Septoplasty Turbinate Reduction and Possible Rhinoplasty - After Nose Fracture

I have broken my nose several times throughout my...

I have broken my nose several times throughout my life but have never gone to the ER or the doctor. Basically I have just iced it and moved on. 7 days ago I fell on some ice and hit my face on my car...(I'm very graceful) and since then I have not been able to breathe out of my right side of my nose and hardly out of my left. My nose was swollen and visibly crooked but I was really concerned about my breathing. I have been waking up in the night out of breath and its been scary!

So Last Monday 1/28/13, I went to an ENT who said that my septum was deviated in three places and was blocking my right nose and my turbinates were somehow blocking the left side of my nose and that my nose also needed to be re-set. So he recommended I talk to another ENT who is also a board certified plastic surgeon. He also suggested that I do that so I can fix any cosmetic concerns I had at the same time. Seemed reasonable so I did that last Thursday 1/31/13.

My experience with the Surgeon was kind of nerve racking. I think he spent a total of 4 minutes with me. Looked up my nose and said it would be a really easy fix and left. I ended up calling the office back to ask about cosmetic changes and I was kind of nervous because the nurse just said 'oh you can just discuss that the day of your surgery, he's taking everything out and has to put it back together anyway so it shouldn't be a problem to alter it...' and 'he will tell you about the cost then and I'll make him aware before that this is something you'd like to do'

I don't know! I have no idea if that means it will technically include a Rhinoplasty too or if he will reshape the tip or what. I guess I wouldn't mind any improvement but I hate not knowing. Now that I've researched more I kind of want to fix everything and feel good breathing and have a straight thinner nose. I hope that's possible. Maybe not. I guess I'll find out Thursday. -__-;

Oh my! I would ask to schedule a second consultation with your surgeon so u can ask any final questions before ur surgery! I'm sure that shouldnt be a problem!!! Also maybe consult with a different surgeon For a second opinion. Good luck girl!!!

I called the office today (the day before...

I called the office today (the day before surgery!) and I got a rough quote from the receptionist of 1000 for the surgeon fee for a tip adjustment. I'm still not sure if that's what he's even willing to do. My anxiety is high. I know hes the best surgeon in Idaho but I still have no idea what my outcome is going to be... However if i can get some improvement I supposed that will be better than none. I feel very confident I'll be able to breathe better at least and that will be a definite relief!
That doesn't sound like a surgeon you want. You sound like myself and many others where you 'want to know'...and you deserve to have one on one time with the surgeon BEFORE the surgery to discuss details. Doctors can do a lot to your nose...change is good sometimes but what you consider change maybe different from what he wants to do. You both need to have an understanding.

I agree with Jersey! Call the office today until you're at least able to talk to your surgeon over the phone. A four minute consultation is not satisfactory at all. If he were to do something you don't want done, it is much more costly and difficult to fix down the road. Stay on them until you're happy with their communication and answers.

Please keep us posted!

you seriously need to find a different surgeon !Find a board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties per yeara and who will sit, consult, show you a simulation of what you will look like. You need to INSIST e HEARS what you are SAYING and so you Know you are both on the same page. Fire him! There are EXCELLENT Surgeons out there with better bedside manner than this guy. sounds like a chop shop and you are just on a production line.

So I went through with it. The surgery started...

So I went through with it. The surgery started late because of some meetings and so I was fairly anxious about taking to the DR. He came in about 5 minutes before surgery and I discussed what I wanted to do and he said that doing a full Rhinoplasty other than fixing the fracture wasn't going to be necessary and he has to take out all the components out of the nose anyway and when he puts them back he can make it smaller/thinner and still make it subtle. That sounded pretty good to me. I made sure to let him know that I didn't want a slopped upturned nose or anything and he said he wouldn't do that. It will be my same nose just slightly improved! I'm excited.

