sept so he will yet again see a different wife when he returns. My surgery is scheduled for Aug 2nd. (tomarrow!!) at 10 am. Now I am totally freaking out right this moment even as I write this but I know that I will be so much happier to not have a huge flap of skin that flopps around whenever I do any exercise or run or anything. (I call it the click tongue, like on the move "click") lol.... anyways I plan on taking some before pics later today and I will definatly post some after as well.. I am so excited! The only part I am truely worried about is having the genetic dissorder that my mother had. It is a connective tissue dissorder which leaves me bruising very very easily and affects all connective tissue. I havent had a problem with any of my other abdominal surgeries before ( the cyst removal, c-section, hernia repair) but this is a huge thing for me to undergo. The surgeon assures me that if I have healed ok from the other surgeries that I should do fine with this one as long as I follow his instructions to a T.

So in short, New body here I come!!!

ps.. the 2920.00 is after insurance

Day 5 post op...moving pretty are some...

day 5 post op...moving pretty are some after pics for you alll....

Ok so when the doc tells u to make sure u take ur...

ok so when the doc tells u to make sure u take ur stool softener do it!!! with every meal if u can is not a fun experience when the time comes and it just doesnt want to cooperate!! i know tmi for some but just lettin everyone know...also my ps hadnt planned on doing my muscle tightening but since he did i have found it very hard to not be in pain with my back....u need to hunch over to stand up but that in turns makes ur muscles spasm in ur back...sooo make sure to keeep on top of the valuim for any muscle aches...that will help wonders...other than that i am moving great and i am even standing a little taller...i cant wait for this to be all finished!!!

So i go in for my 10 day check up...well 9 but...

so i go in for my 10 day check up...well 9 but they say that i may get the stitches out!! and the drain as well...that will be a releif! When everyone said they are a pain they werent kidding! i tell u what though if u have been having swelling...the best thing i have felt works for me is a heating instantly loosens up the muscles and brings the swelling down...hope it works for u too!

10 day post op apt. whent very well...the nurse...

10 day post op apt. whent very well...the nurse said that she hasnt seen a whole lot of peep who havent had any seepage from the insicion site before..i didnt have any except for where the drain was...both drain and stitches are out and i tell u what, it feels soooooo much beter! i can actually take a shower tomarrow which i am looking forward to sooo bad! lol... but all in all she said that it is healing wonderfully. It was healings so good that the stitches were already starting to go into the skin alittle so my body was trying to heal aroung them!!! I really couldnt have come away any they refilled my pain meds so i wont have to try and suffer too just loving my results!

So 13 days post and idk if maybe the blues are...

so 13 days post and idk if maybe the blues are setting in but i want to be around people all the time..i feel like i constantly need to talk to someone...wierd cuz usually i keep to myself...but ive had some anxiety about the whole not having a belly button thing...everyone looks so cute and and i know they are gonna be soooo happy and im soooo happy for them...i just dont know about me... i know i already am so happy wth the way everything else is and how i look so far but i feel like i will never be able to wear a cute bikini without feeling comfortable again....the surgean said he could make me one later down the line but idk how much that will cost and we already maxed ourselves out for this...oh how i wish my hubby were home from iraq so i could have his support...good news is though i have been walking tons more and it is getting easier and easier to stand up srait..without pain that a nother 2 weeks and i should be feeling like a champion!!!

Ok so 13 days post and i think im doin pretty well...

ok so 13 days post and i think im doin pretty well..ive got it down to just motrin and the muscle relaxer because my back flares up anytime i try and stand up strait and the muscles spasm. but other than that if i feel i mite have over done it a bit i take some motrin and grab my heating pad and it works wonders. I had a little melt down at walmart today not a dependant person and i hate asking others for help(except my hubby and family} but i couldnt reach a box of fiber bars on a top shelf cuz im only 5'2 and i totally started hurt to reach and i was embarrased to say anything and i was already tired from doing the rest of my shopping and i broke down...some nice gentleman asked if i was ok and helped me out but it was so silly of me to do...I just think that doing this without my husband here and being in Iraq where i worry every day and then my sis left last week to help me and so now im left again by myself with my 3 kids but now i cant even do everything for myself like im used to...oh what a day...i beleive it is some motrin time, dinner and lights out for me...

Well 16 days out and feelin pretty good...went...

well 16 days out and feelin pretty good...went shoppin for school cloths for the kidos and it was so much easier this time...i really think getting out and walking and moving more is helping out muscles are getting not so sore cuz i caughed and it didnt hurt too bad so i think that is a good sign...only think im worried about is not eating properly...i just cant seem to find an appetite and only eat one plate of food a day and even that makes me feel so full i feel losing weight a bit also and that isnt good that way....but i hav been drinking ensure just to get the extra nutrients at least if i cant calling my ps tomarrow to see what they say...

