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Hello! I am a 31 yr old wife and mother. I have...

Hello! I am a 31 yr old wife and mother. I have three amazing children ages: 14 (boy), 12 (girl) and 9 (boy). All three C-section births. So that should say enough right? Well nope! I am a whopping 5 feet tall and after having three kids I got up to 267 lbs!

In Nov of 2005 I ended up having Gastric Bypass surgery and it was something I will NEVER regret! I got down to only 97 lbs and looked like a walking corpse! Hahahah! Over the years I put some of the weight back on and right now am 150. I am happy with this weight but am working out and eating healthier then I ever have :).

Last year I went through another abdominal surgery...making it 5 total. Hysterectomy. So you can only guess how AMAZING my belly looks! NOT! Saggy, stretched and scars all over. Hot right?!

A few months ago, on Mother's Day, my wonderful husband surprised me with letting me know I was getting a tummy tuck! I was thrilled!

Now I found a doctor and have my Pre-op apt next Thursday and my surgery is all scheduled for noon on August 15th!! I am so excited, but VERY nervous as well.

I have my best friend staying the night and keeping watch on our kids while I am in surgery so my husband can be with me and thankfully my husband is taking 2 weeks off of work to help after.

Now it's just trying to ready myself emotionally and get everything in order around the house and supplies I will need for after.

Any suggestions about what to make sure to have on hand?

Posting a couple pics of me now and can't wait to post after pics!
Congrats on the birthday surprise! I think everyone on this site that's on the tt side would say you'll never regret it. I found Kimmer's list very helpful (she's the tt site facilitator). Also reading the Q&A with the ps was helpful for me. I think the biggest thing is to not expect instant gratification (don't we expect that in everything?). I know you know this isn't a surgery that will make you look like a super model in a week. There's little setbacks (I had one), there's swelling for a while because the body needs to redefine lymph node drainage for that area. You'll be exhausted when you don't want to be. But if you look at this site, compared to the other cosmetic surgery satisfaction rates, 95% is pretty darn impressive!
Good Luck!
Very exciting! Good luck.

Sadly I have to postpone my tummy tuck!

Well, as excited as I was...I now have to postpone my surgery for now. We had other medical bills arise and so now I have to save up again. Thankfully everyone is healthy. Just a super bummer. It was so close! On the bright side I can have one more consult with a doctor that my GYNO highly recommended to me. Maybe it was meant to be :). Will keep you all updated.
Thank you everyone!
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