So right after that they wheeled me into the OR and I don't even remember what that looks like. I woke up in Post-Op with a LOT of pain. LOTS. but they wanted to only give me my Norcos so I could go home I think. So the first four hours after my surgery were honestly really miserable. My eyes watered up, everything hurt and I felt disoriented.

Luckily, once I got home and got my meds on schedule, I've felt fine. I'm not in any real pain and I'm walking around great. I wasn't really able to eat anything today other than a banana and smoothies. Maybe tomorrow I'll have an appetite?

Overall I'm happy I'll be able to breathe soon and am excited to see what sort of subtle changes my nose has.
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good luck. Not sure what type of insurance you signed up for but you could have had that 2 weeks extended. Given it is a serious surgery, (being able to breath would be on my top 5 of serious surgeries lol) I myself would insist on time to research physicians and not be pressured in to jumping under the knife bec they want their paperwork in 2 weeks. You could have filed a dispute and the time they took to process that alone to respond to the dispute could have granted you more time. You have to be your own advocate. Insurance rushed you for their benefit, NOT yours. Results driven is fine, but what type of results are you rushing towards? Research, and getting the BEST results should be the goal. Not just any results by rushing and rolling the dice. Good luck hope it was a good gamble :) seriously. hope this doesn't turn out to be a hard lesson learned and it worked out! :) take care.

Ok so its been two days. I feel a lot better. I'm...

Ok so its been two days. I feel a lot better. I'm taking more ibuprofen than norcos. I hardly have any bruising. My whole face is rather swollen though and I do look like a pig. I'm hoping that goes away soon. My nostrils are huge!!! Its a bit troublesome. But I guess now's a good time as ever to try and be patient.
Wow it's all done!! Glad you are going along nicely and don't have bruising. I wasn't allowed to take ibuprofen because it thins the blood and makes us susceptible to bleeding. Did your surgeon say that was ok for you? Most people take paracetamol which is fine. Happy recovery and I hope he did an excellent surgery on you.
Hmm he just told me not to take it before surgery. My norcos are a low dose and have tylenol in them so i didnt want to put anymore in my system. Ill call the office to see if they want to give me something else. Thank you!

I GOT THE CAST/SPLINTS OFF!!! Oh lordy! I feel...

I GOT THE CAST/SPLINTS OFF!!! Oh lordy! I feel real great. Still don't really have much of an appetite. But I can BREATHE! Its so nice. I can't wait to sleep. My nose looks really similar to my old nose. Which is good because I didn't mention to anyone about the possibility of a nose job. However, I can tell that my nose is a lot smaller. Even with the swelling. My nostrils are not as long, and I feel like my tip isn't as projected. I also can see that it isn't moving down when I smile. I think when the swelling goes down it will look even better! I didn't have to pay the extra 1000 for the adjustments. The surgeon says 'I take it it and I can put it back together how I please' so that's interesting.
Congrats on a successful result, but I have to say I'm a little confused about all this talk about taking pieces out and putting them back in. As far as my understanding of rhinoplasties and human anatomy goes, that doesn't really make any sense. But then again I'm not a surgeon.
It is weird to me too, i think yheu are referring to the septoplasty and the tip adjustment. The actual bridge work seems like it would be obviously cosmetic.

So it has been 9 days and the tip is VERY hard and...

So it has been 9 days and the tip is VERY hard and swollen. Kind of more bulbous then before and ive noticed the hump in my nose is very present, i thought the Dr said he shaved it down but maybe not that much? Its a little soar to the touch but mostly feels hard. Wish that'd go away. I hate not knowing what I'm going to look like!
Your nose looks cute! even with the swelling..give it time I believe around 3-6 month its will get better :) I had same procedure done as you. My main concern right now is stuffiness ,dryness and not breatheing so good :/ Do you feel same way ?? How is your breathing after sept and tub reduction
I'm sure the bump is just swelling! it's still really soon to tell, but I'm sure you can voice your concerns to your surgeon :)
Did u ask your surgeon about the bump? It could be scar tissue which I heard you can massage out-but check with your surgeon
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