Ok so 17 days po and i think im doin pretty good.....

ok so 17 days po and i think im doin pretty good...gettin around the house doin little things everyday, walkin while shoppin with the kids and pretty much doing anything that doesnt involve pushing or pulling or bad thing...had another fall last night...i dont think it did any damage cuz i wasnt screaming with pain but it was scary.... it was because i had some pain meds im sure..i over did it alittle yesterday and then i was paying the price.. i still have some areas that are not completely closed and my drain tube spot still oozes some..i use gauze every day so i wont be rubbing on it but i was thinking at some point wont it need air to breath??!!! Also alot of people are talking about saroma....idk how to know if u do or dont have it...there is one spot on my belly that bulges alittle and it isnt as tight as the other side but idk if it just swelling or not..if it is saroma will it be ok to wait till my next po visit on thursday?...any help would be nice!

Ok so 18 days out and im getting very restless...i...

ok so 18 days out and im getting very restless...i want to be out doing things but even just walking tires me out! During the day i want to be moving...and in the mornings i really want to stretch! idk if it is ok to do that or not but i really feel the need to stretch out my back and my belly...anyone know if thats ok??? oh and the itching is driving me crazy at the insicion site...must mean im healing!!! i am 20 days out, which means 1 day away... i am 20 days out, which means 1 day away from being 3 weeks...i was feeling like superwoman and sooooo good until my baby (well 7 yr old) had to go to the hospital today...her fever was so high at 103.8 that she couldnt walk real well and was dizzy so i had to do alot of suppport...unfortunately i only had one person to call to take care of my youngest throughout all this so i had to do all the things with my 7 yr old myslef...i sat in the ER for over 8 hours while they ran test because they couldnt figure out y her fever wasnt comming down..every 2 hours she was alternating motrin and tylonal and it never went below 102....after a cat scan showed a big sinus infection we got to go home with meds but i tell u what a day of sitting and helping out ur baby does to ur body is horrible...if only my hubby were home to help it could have been more bearable....the worst part was watching her scream while trying to find a vein to put the iv in....i lost it then and that doesnt help ur tummy muscles at all!!! It has been quite a day but at least she is home and i can have hope she will be just fine...and tomarrow i have my 3 week po apt. so i should find out how fine i am doing...wish me luck!!!!

26 days out..which means alittle over 3 weeks and...

26 days out..which means alittle over 3 weeks and not too bad...may have over did it a bit this last few days but i couldnt help 7 yr old who was in the er the other day ended up going back into the er because she couldnt walk from spinal hurt her so bad, so i took her back in and found out that not only did she have that sinus infection, she had an infection in her blood and a case of phnemonia as well...soooo 2 nites in a hospital( which is not comfortable after a tummy tuck) i was able to go home with my baby and give her oral antibiotics....she seems to be doing beter but i have never been soooo exhausted in my life..i would literaly sleep 24/7 if i could but my other children kinda need their mother i feel like if i dont have my pain meds in me i feel more tired..if i dont then all i want to do is isnt normal i think but idk what to do...anyways i got the ok to take baths now so that helps with my muscles hurting and i also got the ok for "a little bit of love" when hubby gets back from Iraq in 2 weeks!!! so excited...yet kinda scared..but ill post pics here at the 4 week mark so peopl can see how it is commin using a cream the ps gave me plus a stretch mark lotion to help with the itching!

Ok guys! so its been a while since i updated but...

ok guys! so its been a while since i updated but have been so busy trying to prepare for my husband to come home from Iraq in just a few days!!! so excited but i did have my 5 week po check up...swelling is still alittle high but could be from the stressful week of dealing with the sick 7 yr old and having to catch her when she fell...but...they said it looks good and the weirdest news was what to expect now after week 6...she said that i am to expect the swelling to get better then worse then better then worse...and this can go on for around 6 weeks b4 the swelling is completely or mostly i shouldnt expect the end result for quite some time it sounds like... OH and make sure u keep som meds on hand if you happen to get sick because sneezing and caughing (especially sneezing) hurts so bad and causes your muscles to cramp and basicaly do that whole charlie horse thing... just a warning that even at 5 weeks it a killer! But i was able to go shopping and fit into my new smaller size and it looked so awsome to not see a bulge and be all flat! Still dont know how im gonna feel about the belly button thing but we will have to see..Right now its just me and the doc and my kids who have seen and in just a few days time my husband will too.. Today is our 9 yr anniversary and it was awsome to walk down the street and feel so alive and happy and confidant!! I am so happy that i decided to do this and i support everyone else who is in this same journey...

Exactly 2 months out and doing pretty good. I have...

Exactly 2 months out and doing pretty good. I have been super busy since my 6 week. My husband is home from Iraq and me and the kids are enjoying some good family time. I have a few issues im dealing with in one spot of my belly and i am trying to decide to go to the ps earlier or not than the end of this month. I try to take it easy but sometimes its hard when i do things like laugh so hard i start crying!! LOL i guess thats the downfall to having your family back together! I will post some pics soon so u can see that the swelling has gone down quite a bit in front but the sides are still up and down. My scar is kinda wierd and hurts sometimes like it is dried out or something... Any ideas on a good scar treatment would be great! I still have about 3 weeks till my next apt then i will have a better update.
Name not provided

day one....pain but bearable...i cant wait to see what it looks like tomarrow when they change the bandages...hope this helps anyone wondering how it goes!

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hey you look gret\at,what is your doctor's name and contact
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I just read through your whole experience so far! WOW I am so impressed by you and your determination and accomplishments!!

So sorry you are dealing with a sick child on top of it all.... I think you said 2 wks and your husband will be home... hope you hold that when you feel overwhelmed!!

You look fantastic! Big hugs sent your way!!
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Oh my you poor thing.  You have had your hands full no doubt.  Sounds like you need someone to come and take care of you for a while.  

I hope you daughter is feeling better and that you are both able to get some rest soon.  

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Looking awesome. Sorry that your 7 yr old has been so sick. Hope her fever has broken. Not fun having to sit in hospital for long periods whilst you are in recovery yourself. I know how you feel about the wanting to stretch out. I am 7 weeks Post Op and finally able to really stretch out in the mornings :) it is a great feeling. You body will tell you how far you can go so listen to it. Little by little you will get there.
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Sorry to hear about your baby but I am glad they figured it out.  The meds will make this all better quickly.  

Your tummy looks great so just hang in there.

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hi hun, if you feel you body is able to stretch then I would def stretch, start off slowly and see if it feels ok. I'm pretty sure i was stretching at 18 days.
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Wow, Day 9 pics are looking awesome. What a transformation :)
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ok interesting for sure. I googled it and it seems a few celebs don't have one either! thanks for sharing!
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Curious, is the lack of bb due to the cyst removal?
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no the cyst removal went pretty much just like a c-section...the scar was wasy low like that.. it was from an umbilical hernia that was repaired in 08'. The ps said that they removed so much of it to patch up the whole that the ps literally had nothing to attach a new hole to. The only thing i was wondering is if he said he can fix it and give me one later on down the road then why couldnt it have been done at this same time?? Im sure ill get used to it and hey maybe now i can think of myself as not only hot but unique now!!
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My husband had 2 hernia repair surgeries, as a result, he has a dimple with horizontal scars above and below it in place of his belly button. Your smooth tummy will look great, it'll just take some getting used to!! :)
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hi Amie, I've just read a couple of your comments and all I can say, and this is genuinely hand on heart, I didn't even notice you didn't have a bb and I swear that's the truth. I actually looked at your pics before reading the comments and after I read them I went back and relooked at your pics because I was shocked at what I was reading because I so didn't notice. I think you'll be just fine without one and you'll just get used to not having one. I wouldn't let the bb thing dampen just have far you've come and how fabulous you look.
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my last pic shows just what i mean by being swollen and just how wierd it is without a belly button!!!
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You may be surprised to know that many women go without a belly button now.  I don't think it's so strange.  I personally know three women without them and to be honest don't even notice when they are in swim wear.  

It's all good.

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thanks for that comment...this was supposed to boost my self esteem so much and i was so worried that i would look like a freak wo a belly button...maybe i should google just how many peep really dont have one???!!! But yes thanks for the boost of confidence... i needed it.
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It will all be look beautiful!   I read an article about these tattoo artists who are now tattooing belly buttons.  They look totally real and are almost like a piece of 3D art.  I looked at the one picture three times before I realized it was a tattoo and not a real belly button.

Let me find this for you with the amazing pictures and send it to you.  

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thanks sooo much that would be awsome...peep have said things like that but i didnt know how real it would look
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I will send the link with the pictures so you can see.

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You look amazing!  And enjoy the shower because you will love it.  

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you look absolutely amazing. I bet you can't believe the difference x
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i look like i have no butt now!! lol did they take that off too???
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oh boy!!!! my sis left yesterday and i was freaking out cuz i didnt want to be responsible for my babies while im on all sorts of meds...i think im doing ok but i still have to stay on top of the valuim due to the fact that my back just hurts sooooo much when i stand up strait...plz let that go away soon! also if are home alone make sure u take it very slow getting up from a sitting position because ur body just isnt very well adjusted to the movement when u have meds in u...i kinda took a spill today which wasnt fun at all! luckily i landed on the couch but it sure did scare me! IM seriously thinking of finding someone to stay with me till i dont need the narcotics anymore...ughhh...just wish my husband was home!
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coming along nicely!
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my ps said i didnt need a compression garment cuz i didnt do lipo but let me tell u what...the best thing ive found to help me is to use an ace bandage to hold on all the gauze and to keep u feeling nice and works wonders!
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Looking amazing Amiel. That clotty stuff sounded scary, hope it has cleared up now and rather out of the body than in right !!!!?? Keep us posted and rest as much as you can :)
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